Dec 17, 2006

going for a record this week

So a few weeks ago, I spent three nights straight with my fattest anal dilator in my ass. That was a record and that totaled a dozen nights sleeping all night with the fat dilator. It tends to get uncomfortable after about six hours, so I've had a lot of partial nights, but if I have the discipline to just pull it and relube, I can go back to bed plugged.

Last night, I went to bed unplugged (which I do maybe once a week) and got up in the middle of the night just feeling like i HAD to have something up my butt, so I put the large dilator in. This is fast becoming a favorite toy, I tell you! Well, that proved not to be enough either early this morning, so I found a common household object that ...uh, upped the ante a little bit. i.e. I pulled out a 10oz soysauce bottle, pulled the label off, lubed, and slid it up my ass. I really felt nicely stretched with this up my ass and I carefully climbed back in bed for a few more hours of sleep. I had no worries about it slipping in all the way - I put it up my ass fat end first and after about five inches, that's all the further it would go. What I'd like to do is modify an empty one of these so I have a safety cord (just in case, you know) and is a bit shorter, so the top of the bottle isn't restricting my sleeping positions. (With four inches of bottle sticking out of my ass, I can't sleep on my back; only my sides or stomach.)

So anyway, beginning tonight, I'm going for a five-nights-in-a-row record with the large anal dilator. We'll see how that goes.

And I still am keeping en eye out for other objects I can modify into a SAFE assplug.

Oh, and I took some pictures. I'llupload them once I can get them off the camera and crop them. :)

Nov 28, 2006

bribing myself to be a good boy

I think I've mentioned in the past that I'm a jogger. Not much, just a few runs per week, only a few miles each. I'm certainly not good at it, nor am I in the kind of shape to do a marathon or anything. I've never seriously looked at doing road races, though I've done a couple of Turkey Trots with friends just for fun. But I have taken a huge step and for a variety of reasons, I've signed up to do a long race in a couple of months. No, I'm not going to tell you which one. Or the length, though I will reveal it's half-marathon length or longer.

The point is: now I'm beginning to add miles to my runs in ways I haven't done. It is a real struggle to run longer than I'm used to. Well, jog, at least. But I find that if I BRIBE myself, I can get it done.

"Come on, baby, just finish this last two miles and I'll let you get King Dong out tonight to fuck yourself silly in the shower."

"Finish up this eight-mile run without walking and I'll let you order that new buttplug you've had your eye on." This one, by the way.

So it's that. Bribing. Is the promise of butt-love the only thing that's going to get me to the starting line of The Big Race? *sigh* I'm such an addict. It's like crack. LIke goddamn crack.

Nov 25, 2006

aluminum buttplugs

Jeff, the only one I've been aware of is the Uranus, which is sold at the Mr S leather site. There may be others, but probably not many. The problem is that aluminum is a slightly porous metal, which means it can stain. Anodizing is a method of sealing and hardening the outer surface which would be great for a buttplug, but I don't know if anybody is doing it.

On another commenter's recommendation, I checked out, which I remember having visited, but didn't realize it was so anally oriented. Good stuff.

And, for the first time ever, this post marks the first time I've had to go put a buttplug in before posting. Usually, I'm already plugged when the urge to post strikes; but not this time. And if I'm not holding a toy in my ass when I post, then what's the point, eh.

Nov 21, 2006

traveling again

Is there anything sadder than a grown man standing in his hotel room, clad only in his shorts, ironing the next day's shirt? No, unless it's a grown man standing in his hotel room wearing only a thick black buttplug, ironing the next day's shirt...

Nov 18, 2006

Responses to recent comments

Anonymous, I think the Colt 7" plug would be a good choice. I prefer simpler over complicated, though. You might like the bumps and ridges of the other choices. I have used Colt products in the past and find them of decent quality, though not quite up to Doc Johnson standards.

HappyTail, I'm glad you've found your keys to happiness. :) I don't know of any sites that exclusively show buttplugged women (or men for that matter), but persistent searching often turns up photo sets on the higher quality sites. I've found most of my own collection just randomly on the web. I don't use pay sites. As for trading, I'm sorry, but that involves a great deal more time than I've got. I do post one or two pics from my collection now and then, so keep an eye on the blog and take whichever ones float your boat.

Perry, all of us have different-length rectums. Some are shorter, some are longer before they reach the bend (and sphincter) that tranverses into the colon. I have a fairly short rectum myself - 6" is just about my max penetration without pain. I don't know that the rectum can be permanently stretch to be deeper or anything like that. But I do know that at certain times of the day and certain states of relaxation, it is possible for me to use much longer tools without pain. The tools reach the end of the rectum and then with gentle persuasion can sometimes slip past that bend and up into the colon a bit. For me, in general, being able to do this means two things: one, it's early in the morning and I haven't shit yet. Gross, I know, but I don't think that is true for everybody. And two, thinner, more flexible objects will go in and up easier. Your buttplug isn't going to do it. You should find yourself a longish, soft, flexible, THIN dildo, climb into a warm bath and begin to plumb the depths, slowly and gently. Lots of lube, of course. As for the buttplug itself, if wearing it causes pain in any position, I'd throw it out and search for a new one. Good luck and please let me know how things go for you.

Need something more, bigger, stronger...

While lying in bed a couple nights ago, about to spend the second full night in a row with my biggest anal dilator up my ass, it occured to me that my butthole really likes thick, hard objects. Long term solution, of course, would be to find a nice guy hung like a horse for a bf and get fucked into submission every night.

In the meantime, short term, I'm amazed that my anus and rectum feel so good with the hard plastic dilators in place. I need bigger dilator, longer. So I got to thinking that perhaps I would invest in a well-varnished baseball bat, cut off the top 6" or so, string a cord through the sawed off end, and use that as my nighttime anal plug. Not hard to experiment with, I'm sure, and I think a visit to a sports shop is in my future.

I once had an aluminum baseball bat and that fit nicely, but of course I never thought of trimming it down for overnight use, not that my ass was ready for that back then.

Nov 13, 2006

going to the late shift

OK, it's been awhile since I've gone to work with one of my buttplugs in, but I'm going tonight!

And now some eyecandy, starring yours truly. Older photos, but I'm sure assplay is timeless.

Nov 12, 2006

The National Refer-end-um

When I went to the polls last Tuesday, the very thought that I was about to help shove the Republicans out of power and put Bush the Butthead at a disadvantage had me at half-mast already, but walking on over to the polling place with my anus stretched open by Buster, one of my fatter buttplugs, knowing how the conservatives would disapprove, practically had me cumming in my shorts. Suck it, Bush.

