Nov 26, 2009

a new 48 hours

48 hours and counting. again.

lately, i've been doing my buttplug shopping econo-style - by looking at the grocery store. Of the bottles pictured, I've had all but the coffee cola up my ass. The Crosse & Blackwell cocktail sauce bottle is particularly nice and I have worn that one as a buttplug for several hours, even spent most of a night sleeping with it up my ass. It is what is pictured in the (very bad and grainy) action shots. The vinegar is a huge bottle. I can get it a little more than halfway up my butt before I just can't stretch open any further. Excellent training tool, I think. The cooking wine was OK, though I hit my depth limit on that one. The soy sauce bottle is standard. The rounded corners on the Heinz cocktail sauce make for an interesting experience.