Oct 21, 2010

New toys!

So I ordered the Little Dipper buttplug, and at the same time the Cock & Ass Blaster.

the Little Dipper, by Tantus, is a great plug! It is exactly as it looks like, with lovely ridges you can feel very well as it glides through your asshole and into your rectum. The ridged and ball ends are connected with a thinner neck that's not too thin, at about 5/8" thick. The max width of both ends is 1.5". This is slightly larger and a hair longer than my Tantus Pace. Unlike the Pace, this toy is silicone, not aluminum. And because of the bigger girths, the neck is actually shorter than the Pace's neck. This puts more pressure on the interior nerves that signal the need to shit, but not overwhelmingly so. Historically, silicone and I have not gotten along well, but we'll see how it goes.

I can say that I am very satisfied with this purchase. I haven't been out and about with it in my ass, yes; but am sure that will happen tomorrow. The ball end is twice as big as the Pace's, so I'm concerned about a bulge showing between my cheeks through my pants. (On the other hand, I've gone out with my acrylic plug up my ass and if THAT base didn't show...) So this is a plug I definitely endorse.

The other toy is Rascal's Cock & Ass Blaster. It's a silicone cock ring connected by a perineum stimulator to a very nicely shaped buttplug. I generally like this toy - and in fact am wearing it right now - but this may not be one to go out and about in. There are three things I'm ambivalent about:

One, getting the cock ring on is difficult. This can be chalked up to my lack of practice: this is my first cock ring. But the silicone ring is very thick and doesn't stretch easily. Still...experienced cock ring wearers will have no problem.

Two, the perineum stimulator is slightly too long for my body, so it is somewhat loose and doesn't stimulate much. However, as a connection from ring to plug, it's fantastic. Jerking off now results in some powerful tugging in the butthole. I came pretty hard last night and felt the anal convulsions back there that I haven't noticed in a couple years with other toys.

Three, the plug itself is not a true plug and without some clenching or some kind of harness, will slides out of my asshole on its own, even while lying down. Not acceptable. This is fine for sitting, but is probably not going to be an around-town toy.

I got both of these from AdultEMart.com and their service was very quick.


Abqbuttboi said...

I love the ass-locks available at Fort Troff: http://www.forttroff.com/pigmart/index.mvc?screen=CTGY&category_code=LCK#12762 is my personal favorite, and one that I'll wear to work on occasion.

FlySaab said...

That one is on my wish list. I have the Diesel version and also the steel Ass Lock in the 30, 45, and 50mm sizes. I find the 45mm to be ideal, it's big enough to fill me up a bit, and small enough to move some inside me.

Anonymous said...


I'm a sub looking for a smallish plug which I can wear during the day at work and overnight. Could you recommend any with a flat(ish) base so I can sit on it at work ok?


Buttpluglover said...

Tantus makes several plugs with flat bases, but the shape of the base is secondary to the proportion of plug width to neck width and how long the neck itself is. I say the shape of the base is less important because your weight when sitting is supported by your glutes, not directly by your asshole. There's quite a lot of room there for buttplug base.

However, for long term wear, it is important that the neck of the plug is not too short, or the plug will constantly put pressure on the nerves that signal the need to defecate. Not good. A thinner neck or thicker plug (higher ratio rather than low) will help with unconscious retention, rather than being afraid the plug will slip out.

FlySaab said...

I agree with Buttpluglover's comments, I also find that the length of the neck and the diameter of the plug vs the diameter of the neck make a big difference in how well the plug stays put. In order for us to recommend one, we would need to know what your definition of "smallish" is. I (and Buttpluglover) would probably consider his new Tantus Dipper to be a small plug, compared to some of the others we have used. The Tantus Ryder meets all the qualifications mentioned above and gets good reviews as a beginner plug.

FlySaab said...

You could also try the Tantus Severin small and then eventually, work your way to the medium and large. As a set the largest bulb on the small, is the size of the small bulb on the medium, and the large bulb on the medium is the size of the small bulb on the large. The larger sizes will come with practice and experience, I remember when I thought a 2 in. dia. one was huge! I find that even though I can occasionally do 2.75 in., 1.5-2.0 seems to be the most comfortable for long term wear. This is my favorite for the long haul:

Anonymous said...


do u shave u ass or r u naturall hairless?
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