In the meantime, maybe I should get one of these.

Nov 5, 2006

Updating, or not..

As an anonymous poster reminded me:
"i love your post but when are you going to update?????? its ben nearly a month since the last update...we want to know what you are up to and if you have had any recent plugging experiences!!!"

This is so true, and very true of sex blogs in general, that my updating comes in bits and spurts and then there are long fallow periods. I want you, my loyal readers, to know that when I'm not putting up new entries, by no means have I gone into hibernation or left the world of butt-plugs, but rather have simply gotten insanely busy at work. It happens. And it happens enough I'm able to pay my bills and rent and buy things I like to eat and even a new toy now and then. But it also means that I end up with so very very little time for myself that I can't even get the laundry done and the dishes washed, much less put in blog entries.

But, I don't want to leave you disappointed, so I will chronicle a milestone. Last week, for the first time ever, I slept through the entire night with the largest of the hard plastic anal dilators in my ass. As a matter of fact, by 10 a.m. the next morning, I had spent 24 hours with that plug up my butt. At 1 3/4" diameter, it always feels just a little on the largish size; the next size down, 1 1/2", always feels just right. So it was quite a triumph to spend that long constantly feeling the stretch in my anus and the penetration into my rectum (the toy is 5" long - not the longest toy I have, but hefty enough).

So I've been spending a lot more time wearing the dilators than my plugs. This may be because I really like a good anal stretch, or it may be because my standard "Purple Pucker" buttplug is just too comfortable - almost too comfortable to feel.

I'll also pose these questions to my readers: when does it all cross a legal line? When does buttplugging move from being a private venture into a matter of public concern? When do things cross into outright against-the-law? If I rent a motel room and use the handle of the hairdryer as an anal dildo (cleaning it very carefully afterwards, of course), have I broken the law? Certainly I think I've crossed a public trust line, but which one? Where is the line drawn? If I go out in public in a buttplug, I'm bothering nobody else, but if they KNEW I were plugged, would it be any of their business? Would it be a sex crime? How about if I suddenly got in a car crash and ended up in the hospital and they found out my dirty little secret?

Eye candy:

Sep 27, 2006

new buttplug

Oh, god, it's been so long since I've posted; so sorry. i've been hella busy at work and it leaves me very little time for anything but checking email and sleeping.

I did take a couple weeks off from buttplugs in early September, but I'm back at it. Regular routine, mostly, using either my purple buttplug or one of my anal dilators to have in my ass as I sleep. seems to be that if I'm wearing slippers, I'm most likely wearing a buttplug, too. :)

I am right now away on a business trip and I didn't take any of my buttplugs, so I ran out two nights ago and purchased a clear semi-rigid penis-shaped buttplug about 1 1/4 inches wide and six inches long. It has taken some getting used to, but is really delightful. I especially like to put it in before my morning shower and take it out just before I have to go off to the seminars. It does not, however, have a narrow neck part, so it's almost a dildo, but it does have a flange, which while in the shower, I can use the flange to help hold the buttplug in by squeezing the flange part with my thighs. It did, however, stain right off the bat, probably from the residual grease from the previous night's mexican food. Gross, I know, but that's the risk a butt plug fanatic takes.

I'll try to get a picture of the plug sometime soon. In the meantime, here's the purple plug in action:

new buttplug

Oh, god, it's been so long since I've posted; so sorry. i've been hella busy at work and it leaves me very little time for anything but checking email and sleeping.

I did take a couple weeks off from buttplugs in early September, but I'm back at it. Regular routine, mostly, using either my purple buttplug or one of my anal dilators to have in my ass as I sleep. seems to be that if I'm wearing slippers, I'm most likely wearing a buttplug, too. :)

I am right now away on a business trip and I didn't take any of my buttplugs, so I ran out two nights ago and purchased a clear semi-rigid penis-shaped buttplug about 1 1/4 inches wide and six inches long. It has taken some getting used to, but is really delightful. I especially like to put it in before my morning shower and take it out just before I have to go off to the seminars. It does not, however, have a narrow neck part, so it's almost a dildo, but it does have a flange, which while in the shower, I can use the flange to help hold the buttplug in by squeezing the flange part with my thighs. It did, however, stain right off the bat, probably from the residual grease from the previous night's mexican food. Gross, I know, but that's the risk a butt plug fanatic takes.

I'll try to get a picture of the plug sometime soon. In the meantime, here's the purple plug in action:

Aug 20, 2006

a week away; things on the web

I've been away from home for a week on business. Didn't have much chance for buttplugging; too bad. Due to the increased security restrictions at the airport, I didn't want to chance smuggling any KY with my carryon, so I didn't go through the airports buttplugged. Maybe next time I'll try a very small tube. And while I was in business meetings, it was just all so much work and I was so tired, I didn't do much buttplugging at all except for a couple hours a night in the hotel room.

But I'm back and very happily sitting on my biggest anal dilator. I've learned how to keep the dilator in my ass without it slipping out for longer and longer periods of time. If I'm sleeping, I can keep a dilator in indefiniately without having to hold it in place. I LOVE being able to insert my fingers up inside my ass in the hollow of the dilators; it's freaky.

Since I'm taking the day off from ALL my responsibilities, I've madeit my goal to cum four or five times today. Surf for buttplug porn, cum, start all over again, who knows what. I think if I'm going to be dedicated to the buttplug lifestyle, I'm going to have to really get serious this week about sleeping plugged full-time once again.

Some nice things on the web today, though not all related to buttplugs.

Lesbian comics
an interesting foreign comic panel
German how-to for anal sex. Gotta love the germans.
first time I've ever seen a pictorial of someone taking a buttplug and then getting dressed

Aug 9, 2006

wow, long time!

God, it's been such a long time since I've posted! And such milestones in the meantime: 72 hour plug... going to work all day with the Purple Pucker in my ass... passing through airport security with my buttplug in my carry-on (and yes it got noticed!)... my first all-nighter with my largest anal dilator... etc.

But, I've been incredibly busy lately, too; I'm in the middle of moving; fortunately, I'm doing most of the moving by myself, so I can stay plugged while doing it. :)

Airport security: you should have seen the raised eyebrows and surreptisious glances my way. The monitor guard even called another guard over. I just acted like I had no idea what they were looking at and went on my way. Then I used the first public restroom to slide that puppy up my butt for the two flights home. :) I am trying to work up the nerve to actually leave the hotel plugged and go through the metal detector plugged. The silicon plug shouldn't set it off... but still. Nervous is nervous.

