Jan 29, 2009

first exercise with my new butty Flare

Wow! Just got in from a jog around the neighborhood with Flare in my needy little asshole. Not bad...not bad at all. It (I haven't decided if Flare is a he or a she yet) stays put pretty good, even when I'm coughing from all the cold air. I have some concern that the round end of the Flare can be seen from behind, but perhaps that was not aproblem today with my baggy running pants and baggy shirt over it.

damn, i am still so cold my fingers don't want to work right. But I'm so stoked from having run (okay, some walking on the icy patches) nearly four miles with this plug in my ass!!!

damn, i need a shower. LOL

Jan 28, 2009

48 hours and counting

I am officially in love with this Tantus Pace plug, which I will be calling Flare from now on. For some reason, it just named itself.

I've known for some time that smaller plugs are easier to wear for long periods (though I like to wear large plugs for quite some time, too!), but it's been a LONG time since I've been able to go 48 hours straight with a plug. (With appropriate removals and insertions for moving my bowels, of course.) So...yeah, 48 hours. Even went to class with it in. No problems at all. Bliss. I've even found that sometimes I don't need any lube to get it back in, either. It just needs to be clean and wet.

And I've had Flare up my ass for most of the time since last Friday morning - I guess five days now. But in the first three days, I had it out for several hours at a time for other reasons.

Tomorrow, I'm going for a jog and we'll see if Flare stays put while exercising.

Jan 26, 2009

Just another try at getting a good pic of that vibrator.

REALLY loving the Pace. good product!

Jan 9, 2009

First Review of the new toys

Well, I have to say I really like both of my new toys, the silver vibrator and the Tantus Alumina Pace.

The vibrator is standard fare, I guess, but the slickness of the metalized plastic makes for easy self-butt-fucking and it's the only toy I've got that vibrates. I may have rectum-fy that, tho. ;) I really love feeling the vibrations and I think it would be better when combined with a good buttplug shape. As it is, I can use this in combination with my anal dilators, as it will fit inside the largest two. This leads to some interesting sensations in my ass and some very conspicuous noise.

Now, the Pace is ... well, it's just outstanding. It isn't large - perhaps 4" long total with 3" insertable. Actually, it isn't meant to be a buttplug, but I'm finding it to be a very comfortable long-term wear plug. It is slender and hypoallergenic. I spent 48 hours wearing it, except for brief bowel evacuations of course, from Tuesday morning through Wednesday night. I had some commitments to take care of that kept me from home all of Thursday and Friday, so now that I'm back, I'm going to see how long I'm in the mood to keep this toy in my asshole. The slenderness helps in the long-term wearability, of course, but the firm aluminum weight of it is a constant reminder something's back there. I would NOT recommend using this as a butt toy for the inexperienced player, as there's no proper flange. You HAVE to know what you're doing with your asshole and rectum and have good control over those parts. But for experienced players, it makes for a very nice experience.

One other note on the Pace: It is the beginning of a whole line of Tantus aluminum dildo-type toys, each with two or three interchangeable parts. Yes, the Flare separates into two parts, via a threaded post. There is a silicone o-ring sealing the two parts, so no nasty junk gets in the mating surfaces. It is worth citing a few words of caution:

a) Tighten the two halves SECURELY. If you do, you should be fine. The anus and rectum are not exactly world-renowned for their ability to take the lids off jars, if you know what I mean.

b) I don't know if the silicon o-ring is good to go with silicone lubes. Knowing Tantus, probably yes. But I can't say for sure. I use KY

c) It's probably best to disassemble it after use, wash, and disinfect, however you choose to do that. I would not skip the disassembly part, as you want to wash out all the microscopic poo. But you probably knew that already.

The toy passes my sit-test: I have a rather small butt, so toys that extend past my anus tend to hit the seat first, unless the flange is very close. This one is OK. I am not certain that it is completely invisible in jeans, though I did take it on a walk-test around the neighborhood. It feels funny when walking around - certainly not as secure as a proper buttplug - but I had no problems with it wanting to fall out, either.

So there you have it. Tantus Pace: A+ Now I'm thinking about getting some of the other products in that line. I get mine from Babeland, which is probably the nicest sex store I've ever set foot in. It's like the Apple store of sex shops.

Jan 7, 2009

Product Photography

Been working on this for a little while. Getting OK at it. The bottom three, click for desktop size (1440x900). :D

Glass buttplug:


Tantus Alumina Pace: