May 4, 2008

Getting my mojo back

Well, it's been a long, cold winter full of worry about bills, not enough work, but no play, either, and I am really glad spring is here.

Been lacking much of a sex drive in the last several months. I accept that for a male, it is a natural part of getting older, but I think the real reason my drive has been so low has just been that I've been busy and stressed.

This should all turn around. I have several months ahead of me of low-key work, continuous work, and bills won't be as much of a worry. There'll also be plenty of time to work on my house, ride my bike, blow off steam, hang out with friends, and play...uh...with myself.

I played a bit with my standard ol' buttplug last night and after my exercise today, I used it again. After my shower, though, I decided to go up a notch and now have the Severin in my ass, where it's been for three hours now. I even went grocery shopping plugged.

I can feel my mojo coming back and that's a very good thing. One worries when one's mojo is at low tide that it may never come back. When I have to wash dust off my buttplugs before using, I feel like I've besmirched the title of Buttplug Lover. Not that I don't love my buttplugs, but they have been neglected. Maybe spring will change all that. Buttplugged opera in the park, anyone?

And as a treat to you, I found this interesting public-play video:



Anonymous said...

have you ever tried the rosebuds?

FlySaab said...

I have the extra large one and I like it. It's great to wear for long periods of time, the thin neck helps it stay in place. Metal and glass toys need less lube. I also have the large and 2.0 nJoy plugs. If I didn't have too many similarly sized metal plugs, I would definitely get this one:

Luxotiq Anal Plug

Plug Lover said...

I here ya, I kinda lost my mojo as well. But here lately (and after seeing the video you posted) its defiantly back! I've been working my way back up to my 2" plug. BTW, the Sue johnson lock and load plugs are very good for the price, they stay in place very well, and are extremely comfortable, give them a try.

severin said...

I learn about severin from you,
I think have not spend a day without
since I buy it, last summer.

Anonymous said...

Post some more! Every time I'm firmly planted on my favorite plug I think of your blog and check it out, but sadly you've not updated in months!

(btw I'm 23 and as addicted as you!)

new anal slut said...

I promise my self to wear my butt plug every day during my 3 weeks vacations and wow ! I do it !
Thank you !