Jul 12, 2006

Buttplugged in Boulder

So I've just traveled halfway across the country and am staying in a hotel in Boulder City. I just got back from dinner with a whole group of people - we had a great time - and I went out buttplugged! I have a room by myself and before dinner, stuck my purple buttplug up my ass, took a shower, and got dressed. It was an interesting evening, making conversation and having absolutely no ability to adjust the buttplug filling my rectum if I needed to. I love that the purple plug is absolutely undetectable with my clothes on - and would be nearly so even with my clothes off. I've also realized I really like the curve of my own ass, as skinny as it is.

Anyway, I'll sleep tonight buttplugged in Boulder!

Jun 28, 2006

Real moments in buttplugging 1

This is the first post in a series entitled "Real Moments In Buttplugging", in which I'll describe past adventures.

This one happened a couple of years ago, before I went to being buttplugged 14 hours a day - before I played much at all, as a matter of fact. I had been taking a day off and really working myself up, really warming up. I had just gotten Buster - my fattest buttplug - situated in my ass when the doorbell rang. With my asshole sending urgent messages about how wide it was being stretched, I threw on a robe and let the ConEd guy in. I made like I'd just come out of the shower. I led him to the meteres, waited there, showed him out - all the while clad only in a bathrobe and my fat buttplug, my asshole pulsing, alternately relaxing and then clamping down on this giant chunk of rubber. I was hard as a rock and had managed to control my hardon with the belt of the robe, so I don't think anything was too obvious.

I need a hidey-hole

Hiney-hole? Check. Hidey-hole? Uh....

My landlord will be showing my apartment to potential new renters in the next couple of months. All my toys are currently stashed beneath my bathroom sink. This means they're not particularly hidden. I am thinking of getting a nice little wooden box or something; something with a lock. Don't want prying eyes discovering my small mushroom forrest of dildos, buttplugs, and vibrators - "Excuse me, but does the apartment come with the buttplugs?"

More to the point, what happens when I bring a new girlfriend or boyfriend home for the first time? "Hey, you have a really nice place here; and the bathroom is so clea---AAAAHHHHH! What the fuck?? You're some kinda freak!"

yeah, I need a lock box.

Jun 22, 2006

a little hole stretch

Well, I seem to have worn my standard buttplug out. Yes, the mighty compressive forces of my awesome anus and rectum have compressed the inner material of the buttplug to where it has separated from the outer material and is about half the diameter of the outer material - the core just rattles around inside. So much for that - apparently it takes about 10 years to wear out a Doc Johnson buttplug.

So for the last couple of weeks, I've been wearing either my newest plug - the Purple Pucker - or one of my anal dilators. Last night it was a dilator. Not the biggest one, but two sizes down from that. If I wear the biggest one all night, my asshole gets really bruised, but the medium size is nice and comfortable. Last night I didn't use a harness to hold it in (keep in mind the anal dilators have a flange, but no neck - they're more like dildos); I just slid it in and went to bed. It stayed in my ass by itself most of the night, though about four in the morning, I discovered I'd lost it. I retrieved it in the morning (clean, by the way).

A little eyecandy; is this not the most perfect ass & pussy you've ever seen?

Jun 18, 2006

Lazy Sunday morning

I love waking up with a buttplug in my ass. It feels more a part of me than ever. I also love the first insertion after my morning B.M. It's all just fantastic.

Searching around on Technorati this morning, I found this post. We're all familiar with spam blogs and such, but this is the first time that one of my own posts has been hijacked for search material. How disappointing.

Jun 10, 2006

Buster in my butt

It's been a long time since I posted and I'm sorry about that; work is getting the best of me.

I've spent the last twenty nights or so sleeping with my standard plug in. It is very rote now and I only need nights off every now and then.

Today, finally having a Saturday off for the first time in a long while, I went for a brisk run this morning, then spent the afternoon sort of "touring" my butt toys. I used everything for periods of time ranging from 30 minutes to two hours. Hell, for a while I even shoved my doubledong up my ass as far as it would go (about eight inches today), then tied the rest to my leg and walked around the house doing my chores. Once dishes and laundry were done, I switched for King Dong; tied him in place up my ass (much thicker than the double dong) and proceeded to vacuum and mop floors. There's nothing like using vigorous activity to fuck oneself in the ass without having to touch anything.

Right now, I've got Buster in my ass. This is the first time he's seen the darkness, so to speak, in a couple of months. He really stretches my bunghole wide open and I can definitely feel the difference between him and my standard plug. I like being able to reach between my legs and feel a round plug of firm rubber two and a half inches across where my anus should be.

There are a couple of toys I think I'm going to get rid of. They're uncomfortable and I don't use them much anymore.
Anyway, I'm going to go to bed with Buster in my ass tonight, or maybe King Dong. We'll see how long I can stand it beforre I need to change out for my standard plug or one of my anal dilators.

May 14, 2006

Around the Web...

There are just some things one shouldn't do to one's asshole.

And there are some things that one SHOULD do.

Great bondage photography from a rope-maker. (you will have to attest to your age to enter the site). I think it's by the same people as this blog.

Medical buttplugs for incontinence

Icky subject, I know: incontinence. It can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons, most of them medical. Infections or botched surgeries can disabled smooth muscle control or damage the nerves needed to "hold it in." Age, of course, takes its toll.

Medicine to the rescue. In this incredibly advanced 21st century, we have come up with.... the BUTT TAMPON! You can read about it at this page. (scroll down a bit). The thing I wonder about is the various shapes and sizes of the butt tampons... how do you get them in? Do they expand like a women's tampon? And what the hell do you do with the sizable string/handle, esp. when swimming (as the site suggests)?

May 12, 2006

new Doc Johnson buttplug

Yesterday, I picked up the Purple Passion buttplug by Doc Johnson. I hadn't seen this before and for some reason was really in the mood for a new buttplug. I was actually looking for a replacement for my standard plug.

I immediately put the plug in once I got home. This is an extremely comfortable item! The plug is not quite as long as my standard, but is much thicker at the bulb, a little thinner at the next. The combined effect is of great comfort; you hardly know it's there. It's made of silicone, too, so easy clean-up. (However, for an "impervious" material, the silicone DOES stain and in fact I now have a small permanent stain on it from only about 90 minutes of wearing!)

The Purple Passion felt so good in my butt that I decided to try a little jogging with it in. It was dark out and that was good. The run was made very interesting because of the sensations coming from my plugged asshole. In the second half of the run, I got a little gassy and had to keep pushing the plug back in by hand a little, because my body wanted to expel it (or the gas behind it I assume). Still, a good plug to run with it in one's ass.

