Dec 17, 2006

going for a record this week

So a few weeks ago, I spent three nights straight with my fattest anal dilator in my ass. That was a record and that totaled a dozen nights sleeping all night with the fat dilator. It tends to get uncomfortable after about six hours, so I've had a lot of partial nights, but if I have the discipline to just pull it and relube, I can go back to bed plugged.

Last night, I went to bed unplugged (which I do maybe once a week) and got up in the middle of the night just feeling like i HAD to have something up my butt, so I put the large dilator in. This is fast becoming a favorite toy, I tell you! Well, that proved not to be enough either early this morning, so I found a common household object that ...uh, upped the ante a little bit. i.e. I pulled out a 10oz soysauce bottle, pulled the label off, lubed, and slid it up my ass. I really felt nicely stretched with this up my ass and I carefully climbed back in bed for a few more hours of sleep. I had no worries about it slipping in all the way - I put it up my ass fat end first and after about five inches, that's all the further it would go. What I'd like to do is modify an empty one of these so I have a safety cord (just in case, you know) and is a bit shorter, so the top of the bottle isn't restricting my sleeping positions. (With four inches of bottle sticking out of my ass, I can't sleep on my back; only my sides or stomach.)

So anyway, beginning tonight, I'm going for a five-nights-in-a-row record with the large anal dilator. We'll see how that goes.

And I still am keeping en eye out for other objects I can modify into a SAFE assplug.

Oh, and I took some pictures. I'llupload them once I can get them off the camera and crop them. :)