Jun 17, 2005

back from vacation

First, check this out:

Is that not an anal afficianado's dream? I wonder what it is, actually.

So I'm back from a VERY long vacation -- made even longer by not having a buttplug handy. I could have used one for stress relief, I tell you! But family was around -- and mother snoops. So. No buttplug. I especially wished I had my standard plug during the last couple of nights, when I was in a room by myself that had its own bathroom. Would have been nice to have something solid holding my asshole open. Also, I had the chance to tan nude for several hours at my brother's house... a buttplug would have topped off the experience nicely.

Well, you can imagine the VERY FIRST THING I did after unpacking the car at home - even before putting groceries in the fridge - was to retrieve my favorite plug from the bathroom and pop it into my ass, then procede about my business. Aaaahhh, that really hit the spot. I got back Wednesday and spent all of Wednesday night and Thursday with the standard plug in my ass. I gave my ass last night off, as I had to travel again this morning, and now sit in yet another hotel room in another nameless town, doing God knows what the fuck I'm doing here... but at least I have my buttplug in my ass and the room is dry and cozy while it is wet and cold outside. All is right with the world.

I can say that while on vacation, the lack of buttplug was driving me crazy. I ran around in a bathing suit most of the time - and though I'm not built particularly well, I'm kind of scrawny - I at least am obviously in better shape than a lot of the OTHER gringos running around the same place! Anyway... being half naked all day, it would have felt natural to me to have my buttplug in place... but that was definitely a no go! I also couldn't stop looking at people and imagining the ones who themselves might be packing plastic, so to speak. I couldn't tell about the guys -- most of us wear rather baggy swimtrunks right -- but with the girls it would be fairly easy to tell.

There was one girl -- a pleasantly plump woman of about my age, with burghandy hair and a cherub face who wore a one-piece black number -- I was fairly sure she was wearing at least a small buttplug. She was displaying the same ass-to-the-wall habits I used to when first wearing in public and she mostly kept the bathing-suit-skirt thing on around her waist. then a girl who was obviously the first one's younger sister showed up wearing the exact same outfit! She did not hide her butt and I got a good look when she climbed into the hottub next to the pool to join her sister... did I detect a faint outline of the base of a buttplug there? Intrigued - and sure I was imagining things - I kept a casual eye on them. A half an hour later an older woman showed up who bore a resemblance, perhaps their mother. Heated, yet quiet, words were exchanged and the girls took on a completely submissive attitude. This wasn't simple mother-berates-daughters stuff.... the tones (I couldn't catch the words) and the body languages were exactly what I'd seen in the clubs with dominants and their submissives. I think there was an interesting relationship there. But without something more obvious as proof, I didn't dare approach any of them with queries about their possible buttplug use.

And how bizarre would it have been had I approached them, cleverly segued into asking if they wore buttplugs in public, and then turned out to be wrong??

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Here is the full text of the patent image you linked.