May 6, 2006

after cumming

One reader wrote to ask:

whenever I'm wearing a plug and I cum, for some reason, I just have to take the plug out afterwards. It sometimes takes me a while to want to be plugged again or sometimes it is as quickly as 30 minutes to an hour. What is your experience? Do you typically take your plug out after you cum?

Well, things certainly began where you are, Reader. It used to be that after I came, the plug was intolerable and it would be several hours before I could (or wanted to) plug up again.

I made a conscious decision to try to overcome this. After all, subs in BDSM scenes are often forced to wear a plug long after cumming and if they can do it... I first started with waiting one minute before heading to the bathroom to take the plug out. Then two minutes, then three, then five. Once I'd worked up to forcing myself to wait for about ten minutes, I found that the urge to take the plug out passed more and more quickly, unless I really did have to use that toilet.

I also started to give myself a time limit AFTER taking the plug out, shortening it by a few minutes each time. The first few times of taking the plug out, washing, and immediately stuffing it back up my bunghole were difficult, but that passed, too. It's now easy to re-plug shortly after cumming. It is still sometimes a bit sensitive for several minutes after cumming, but sitting or lying quietly helps and the pleasure of having a plug in my asshole soon returns.

Thanks, Reader, for submitting the topic. I hopy you soon have a healthy, happy, hungry, compliant little hole.


On other topics, I've decided I'm tired of always carrying a cell phone and an iPod. Wouldn't it be great to have buttplug versions of these electronics? After all, with bluetooth headsets, nobody need ever know that the call you're on is being routed through your anus....

Have got a new picture in the works for Half-naked Tuesday; stay tuned.

Apr 30, 2006

long weekend

I had a very interesting weekend which included my first 36-hour plug in quite a while. It was really something to spend two nights and a whole day straight with the plug in my asshole. I would have gone longer, but it was time to meet up with the family.

I also spent 1800 miles on the road. Again, quite an enervating experience spending about 30 driving hours with one's pants around one's knees, twig & berries out in the breeze & sunshine, and buttplug stuck in one's rectum. Mile after mile of pure enjoyment, though now and then I would cover up when I'd be driving alongside a truck, as I figure the truckers had the right angle to see my lap and thus (potentially) call the highway patrol on the perve. Most of the time, though, I was passing them quickly and all the other vehicles are too low to have had the right angle.

I'll get a pic posted in a couple of days - for HNT.

Apr 22, 2006

Todd Perkins sex-positive site

Ah.... the feelng of waking up leisurely after a long night's sleep -- sleeping in and then coming to awareness slowly, with one of the first things you're aware of is... the sizable chunk of silicone embedded in your butt. Slowly stroking my hands over my naked body, my hard cock, my smooth ass, my anus -- fingering the stretched circle of flesh where it surrounds the neck of silicone... WOW!

I was reading something on about other names for buttplugs and did a google search this morning for similar pages. I ran across this site.

Todd Perkins is apparently a gay man with some extensive experience in all things sexual. His site is well-constructed (all of it, not just the anal-specific sections) and he covers topics appropriate for everybody from beginners to advanced. He takes a very healthy, sex-positive approach and I am impressed by the clarity of his organization and the quality of supporting illustrations. I highly recommend dropping by his site. I'm certainly going to spend some time reading through the whole thing. He's even got me interested in buying a real anal probe.

I've also found this blog. Again, good reading. I'm not into bondage, but this guy has some interesting entries. Check out the "piton" and it's XL-sized brothers.

Well, I can't find the original page with all the different names for a buttplug (I'll find it eventually), but I seem to recall "star stretcher" tickled me.


I love the anticipation before I can get a buttplug in my ass. The couple of hours of waiting beforehand is fraught with tension and eagerness. My mind strays to the silky smooth gliding that my little hole so looks forward to.

It was worse tonight, as I watched a man dance who was absolutely gorgeous. He was that shade of black that reminds me of stained mahogany and he was a dancer with beautifully toned legs and arms. I'm rarely sexually attracted to particular men, but this one turned me on. I sat there getting an erection and thinking how much I'd like to try sucking his cock. From the size of his package in his dance costume, I imagined there must be some serious meat being toted and I wouldn't mind trying to fit it up my ass, either.

Anyway, it only heightened the anticipation of getting home, warming up my buttplug, and sliding it where the sun don't shine.

When I finally did, I realize that I really love the first moments of inserting the butt plug, when the tip first breaches my anal barrier and begins to spread my sphincter open. I crave that initial feeling of violation and increasing stretch and, once the plug is firmly clamped within the constriction of my anus, the firm solidity of the intruder insistently reminding me that I have shoved some artificial thing into my asshole and am now walking around with this thing clamped in my butthole. I love those first few minutes, when the buttplug feels alien and new.

I also love the feeling after several hours of wearing, when it seems like the buttplug is a natural part of me and that taking it out is unnatural.

Apr 20, 2006


I know that I usually say that I sleep every night with a buttplug in my hole, but the truth is, I tend to take one or two nights per week off. If my body is not wanting it, I let it be. And if I have a long run scheduled for the next day, I'll usually give my asshole a break the night before.

However, tonight marks the 21st night in a row that I'll sleep plugged and things are very comfy this way. I am going out of town at the end of the month and sharing a hotel room, so I will have to cut my streak short at 30 days, but that's life. In the meantime, my exercise has seen no adverse effects from being plugged the night before, so maybe I'm over that now.

Caught Tristan Taormino's column in the Voice today. It wasn't bad, but not her best work.

Apr 12, 2006

Pics of my favorite toys

I had a thought today, that EVERYONE should be wearing buttplugs. I mean it, everyone. Even if only for a few hours per week, though ideally for many, many hours a week. Guys, it's really simple - buttplugs make your asshole happy and when your asshole is happy, YOU'RE happy. Using a buttplug to loosen yourself up, literally, can make you less tense, less angry, all around more relaxed. And ladies, same goes for you. Guys, a buttplug is intrinsically a feel-good toy for you, if you have a working prostate, so even you straight guys who've never had anything up the butt before should really consider getting yourself a small plug and see how it can elevate your mood. As for the women... hey, ladies, all of you should be wearing a buttplug as often as possible because I guarantee some guy wants to put his thing in your pooper, and it helps for you to have practice with anal entry and a little anal stretching. Oh, sure, i can here you now, "my man doesn't want to do that to me; he says he thinks it's dirty." Uh-huh. Bullshit. A survey was taken of every living male on the earth and it turns out that 1/2 the men - those not repressed by social or moral constraints - eagerly expressed wanting to slide their cock into your backdoor. The other half were just lying.
Now on to today's topic: pics of my toys!

