Feb 7, 2006

yes, it shocked even me!

Coming home tonight, I was headed toward the C station at 23rd street and 8th ave. when I passed a pharmacy and medical goods store. I mean, a real honest-to-god appliances-for-all-your-ailments shop. It's been there forever. I glanced through the window at the various canes, walkers, toilet seats with handrails, etc etc and was stopped cold when my eyes landed on my very own anal dilator kit! There it was, sitting in the window as innocently as you please - five black plastic buttplugs in their handy little cardboard case in full public view. Then I also noticed a few other not-so-pharmacy items, antique goods mostly, there for display only. But what was up with the jaw spreader? Methinks THIS pharmacy caters to Mommy or Daddy Nurse.

On a side note, I found this interesting site while searching for a pic of the anal dilator set.

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Anonymous said...

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I'm so horny today,
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