Apr 22, 2006

Todd Perkins sex-positive site

Ah.... the feelng of waking up leisurely after a long night's sleep -- sleeping in and then coming to awareness slowly, with one of the first things you're aware of is... the sizable chunk of silicone embedded in your butt. Slowly stroking my hands over my naked body, my hard cock, my smooth ass, my anus -- fingering the stretched circle of flesh where it surrounds the neck of silicone... WOW!

I was reading something on puckerup.com about other names for buttplugs and did a google search this morning for similar pages. I ran across this site.

Todd Perkins is apparently a gay man with some extensive experience in all things sexual. His site is well-constructed (all of it, not just the anal-specific sections) and he covers topics appropriate for everybody from beginners to advanced. He takes a very healthy, sex-positive approach and I am impressed by the clarity of his organization and the quality of supporting illustrations. I highly recommend dropping by his site. I'm certainly going to spend some time reading through the whole thing. He's even got me interested in buying a real anal probe.

I've also found this blog. Again, good reading. I'm not into bondage, but this guy has some interesting entries. Check out the "piton" and it's XL-sized brothers.

Well, I can't find the original page with all the different names for a buttplug (I'll find it eventually), but I seem to recall "star stretcher" tickled me.

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Anonymous said...

Goooodmorning ...
mmm I'm sharing that same lovely morning feeling with you, wakeup so relaxed after a night plugged,
I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and a slow dildo ride.