Mar 13, 2010

Testing out public wear of the acrylic plug

About two hours ago, I put my big acrylic plug up my ass. This is the plug that's so hard to take and wear for long periods - and I've NEVER worn it outside the house. But tonight that changed. Just as an experiment, I tried it on a little trip to the nearest mail dropbox.

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Now, I've worn this guy inside the house while walking around, napping, sitting, cooking, bathing, etc. This is a fantastic plug in so many ways - but it really wasn't made to be worn in public!

After ascertaining that my plug isn't visible when I have pants on, though it does slightly poke out beyond the curve of my ass. Or, maybe it slightly alters the way my pants conform to my body, but I couldn't tell much of a difference in the mirror. Still, you know how it is: you wear a plug outside and you think everybody who sees you is going to instantly know you're holding something in your asshole. And the size of this plug makes me doubly paranoid!

The walk was OK at first, but quickly became tiresome. Because the base is so large, the act of walking makes the plug wiggle back and forth quite a lot. Sexy in its way, but also a challenge to the second sphincter - the first sphincter (outer one) is clamped down around the neck of the plug pretty good at about an inch and a half, but the huge bulge of the plug and short neck means the second sphincter inside is open more than that - and the difference is keenly felt. On this walk, it was uncomfortable.

I don't know; maybe I can train my ass up better. Or maybe I should leave well enough alone.

From All About the Buttplug Lifestyle

Now, I want to address the whole bottles-up-the-ass thing. I know you've all seen 1 man 1 jar on the internets and I, too, was horrified by what I saw. I do not think that we're looking at the same problems, though. Glass is glass (pyrex or not) and will shatter if it is thin-walled, large-diameter, and under sheer pressure, as was the case with the unfortunate individual with the broken pickle jar. Go ahead an check out an empty pickle jar sometime - very thin walls. There's little structural strength there, especially if you're going to put weight down on one rim of it. Bottles, however, especially the ones I choose, are thicker-walled. Coke bottles are damn near indestructible via accident. So just relax, I'm playing safe - or at least safer than the guy with pickle jar.