Jan 31, 2008

My "other" new toy(s)

Okay, so I still can't find the fucking little connector cord for the camera. I really like this cheap little point-and-shoot, except for the fact you have to have the special cord. Or a SanDisk card adapter for a USB port, which I also don't have. So pics will have to wait.

In the meantime, this is the other toy I was alluding to. A set of sounds. I figured I've been putting things up my ass for thirty years or so, why not expand my horizons? Or my urethra?

Interesting sensations - not really feelable down in the urethra, but at the opening, definitely some new sensations. I was surprised that there wasn't any pain and all of a sudden, I'm not afraid of the dreaded catheter for surgery.

It was wild cumming with a sound in my ...uh... front hole. Hm. Going to have to work on terminology.

Dear readers, I hope this doesn't dim your view of me. Just think of me as adventurous. Will I have to change the name of my blog? Maybe if I learn to deep throat, I could start a blog called allholesplugged.com? Nah...we'll leave that domain for the ladies.

And I promise pictures!


back door pluged said...

... must try once ...

Anonymous said...

re: your camera. i don't know what kind of card it takes, but you can buy universal card readers that will read almost anything, either online or at any store like radio shack, kmart, best buy, etc. for like $20. i only bring it up cuz your pictures are kewl.

PhilB said...

Take a look at steelpleasures.co.uk - some nice urethra jewellery which can be worn on a semi permanent basis.