Jun 17, 2011


Relaxing after a hard day at work. I usually love what I do, but not today. Too much pressure; incompetent "assistants". Spend more time explaining to them WHAT and HOW to do than getting my own work done. And, you know what? You may be an hourly employee, I don't give a shit - a deadline is a deadline and we all have to pull together. Fucking slackers.

Sorry. Forget all that. I'm at least at home, relaxing, doing what I do to relax. Mindless mass entertainment on the boob tube, freshly showered, drink in hand, buttplug in ass, cock in hand, and blowing off everything and everyone else. Fuck 'em all.

Jun 12, 2011

New toys coming

I'm curating my porn collection today a little bit. Lots of deleting, some sorting. Hard not to continually masturbate while I do. :)

Spend a good portion of yesterday wearing the large anal dilator and slept last night with the honey dipper in my ass. Per usual.

I've ordered a couple new cock toys. Will post pics once they come in.

I've also asked a fabricator for a big on an acrylic plug I've designed, currently code-named the Mark I. Not terribly original, I know. If I get that made and tested, I may move on to having the other 2 models (varying in size and neck taper) crafted, too. And IF the relationship works out between the fabricator and myself, I may start offering these models for sale.

Jun 4, 2011

Bottle in my butt

Blogging right now with a bottle of Neurobliss up my ass. It's been a long time since I've done this and the sheer mass of it is pushing my limits.

I'm also wearing my cock plug and have been so for about two weeks straight now, except for when exercising. The cock plug doesn't. have to be taken out for urinating, so it's easy to leave in all the time. Masturbation is uncomfortable due to the ring (not the plug itself), so I'll sometime free the ring off my dick and just leave the plug in as I masturbate. The ring is really about retention against gravity anyway. I have tried to exercise with the cock plug in, but it's too uncomfortable, though I may try running with looser underwear or even none and see if that keeps the cock ring from being too bunched up and pinching.