Aug 31, 2011

More new toys

Traveling. Stopped at an adult store and got a couple toys: belladonna's Evil Pink Ass Tickler and California Exotic Novelties Flexi Risqué.

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Aug 7, 2011

new toys in use: penis plug and anal ring

I promised some pics a while ago and here they are. The penis plug is a mighty tool, not for the faint of heart. It takes my cock to its limits, I can tell you that. I've included a pic of the toy both in and outside my cock, so you can get an idea of what's going on. It goes DEEP and the head is a 1/4" wide, so it stretches my urethra quite a bit. I discovered today I can actually pee through it.

This item can be ordered at

the other toy I've got inserted in my body right now is one of the new anal rings. This is the middle size one and is the largest of the three I can actually insert (they come as a set). If one's ass is not completely empty, poop will come out on its own, so use of this toy takes careful consideration. I have discovered I can "double plug" by plugging the hole with another, smaller plug - for longer wear. This baby does stretch my asshole quite wide!

The anal rings can be ordered at

Right now, I'm triple plugged: one in my cock, two in my ass. Going to see how long I can wear these tonight before defaulting back to (probably) the honey dipper and the small cock plug.