Jan 12, 2006

ADILS anal dilators

Oh boy! I got my set of five anal dilators in the mail today. I ordered the set from medicaltoys.com and you can view them midway down the page.

What is NOT obvious from description or picture is that these are HARD PLASTIC. They are NOT forgiving, not pliable. In fact, they're hollow! They have a hole at the tip that allows gas out (which I can personally confirm). The heads are not much bigger than the shafts. The bases are like a buttplug base, but a tad small...though I don't think they'll accidentally slip inside.

Personally, I like a big base, it's part of the experience - in addition to feeling bumping at the upper end of my rectum and a solid lump of rubber stretching open my anus, a big base brings my crotch and upper legs into the action, making me acutely aware that there's not only something IN my butt and UP my butt, but sticking OUT OF my butt, to be interfered with and knocked around by the rest of my body as I go about my business.

Anyway, I'm currently trying out the middle-sized dilator and I have to re-affirm that the hard plastic is unforgiving. My anus is having a workout! I don't know if I'll be able to sleep with this in (it might just slip out, after all) - the hard plastic is distinctly uncomfortable, though not painful - a definite plus! It's also strange that I can put my fingers up my butt - into the hollow - and not touch anything but plastic. Later tonight I plan to try out the next two larger sizes.

By the way, I passed a milestone a couple nights ago: First time I've spent two weeks straight plugged at night and plugged full-time at home. Due to some spicy Chinese, I gave my ass a break last night, but I'll be right back on the wagon tonight!

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