WARNING!!! This is the real deal, no joke, no shit. ('cuz I washed 'em, heehee)

Seriously, while toys tend to retain their "like new" appearance with light use, one's favorite toys tend to show signs of aging. I'm posting these pictures because several commenters asked me to. Note that "signs of aging" means discoloration, OK?

That said...

This is my triple-ripple buttplug. remember I've posted pics of all these toys up my ass in previoius entries; just look through the archives.

This is my 18" double-dildo, which addmitedly, I don't play with that often.

These are King Dong and Buster. I play with King Dong in the shower a lot and often use him to stretch my asshole open to prepare for the Triple Ripple, which is preparation for Buster. King Dong is quite long, about 8".

And here is my favorite, the standard plug, the one that's in my butthole right now. I've had this toy for at least 13 years. Over the years, it has picked up some staining, though I don't remember it doing so during use - it seems to be affected by one of the lubes I've used and then exposure to air oxidized it maybe. I don't know. The discoloration is common to toys and doesn't affect how good it feels. Someday I'll buy a replacement, but haven't found the exact model in quite some time.

Apr 5, 2006

anniversary continued

So I've inspired someone to go for the 24-hour plugging. Nice! Please let me know how that goes.

I have to admit that yesterday was a nice anniversary. After the plugging-at-work and leaving the blot post, the rest of the day proceeded smoothly. I waited until my coworker left for the day and proceeded to take my buttplug out, wash it, use the toilet, and put my plug back in place before the commute home. It is deliciously naughty handling my anal plug while at work, though I really don't like to mix business and pleasure too much.

It's also great fun being on the subway with a plug in, particularly when standing for the whole ride and the car is quite crowded. Just the knowledge that my plugged ass is inches away from other people - and sitting riders' faces - makes me chuckle. If they only knew. For that matter, I sometimes wonder how often a buttplugged asshole is inches away from MY face, with the roles reversed. Who knows?

I spent the night plugged, of course, and so had nearly a 24-hour plugging going on. Will have to try it again soon.

Other "deliciously naughty" things to do with a buttplug: talk to your family on the phone! Nothing like chatting with my mom about the recent weather and whether or not out taxes are done while I'm lubing up Buster and forcing that large round knob of rubber through my anus and into my rectum. "Are you alright honey?" "Sure, mom, I'm just - uh - moving some - rrgh - heavy boxes around." Uh-huh. Or talking to one of my clients on the phone about schedules and getting the right personnel while I'm reaming my butt with King Dong. It's a similar thrill to just walking around the house nude, except for a buttplug or vibrator in my boyhole, doing dishes, laundry, etc. Shades wide open, all someone has to do is look in, REALLY look in. I do, however, put on a robe to answer the door in. :) As much as I fantasize about opening the door for that handsome black electric meter reader and greeting him nude and having him fuck my brains out... I know that reality isn't exactly a porno. More's the pity; he's quite handsome.

Oh, and I finally took pics of some of my butt toys. I'll post them when I get them processed.

Apr 3, 2006

1 year anniversary

This blog began exactly one year ago today. Hooray!

In honor of the occasion, I took the plunge and brought my favorite buttplug to work, along with lube and my little hold-it-in-place system.

As soon as my coworker stepped out of the office for lunch and I had the bathroom to myself, I did my business then retreived my accoutrements from my backpack, went back in the bathroom and inserted the buttplug. My nervousness at possibly being discovered doing this kept me from getting hard and so trussing up was easy.

Doing this at work (instead of just wearing it to work and not fussing with it at all) makes me a little paranoid. What if the bosses have hidden cameras installed in the bathroom? Of course, then they're no better than I am, are they?

It is so nice to be sitting here updating my blog on my lunch break with my favoritue plug in my asshole. Can't wait for the commute home.

Mar 28, 2006


Just a heads-up to everyone that a new, anally-focused message board has opened up at Tristan Taormino's personal site, I've registered there and I encourage everyone to do the same, drop a line in the forums, and say hi. Come out of the closet kids - no one there (or here) is going to judge you badly.

BTW, am I the only one who wants to bone Mila Kunis 'til my dick breaks? She is - and I say this with no reservations - the hottest, sexiest actress around.

Mar 27, 2006

obtaining good toys

Where do I get my toys? Well, multiple sources, honestly.

1) I check out a lot of "adult novelty" shops, even if I don't buy. Then when I'm ready to buy, I know right where to go. The right shops have an open, fun atmosphere and you'll see other people in there, men AND women. The videos are only new (not pre-viewed) and the toys are modern and cutting edge, though usually mixed with the old standbys. The products don't look as if they've been sitting on the shelves for years; the store is well taken-care-of with good lighting, clean floors, and a facade that proudly proclaims what they are. The shop should in no way say "shame". The employees are fairly young, knowledgeable about the products, and are savvy to what the average closet-pervert needs and wants and passes no judgement. They should be able to explain the difference between the different materials the toys are made of and their use and care.

2) Online places that have been recommended. I often find recommendations on websites that carry Tristan Taormino's column or Dan Savage's words.

3) Online places that are well-constructed. Many online stores are a little fly-by-night, I admit. I have yet to get stung by anywhere I've ordered, but then I tend to stick to the mainstream roads. A good online site for toys will be a lot like its real-life coutnerpart: welcoming interface, nothing forbiding, nice clean design, no errors, no shoddiness - they are PAYING for a good site and it shows. The shopping interface should be smooth, easy, and quick to find the product you're after. You should be able to save a search or a shopping cart. The cart should be interactive, allowing you to easily empty a product out of it, or increase its number. Shipping should be quoted at the shopping cart and update on its own. Shipping should be reasonable, discounted, or free. (Heavy shipping charges are an underhanded way of making a profit and I avoid those places, even when I'm not buying sex toys!) The site should take credit cards, debit cards, etc. If you pay via card make sure you use a credit card that has buyer protection and fraud protection! It's a no-brainer, once you think of it; but a lot of people don't. I like sites that also accept Paypal, as I can make the transaction a little more anonymous and Paypal now has buyer protection, too.

