Jan 31, 2008

My "other" new toy(s)

Okay, so I still can't find the fucking little connector cord for the camera. I really like this cheap little point-and-shoot, except for the fact you have to have the special cord. Or a SanDisk card adapter for a USB port, which I also don't have. So pics will have to wait.

In the meantime, this is the other toy I was alluding to. A set of sounds. I figured I've been putting things up my ass for thirty years or so, why not expand my horizons? Or my urethra?

Interesting sensations - not really feelable down in the urethra, but at the opening, definitely some new sensations. I was surprised that there wasn't any pain and all of a sudden, I'm not afraid of the dreaded catheter for surgery.

It was wild cumming with a sound in my ...uh... front hole. Hm. Going to have to work on terminology.

Dear readers, I hope this doesn't dim your view of me. Just think of me as adventurous. Will I have to change the name of my blog? Maybe if I learn to deep throat, I could start a blog called allholesplugged.com? Nah...we'll leave that domain for the ladies.

And I promise pictures!

Jan 24, 2008

Two new toys!

Things were getting pretty routine with my collection of butt toys, with most of my use coming from the large anal dilator and the large Severin buttplug, with a little bit of Buster thrown in there and a pretty good JO session with my giant acrylic plug. That plug is very hard to take and is the maximum I can stretch - I've shown that one off before.

I took some new pics, by the way, but will have to wait to upload them until I find the special connector for my camera? Why do they make cameras with special connectors? Shouldn't the all be mini-USB now??

Anyway, I was getting bored with the current stock, so I ordered up this beauty:

Well, no, not the girl, but the glass buttplug inside her. :)

Which you can see at:

Though I'm not seeing it listed now, I got one that's 4.5 long and 1.5 wide. Not as big as you might think, but it should make for a good nighttime toy. The buttplug came today and, of course, I'm using it right now. The neck is pretty short, which means I can really feel the head of the plug right inside my sphincters and the base smack up against my asshole. Mmm.....

Someday, I may get this one, which I THINK goes up the ass and then the front part is a cockring...

Anyway, I got another toy, but I'm going to wait to post about it 'til it actually comes and I can try it out.

Pictures later, I promise!