Sep 23, 2007

butt-plugging as a reward

I just got back about an hour ago from a nice Sunday afternoon jog. I've mentioned before that I like to get a little exercise now and then, and that I've even gone for short jogs with a buttplug in my ass - the Purple Pucker in particular.

Now, I don't regularly jog buttplugged...I just don't think it wise...but I do use my buttplugs as a reward for doing a good job and putting in a good effort. I ran a little longer than planned today and ended the run going faster than when I began - what real runners call "negative splits". (Negative is positive in this case, I guess.) So as soon as I got home, I lubed up the Severin II and slowly sat down on it, easing my asshole around the two large bumps and feeling the rush as it seated itself and my anus closed down to the roughly 1" diameter neck. (Yes, it's the same buttplug as pictured in my previous post.)

I then proceeded to get some chores done, including talking to some neighbors about their apartment hunt (are they crazy? trying to find a cheap apartment in New York within an hour's commute of Manhattan NOW is like finding a needle in a haystack - students snapped 'em all up back in June and July). I've been really enjoying my little reward, walking around, indoors and out, plugged and happy. I may take a walk to the grocery store later, too. Too bad the liquor store isn't open - I'm out of rum.

Anyway, sometimes during my jogs, when its really hard to keep going, I'll promise myself some good anal play IF I do x, y, or z. Such as, "run all the rest of the way w/ no walking and you may fuck yourself with King Dong in the shower" or "tack on a extra half-mile and you can sleep with the Severin in your ass tonight instead of the regular one." These kinds of things.

I've noticed amongst my reading other people's blogs, that some masters hold out anal stimulation to their slave/puppies/ponies as a reward or a punishment. I guess it depends on the submissive! There's often talk of this on

Speaking of which...I think I'll get caught up there tonight - haven't read that board in months...

So now I have a couple more chores to do, then I will actually take a shower and get the sweat and dirt from chores off me. I was going to assfuck myself in the shower, but the Severin is so comfortable, I may just leave it in and not worry about it.

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openallhours49 said...

Great Blog. I've intially done objects then buttplugs for last 48 years. Feels soooo good