By the way, it seems like the better sites - the secure, reliable online merchants - don't always have the lowest prices. These merchants aren't some guy sitting in his mom's basement running a markup show, they have an office, staff, and warehouse - they have overhead to pay for. The products will often have been tested by their staff and have reviews posted. The product photos are good to excellent. The prices make you a damn picky buyer - as they should (although realize that some products are simply just cheap; it doesn't take much cost to make a simple molded butt-plug, eh.) Also, the products should have quite a range. I like sites that carry the elegant pyrex dildos and buttplugs that I'll never be able to afford - it's a good sign.

4) Sometimes I'm after a toy that is just hard to find and only one or two sites seem to have it. So be it, I'll take the chance and order. And sometimes it just doesn't matter which site carries product X - it'll be coming from the same place no matter who vended it. Make sense?

Mar 18, 2006

random stuff

The most perfect shot of Lauren Sands ever.

A new buttplug I'd like to try.

Freakishly advanced anal play at this site.

Mar 10, 2006

just saying i'm still here

long time, no blog. way too fucking busy right now to do anything. it's just work work work, come home, stick buttplug up tailpipe, go to bed, wake up, take buttplug out, go to work. wash, rinse, repeat. i've been suffering several colds this winter and that isn't helping my enthusiasm either. can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive. also, had to change my avatar pic - I have been leaving posts on other people's blogs and I think they or their readers might be uncomfortable with a small pic of a buttplugged ass showeing up out of nowhere.

Feb 11, 2006


Got the G-chat working. You can look for, or BPL for short. Look forward to chatting with some of you! Can't promise I'll be on every night, tho.

I've grown rather fond of my large anal dilator as of late. Getting quite comfortable. Got a plan for wearing my dilators out in public. I need to get some of the small tubes of KY, the portables they make for women with vaginal dryness. And I need some unlubricated condoms. Stuff one or two of the wrapped condoms inside the dilator, cover dilator with another condom. Lube the condom a little bit, just enough, and cap the KY and put it inside the dilator as well. Stuff condom-covered, accoutrement-filled dilator up asshole, put g-string truss on (which will hold the bottomof the condom closed over the bottom of the dilator as well as hold the dilator in), and off we go. Then, when in public, I can simply flush the used condom (assuming public toilets and plumbing are a little more robust than at home), recover, re-lube, re-truss and voila. No fuss, no muss, so to speak. I'll have to test this out soon.

Does anybody know of a good movie that focuses on buttplugs and wearing them, especially out in public?

Feb 7, 2006

yes, it shocked even me!

Coming home tonight, I was headed toward the C station at 23rd street and 8th ave. when I passed a pharmacy and medical goods store. I mean, a real honest-to-god appliances-for-all-your-ailments shop. It's been there forever. I glanced through the window at the various canes, walkers, toilet seats with handrails, etc etc and was stopped cold when my eyes landed on my very own anal dilator kit! There it was, sitting in the window as innocently as you please - five black plastic buttplugs in their handy little cardboard case in full public view. Then I also noticed a few other not-so-pharmacy items, antique goods mostly, there for display only. But what was up with the jaw spreader? Methinks THIS pharmacy caters to Mommy or Daddy Nurse.

On a side note, I found this interesting site while searching for a pic of the anal dilator set.

Jan 28, 2006

Recent finds

Lauren Sands fucks herself briefly with a buttplug here.

A nice pictorial of a buttplugging girl here.

GREAT pictorial of another buttplugging babe here.

Always nice to see two babes helping each other out; particularly when they know which of their holes is REALLY meant to be filled. here

Cute buttplugged chick getting a machine fucking. Though we all know getting it in the pussy is a sin, and that only the butt should be fucked, we'll let her off the hook this time.

Babe gets a balls-deep cornholing; excellent stuff. Good gape, nice ass-to-mouth. Third sample movie features her taking initiate and pulling his cock from her pussy and putting it in her asshole, like a good girl.

Jan 22, 2006

a great big giant cock up my asshole

This is the sort of thing I dream about at night. I don't care for the rest of the man, just the cock. Give me a nameless, faceless, voiceless man - well built, but not overly physiqued, and endow him with a cock roughly two inches wide and eight inches long. Then: have him flip me face down on the bed, slide his cock up my rectum, and fuck me senseless. I want him to go fast, go slow, go deep. I want him to brutalize my asshole, stretching my anus and plumbing the depths of my rectum until I feel like nothing more than a convenient butthole for him to invade and dump his cum into. I want him to violently pummel my ass so that I feel his balls slapping up against mine, feel his breath hot on the back of my neck, and feel a sharp jab inside every time he goes balls deep into my hole. I want him to use his cock like a weapon and fuck me til I scream.

And no, I don't sit around envisioning my asshole as some sort of male vagina. Other queers can make that equation if they like, but for me, an asshole is an asshole is an asshole. Man or woman, young or mature, there's little that can be as beautiful (or as ugly) as an asshole. The fact that the surrounding pads of muscle and fat - the butt - are just so fuckin' attractive - universally - is just amazing to me. I am an assman. When I die, bury me face down with a rubber cock up my ass and write on my headstone: He loved giving it. He loved getting it. He just loved ass.

It's been an odd day for me. I had to get up early for work today (yes, on a Sunday) and for the FIRST TIME completely forgot that I had a buttplug in my ass. I'd had to take out Buster (see pics above) around 3 a.m., and had simply slid my standard plug into place and wearily lumbered back to bed. I slept like the dead until the alarm went off. Following my morning routine, I sat on the toilet for my morning dump. USUALLY, I remember (because I feel it) that I have a buttplug in my ass and I take that out first, then go to the toilet. Not this morning. First thing I heard was a loud splash and then I remembered. Had to fish my plug out of the toilet. I have made sure to thoroughly clean that plug, which I do after every use, but this time I went so far as to boil it in an old pan I keep around for just such toy-sterilizing purposes.

After getting home from work - long day - my butt was practically screaming to be filled and I found myself taking a late shower with a bevy of my bigger toys. I don't get all of these out all the time, but today I did. I started with a dong that came with the EZ Rider ball. This dong is part of the vacu-lock system and so has a hole in the base where the vacu-lock plug goes into to hold the dong to the EZ Rider ball. This is a 1.5" x 6" toy. Pretty comfortable and in fact, I can't even really feel it up inside me - only where it holds my butthole open. I quickly moved on to playing with my double dong (1.6" x 18"). I can get this guy up inside me quite a ways at the right time of day, but not tonight.

