Mar 18, 2009

just a few things

I want to note that Belladonna's movie Fetish Fanatic #4, scene 2 opens with her and Sasha Grey talking to each other and the cameraman or director, both of them with plugs up their asses. Belladonna's is the new breed of "world's most comfortable buttplug", the solid metal buttplugs with rubber tubing connecting the body tot he flange, which you can get at

Also at are some interesting new toys:

There's a long steel dildo that looks pretty wicked. They call it The Blockbuster and my asshole twitches while imagining putting that thing up my ass.

Also, there's something called the Inflatable Butt Knobber that is designed purely for stretch, not depth. I'm considering getting that one, since Buster died the death a couple months ago.


Anonymous said...

i dont find The Blockbuster on the website. help! i like this stuff!

Anonymous said...

It's on page 2 of insertables as "stainless steel dildo" $ 150.

Anonymous said...

The last time I looked there was a nice collection of photos at the mr-s-leather online store demonstrating the "World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug". (look under Sex Toys/Dildos.../Metal Plugs). It also shows photos demonstrating the NJoy Pure Plug 2.0. I have one of those and I really like it.