Soon enough, I moved on to King Dong - a rather large specimen of a dildo. This one has a suction cup base and is molded with balls, all out of a flexible, pleasant rubber. It is not perfectly round, more of an oval. It is 1.75" in one direction, 2" in the other. The length is about 8" from tip to balls. I started fucking myself silly with this in the shower, even going so far as to slap the suction cup end against the shower wall, bend over, touch my toes, and rock my ass back and forth on that thing. King Dong REALLY stretches my asshole and I feel it all the way up inside me. In fact, when I clench my asshole and rectum around the dong, I swear I can feel the ridge of the molded glans. I continued fucking myself in the shower for quite some time, at one point stopping and pulling the King from my asshole with the intention of re-lubing it. I rinsed it off in the shower stream and while I was then fingering my empty, loose, and widely stretched asshole, I actually stuck the King in my mouth to see how far I could take it without gagging. Turns out, not far: I can barely get my mouth around the head and get perhaps three inches into my mouth before I start gagging.

Now WHY did I take something that had just been in my butt and stick it in my mouth? It's not like it was covered in excrement or anything - it came out of my butt clean except for lube and I had just rinsed it... but still. It was a weird moment when I realized just what it was I had just done. Ass-to-mouth is for professional porn stars only!

So after fucking myself in the shower for half an hour with this thing, I got out of the shower and dried myself off, sitting on the counter so as to keep the dong in my butt while I did so. I then dressed in stockings and garters again (this is getting to be a bad habit), and pulled on an old pair of Speedos. Speedoes, being made of lycra, have a fantastic ability to hold a buttplug or a dong in one's ass, but only for certain toys. Turns out the Speedos work well as keeping King Dong plunged all the way up my butt.

So now I'm walking around fixing dinner with my biggest dildo firmly planted in my asshole and feeling the stretch and feeling the depth, and feeling the balls of it between my legs against my own balls. And now I'm sitting here, still with King Dong up my pooper, writing this all down. King Dong makes his presence felt! And how, you may ask, do I SIT on King Dong? Very. Carefully.

This pic shows King Dong up my ass - all eight inches up my ass. It's twisted sideways a bit, so that's why the balls are one side. Unlike buttplugs, this one would NOT be discreet under clothing!

Jan 21, 2006


You may have noticed in one of the pictures in the last post that there are two black bands around the tops of my thighs. Yes, it's true; I was wearing stockings. Thigh-highs, lacy tops, sheer black. Very nice.

Recently, I became aware of the power of tights to keep one's legs warm. I mean, I was always aware of that fact and had heard that some men in some professions regularly wore tights under their jeans in order to keep warm. It wasn't gay or anything, just a good second layer. Runners of both sexes wear runners' tights to keep their legs warm, as well as provide support to the active muscle groups. In centuries past, men have worn tights or lederhosen as a matter of course.

So why can't men wear tights today? I don't know.

Even more forbidden is men wearing stockings. Some men are extremely attracted to dressing in women's underthings, I guess because they imagine themselves as a woman. That's fine; more power to 'em.

I decided to try some stockings to see what the fuss was about. After the first evening wearing them, I began to see the appeal. having these silky things gently wrapping your legs is like a legs-only hug. And the tops of the stocking felt very nice at the tops of my thighs - VERY nice. Sexy.

A few nights later, I added a garter belt to help hold the stockings up - try as I might, they wouldn't stay up if I was walking around too much. Now it seems obvious why garters exist. Hell, the two things combined make me wonder why women ever wear pantyhose? Seems such a pain in the ass to pull pantyhose DOWN to go to the bathroom, if you could leave it at just pulling down your undies, whilst the hose stay in place - and thus unmoving, unrumpled, and with no runs starting.

In short, stockings and garters allow deliciously easy access to the genitals and ass. And women's panties are notoriously easy to by-pass. Wanna fuck on the dance floor? NO PROBLEM!

So anyway, I've now got a pair of stockings with integrated garter belt. They look very nice and feel great. As a matter of self-discipline, I make myself change out my normal buttplug for Buster, my big black knobby one that stretches my anus so well. I mean, black goes with black goes with black, right? Now I'm thinking about some matching garments for the upper half of my body, as a black t-shirt kind of spoils the effect LOL! No, I'm not going for bras or anything; I don't have tits, not even man tits, and wouldn't want them. While they're fun to play with, I can't imagine lugging eight pounds of fat around on my chest and throwing off my center of balance and giving me back problems. I have enough problems getting exercise with two built-in Camelbaks making it harder. (Oh how I pity the people who find this blog by googling Camelbak.)

Back on the subject. So now I've got on black stockings, black garters, black buttplug, and black shirt. I gotta be up early tomorrow so I think this is what I'll sleep in and see if my ass can take Buster for the whole night, or if I'm forced to step down to my Standard plug.

Oh, and pics are forthcoming, just stay tuned.

Jan 15, 2006

Really feeling it

I spent last night with the large dilator in my ass and I am REALLY feeling it today! Because it is hard plastic, it's just not as easy as wearing softer buttplugs. So my sphincter has been feeling a bit bruised today - and I've given it a break by wearing only my standard plug, which I will sleep with tonight.

Finally got these pics off my camera. Because the dilators are black, it's hard to make out detail, but you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm also posting a bonus pic of me with the acrylic plug in my ass, one I'd forgotten I took.

Here's a little arty one: shot through a mirror. Kind of an "upskirt" shot, I guess. Gotta work on this technique.

And the acrylic buttplug. I love that I can see the inside of my ass with this plug and that the extent my anus is stretched is also very evident (also see the photos in the previous post).

Somehow I think that posting photos will someday come back to bite me in the ass. I only hope that the few people on earth who can identify me by my ass aren't cruising the web for posts about buttplugs. But I ALSO hope that my openness - of both personality and anus - will help our society loosen up its sexual taboos on things that don't hurt anybody else.

Jan 13, 2006

hollow buttplugs

I blogged last night that I had received my ADILS set of anal dilators. These things are great, really great - if your ass can withstand hard plastic. (Mine can!)

After spending a few hours with the middle-sized dilator in my ass, I moved up to the fourth size: fant-ass-tic! Just enough bigger to be noticeable, but not painful. Shortly after that, I slide the largest of the five into my butt. Now, since these are not shaped like buttplugs - they're essentially straight-sided - I used my string harness to hold the dilator in.

This still allowed access to the bottom of the dilator, which since the dilator is hollow, turned out to be great fun. It is positively WEIRD to be able to stick three fingers up my ass and feel only smooth plastic. It is incredible the variety of objects you can put IN YOUR ASS without having them actually touch your rectal walls. I believe that if someone would make a buttplug with a fairly thick neck, but definitely of buttplug shape so as not to have to have a harness to hold it in, then such a buttplug could make the ideal smuggling outfit. Think of what you could stash inside a hollow buttplug, yet still have access to simply by reaching under your butt, with no need to remove the plug. In fact, I think one could put together a pretty nifty clean-and-re-lube kit with a few moist towelettes, a small tube of KY, and perhaps use a condom to wrap the whole thing before insertion, so as to keep the items inside the hollow from falling out.

Or how about a hollow buttplug that has a screw-in lid in the base? Even better!

Another use would be to make a good fuck-me-in-the-ass kit, should you decide to go out some night and just get a good dicking. Imagine being able to stay stretched open for a cock, provide condoms, wipes, and lube - all by pulling a small package out of your asshole!

So, back to wearing the largest dilator - absolute heaven. Its hard plastic makes sure I don't forget it's there in my butt, while the length isn't so long as to be uncomfortable. I liked it so much, I didn't take it out when I went to bed! I slept soundly with that large dilator spreading my anus open and penetrating me. I did have to sleep trussed - I don't trust the dilator not to slip out - but that's a small price to pay. This morning, I was so nicely stretched open that I took some time playing with some of my other toys, including shoving my acrylic buttplug up my ass before finally masturbating.

I like that large dilator so much that after getting home from the gym today, I stuck it back up my ass and sit here typing with my hungry butt very comfortably filled.

Soon, I hope, I'll post pics of the dilators in my ass. In the meantime, here's some pics of the acrylic buttplug. You can see how wide the neck of it is and how massive the base is. There is NO forgetting that THIS plug is in my butt!

Jan 12, 2006

ADILS anal dilators

Oh boy! I got my set of five anal dilators in the mail today. I ordered the set from and you can view them midway down the page.

What is NOT obvious from description or picture is that these are HARD PLASTIC. They are NOT forgiving, not pliable. In fact, they're hollow! They have a hole at the tip that allows gas out (which I can personally confirm). The heads are not much bigger than the shafts. The bases are like a buttplug base, but a tad small...though I don't think they'll accidentally slip inside.

Personally, I like a big base, it's part of the experience - in addition to feeling bumping at the upper end of my rectum and a solid lump of rubber stretching open my anus, a big base brings my crotch and upper legs into the action, making me acutely aware that there's not only something IN my butt and UP my butt, but sticking OUT OF my butt, to be interfered with and knocked around by the rest of my body as I go about my business.

Anyway, I'm currently trying out the middle-sized dilator and I have to re-affirm that the hard plastic is unforgiving. My anus is having a workout! I don't know if I'll be able to sleep with this in (it might just slip out, after all) - the hard plastic is distinctly uncomfortable, though not painful - a definite plus! It's also strange that I can put my fingers up my butt - into the hollow - and not touch anything but plastic. Later tonight I plan to try out the next two larger sizes.

By the way, I passed a milestone a couple nights ago: First time I've spent two weeks straight plugged at night and plugged full-time at home. Due to some spicy Chinese, I gave my ass a break last night, but I'll be right back on the wagon tonight!

Jan 7, 2006

AIM established

I mean, OTHER than my aim to be plugged 24/7/365. ;)

If you would like to IM me, you can do so. My account is bttplglvr on AIM. (That would be buttpluglover without any vowels.)

Oddly enough, almost every variation of "buttpluglover" that I could think of was already taken! Buncha sick perverts out there, I tell you what. :P

a return to the triple ripple

Oh my God, OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD.

The Triple Ripple buttplug feels so big in my ass right now. It's been at least two months since I used this one and I am forcing myself to take it all the way. The third ripple is downright huge and my asshole is stretched over two inches wide, clamped around the super fat neck of this anal dilator.

I've spent the entire time since getting off work Thursday night with my standard plug up my ass. Last night made the tenth night in a row that I've spent plugged. For some reason, my ass is doing fine with only the breaks that going to work and doing exercise build in to the schedule. I had yesterday off and so I've now spent the last 48 hours fully plugged. In fact, I've gotten several errands done over both days and went to the movies last night. You know you're getting somewhere when your asshole really MISSES being plugged and going to bed without something up there just doesn't feel right.

I'm beginning to experiment with wearing my small buttplug - the Comfortplug - during periods where I want to give my ass a break and during exercise. I think I will have to build up to wearing the Comfortplug during exercise. I've done a few miles with the plug in - and even did a short run once with my standard plug in - but will have to work up carefully to do my weekend long runs with a buttplug in my ass. I don't want to have to run trussed, so the small plug will have to do, as there is not so much danger of losing it when I sneeze, cough, or otherwise bear down unintentionally.

Wearing to work will also be something I'm going to have to build up to. I've worn both my small and regular (medium) plugs to work a couple of times, but those were special days. I think I can continue if I plan out a schedule, starting with one or two days a week wearing the small plug and work on it from there. I have to tackle the whole issue of "what if I have to go to the bathroom while at work?" The main reason this is of concern is that my usual routine at home won't work at the office. At home, when I have to shit, I'll go to the bathroom, take the plug out, put it in the sink with hot water running over it while I do my business. In the few minutes that takes, the hot water has usually cleaned the plug off pretty nicely. A few extra swipes with my fingers and the plug is clean - and nicely warm. Shut off the water, dry the plug off with a towel, lube the plug and insert it into my hole, then wet a washcloth with warm water and use that to carefully wipe the excess lubricant from around the plug's neck where it enters my body. (Needless to say, my asshole is usually super-clean.) Then a good rinsing out of the washcloth, hang everything up, pull up the pants and away I go.

This routine isn't going to fly at work. So I'm working up a plan involving wetwipes and a briefer period of running water and, of course, making absolutely certain my hands get washed as a final step. I'm going to wait for one of those rare days where I'm the ONLY one in the office to try this out.

Well, I've spent the last fifteen minutes with Triple Ripple in my butthole and I have another fifteen minutes to go. Then my sphincter will be loosened and stretched enough to take Buster comfortably and I will probably sleep with Buster in my rectum tonight.

And now, for your viewing pleasure and by popular request, I have posted below some pics of me. The first two show me putting the Triple Ripple up my butt, and the third shows Buster nestled snugly in my ass. Looks like I need to wax! Also, those marks at my waist are from the string I use to keep the buttplug secure when I go out. I should probably work on a system that doesn't leave marks, but I'm comfortable enough.

Jan 3, 2006

this boy gets around

Well, it seems that back in October, somebody noticed the presence of my blog: