Dec 28, 2005


Ahhhh. First day back from vacation and of course that means I've been a week without a buttplug in my ass. My little hole needed this so much! I was no more than 30 seconds in the door than I was dropping trou in the bathroom and sliding my favorite plug home. THEN I dealt with all the unpacking chores and going to get groceries.

Vegatables. One of the commenters asked if I'd ever used vegetables. Why, yes I have! But here's the secret: freeze them. Now maybe the idea of shoving something ice-cold up your butt makes you clench your cheeks, but let me assure you the experience is excrutiatingly devine. I first started using frozen foods when in a moment of inspiration, I used a frozen polish sausage. A few seconds under warm tap water took the worst of the bite out of it, and the frozen core felt great. Later, I just used them straight from the freezer. Fucking yourself with something frozen is intense at first. Later, your asshole loses some sensation and tends to stay open, just like your hands lose flexibility and sensation when they get too cold.

After the polish sausage, I moved up to larger frozen items, such as cucumbers and, yes, small eggplants. Heaven.

Dec 15, 2005

A couple of firsts

I've been wearing my standard plug for well over 24 hours now, my first full day in a long time. Somehow, it just struck me this morning that maybe I could manage some exercise with a buttplug in my ass. I went for a long jog and it really was pretty good. I don't know if my buttplug or my method of trussing shows at all through the running clothes, but they're loose, so I don't think so. The cold made me cough and towards the end of the run I was feeling the buttplug wanting to be forced out when I coughed and it felt more prominent in my ass than when I started exercising. So that's the first first.

the other first is that after my shower, I went to work with my buttplug in. Now, I have gone to work-related events that were short in duration with a buttplug, and I once went with my smallest plug in for a half-day, but today I went with my standard plug in and just did it. I didn't use the bathroom except to urinate - thank god for locks on doors, right?

Dec 2, 2005

sleeping with a buttplug in

If you've been wondering how long a person can wear a buttplug, or have been contemplating sleeping with a buttplug in your ass, as I do, you might find the following helpful.

I've been sleeping with a buttplug up my ass four to six nights a week for nearly 18 months now; it's pretty much a permanent feature of my bedtime routine, whether or not I've been wearing a buttplug that day or not.

The main thing to remember is that your ass and rectum must be trained to do this. As you no doubt are aware, the longer you use buttplugs, the longer you can wear one in one sitting. As time progresses, you may go from a mere 15 minutes up to several hours.

Sleeping while plugged is only an extension of this. If you can comfortably wear a particular plug for several hours, at least five, then you are ready to try sleeping with that little toy plugging your ass.

First, you will want to choose a plug that is so comfortable to you that as you walk around, going about your daily business, you routinely forget that it's back there. This is to ensure that you aren't putting new or uncomfortable (and potentially damaging) pressures on the various muscles and tissues you'll be affecting. Second, make sure that you go to the bathroom before going to bed, really evacuate those bowels. make sure your plug is clean and warm and ready to go. Lube up, plug up, and go to bed. If your ass is truly comfortable with the plug you've chosen, you shouldn't need any form of making sure the plug stays in place - your sphincter muscles should be enough even when relaxed. (However, if you're used to wearing something that ensures the plug doesn't slip out and don't trust yourself when you cough or sneeze, you should continue wearing that insurance. Me, I sleep wearing nothing but the plug; being horizontal seems to be enough insurance against the plug falling out, but also I use a plug that is of medium size, meaning it has a good bulge to neck ratio. I wouldn't recommend trying to keep any of those slim, narrow plugs in without external help.) It helps to take a bath or shower before bed and be really relaxed.

I do not recommend plugs that reach very deep - after all, your body functions will continue and fecal matter will tend to occupy your rectum along with the plug overnight. I'll address what happens in the morning in a bit. I tend to use plugs that are medium in length and girth, though I have worn a short, fat plug overnight several times and I have also tried an 8" dildo - but didn't quite make it through the night with that one. You might have different results.

Your first several nights trying this will NOT be restful ones! Your mind will be too occupied with that fact that you actually have something holding your anus open and shoved up your rectal cavity to sleep well. As your brain goes through the sleep cycles, every time it rises to light sleep, you'll wake up, probably. Don't worry, this lessens over time, just as training yourself to sleep with a different pillow or on a different matress or wearing a PAP mask (you snorers!) takes time. You may also be horny as hell since plug-wearing, after all, is primarily for sexual gratification at first. Wearing a plug overnight simulates having a nice thick cock up your ass all night, though that isn't practical. After several over-night attempts, you should find yourself waking after eight hours of sleep refreshed, well-slept, and happy. You may even be pleasantly surprised once you sit up to be "reminded" that you have a buttplug in your ass!

After awakening, you probably need to go to the bathroom. If you don't, you should go anyway. Do NOT force the plug out by pulling. Overnight, your rectal walls will have absorbed any lubricant you used and instead a thin coating of mucous will have encapsulated the plug, just as it does fecal matter. Just relax and let the plug out with the normal operation of evacuating your bowels and the plug should come out slowly and easily. If you're like me, the plug will come out almost clean, with slight traces of that previously mentioned mucous coat. Once the plug is out, do your business as you usually do, and then you can put the plug back in (after a thorough washing of course!) If you choose to put the plug back in (and I often do, at least for the couple of hours 'til I leave for work), you might find it ridiculously easy, or right back to the same degree of resistance as if your ass were fresh. Sometimes the anal muscles will be sore. Soreness prompts rest, so don't push it. You can always put the plug away and come back to it when your butt feels better.

And that's it!

Nov 19, 2005


So, last night I didn't sleep with buster in all night. A couple of hours and I had to move down in size to my standard plug. Oh, well. Try again tonight. Have a birthday party to attend tonight and will probably go plugged. This will be my first attempt at going to somebody's house for several hours plugged. I can't stay too long or drink too much anyhow; have to drive home and I have to get up early in the morning.

I've gotten several great responses recently and I want to encourage everyone to keep plugging away.

I also will start posting photos of other people (and more of myself) trying out their buttplugs. The photos don't necessarily have to be nudes; under-clothing wearing is acceptable, too. And unless you specifically give permisison to do so, I won't post faces; they'll be photoshopped out.

I took a series of photos last night and have decided that before I post new pics, I will need to wax my ass-hair. Some guys like the hairy look, I don't. I already trim my pubes way back (for other reasons, not sexual) and I've waxed before -- it's just time-consuming and somewhat messy.

Nov 18, 2005


Went to work tonight with my standard plug up my ass. Had a great time; nobody suspects a thing.

Now have my triple riple buttplug in, which stretches my asshole pretty wide. Soon I'll put Buster in for the rest of the night.

stepping up a size

I've made the determination to try stepping up a size in buttplugs tonight. For the last several weeks, I've been sleeping with my standard plug in my ass five or six nights a week. It's very comfortable and on my nights "off" I often wake up feeling like I should probably get up and go put my buttplug in.

Anyway, when I get home from work tonight, I'm going to stretch my anus out with my triple ripple buttplug for a half hour or so, then put in Buster, my short but large diameter black buttplug. We'll see if sleeping with Buster in my ass is as comfortable as it has been in the past.

Nov 10, 2005

hot water

aw jeezus. the hot water is out in my building and won't be fixed for a day or two. It's no fun washing off a buttplug without hot water, you know? Not to talk about cold showers...

Oct 29, 2005

buttplug for hemorrhoids

I've mentioned it before: buttplugs are good for relieving hemorrhoids. They stretch you out, relax you. Now, they can be used as cold therapy to shrink the inflamed tissue, too. Neat stuff.

Oct 21, 2005

butt jewelry

An anonymous commentor tuned me on to, which sells jewelry for your butt. I've seen someof these items before, particularly the gem-like buttplugs, but not the others. Very interesting. Thanks for the lead. I did used to own a Snelling small jeweled buttplug, but found that in the course of a night, my ass would suck the entire thing inside. Obviously, I needed a bigger one! However, two thumbs up to the butt-jewelry. Very comfortable shape, nice and smooth, and can be cleaned well as it stands up to boiling.

Oct 17, 2005

Good web sites

Sorry I haven't posted in, like, forever. I'm still "plugging away" so to speak. :)

Found a great website where my kink, and similar ones, can be discussed openly and honestly. It's really nice to find a community of people who are into buttplugs on a regular basis - though most are in the BDSM community and are thus "forced" to wear. Whatever - at least we can talk mechanics. :)

Also, here's a site for toys. I am intrigued by several of them, especially the Colon Snake, Python, and Boa. At three feet long, these are made for the experienced player, taking it way far up the ass. But at an inch or an inch and a half in diameter, I'm not sure I could take it! I may order the thin one and try it out.

cut and paste the url if you need to

Sep 11, 2005

some pics I find good

Just a few pics I find interesting.

And in use:

One I would like to try:

Sep 5, 2005

the triple ripple buttplug

You can find the Triple Ripple buttplug all over the internet. I think this is one fantastic plug, though not for novices. I'm experienced and find it difficult to wear this plug for very long. Also, since it's not built to stay in by itself, one MUST sit on it or hold it in with ropes or whatnot.

I'm sitting on it now as I type this and can tell you that it really stretches my asshole. It's a good two and a half inches at its widest and even the neck is a good size: 1.9 x 2.2 inches. By using this plug for a half-hour or so and alternately tightening and relaxing my anus, I can then easily insert Buster into my ass with no discomfort.

I've slept the last two nights with the standard plug in my butt and will spend tonight with it in my ass -- or maybe Buster. Depends how I feel at bedtime. Yesterday I went grocery shopping plugged, too. Life is back to normal, haha.

I would really like there to be a clothing line with an elastic-edged hole cut right where a person's asshole is, so that any plug may be inserted with only the base sticking out, and then the garment (pants, bathing suit, whatever) worn like regular, but with the pug up the wearer's ass. This would - and should - allow the base to be seen. Of course, I dream of a world where buttplug wear is as normal and optional as earrings and where this would not be considered strange or sick. *sigh* I've included a sample of the idea below. Yes, that's me.

Well, now that I"m through with this post, I'm going to go take the triple-ripplle plug out and put Buster up my butt and enjoy the rest of my night.

Sep 2, 2005

long time no post

Sorry about the delay, dear Readers. I have been extremely busy lately. My butt has been somewhat neglected, 'tis true. But I wanted to share with you that a few weeks ago, I did go eight nights in a row buttplugged; that was a record. I have spent most of today buttplugged -- the last few weeks I could only snatch a few hours here and there. Earlier, I ran errands with my favorite plug in my ass - even returned some items at J and R. I love running around town with my asshole filled; it just feels RIGHT. All the other times, I feel very empty.

So, today has been a good one for me and my butt. In fact, I am sitting on my big triple ripple buttplug right now.

I have found a way of posting that spreadsheet I promised earlier by converting it to a picture and now Blogspot allows hosting pictures.

Aug 11, 2005

feels so good

buttplug up my ass,
buttplug up my ass,
buttplug up my ass!

Spent last night again with Buster in my ass, though about 5 in the morning, things got uncomfortable, so I switched for my standard plug and slept soundly 'til I got up for the day. Before getting showered, i decided to see how much of my 18 inch double dildo I could fit up my ass. I've noticed that its easier to go deep in the mornings than later. I think the fact that I haven't completed evacuated my bowels keeps the pipes a little more open.

I managed to slowly slide 13" worth of the double dong up my hungry hole. I was astounded! I wonder if i can repeat the feat! I took some pics when it was about 12" in and later took some pics with my big acrylic plug in my ass. I'll post them sometime, I promies. The acrylic plug reminded me once again that though I can take it deep and take it wide comfortably, there's a physical limit to how wide I can stretch things, imposed by my pelvic opening!

Spent the day sans buttplug once again - simply too active right now to have a buttplug in during the day and risk embarassment - but slipped my fav plug in the moment I got home tonight.

how comfortable and wonderful is that buttplug up my ass!

Aug 10, 2005

purposeful stretching of the asshole

There's a lot on web about purposeful stretching of the anus for medical or erotic reasons. As I went searching to answer a correspondents question about "buttplugs prevent hemmorhoids", I unfortunately couldn't find the article I'd originally read about PREVENTION of hemmorhoids using an anal dilator, but I found plenty of contradicting medical literature about using anal dilation to TREAT hemmorhoids or anal fissures. Neither sounds like much fun, and I haven't experienced either problem. Both problems sound like their main causes are wrong diet and a TIGHT ASSHOLE. Loosen up people! Perhaps everyone SHOULD use buttplugs (small ones at least) to help prevent these problems, which don't afflict just old people.

There are some good kits specifically sold for anal dilation, mostly through erotic toy websites. this kit seems like a winner and I may order it myself. The advantage to the subdued buttplug form is that with these dilators, both sets up sphincter muscles should be evenly stretched, helping prevent the "full" feeling that leads to "I have to go NOW" feeling. Other buttplugs necks are so short that the inner anus remains more stretched than the outer one - a biological trigger for needing to defecate. I'm not a doctor, so don't quote me on all that, but my meager research into anatomy and my personal experience leads me to believe this is all true.

I spent last night with Buster in my ass again. I have to admit that after going to the restroom just before bed, I am faced with a decision: to plug up for the night or not? Well, the "yes" decision was easy. But then which plug?? It is often a point of great deliberation with me, because with my bedroom and bathroom separated by quite a distance, I don't care to make multiple trips; I want to choose the right plug right away. Sometimes I can tell - one or the other butt plug will call to me, like a siren. Last night it was Buster, that wicked devil. One of the advantage of using Buster is that he is short and squat. While he stretches my butt open, he doesn't get in the way of biological process - the regular overnight flow of things continues about its business. Buster really is just a plug in that respect. The disadvantage is that unless I'm REALLY relaxed, its hard to let gas sneak past him.

My standard plug, on the other hand, is easy to get gas past, but interferes a bit with what's going on inside, so that my rectum gets fuller, faster. This is something one can be trained to handle, but it takes a long time.

Of course, these are minor considerations. If one's goal is either dilation or depth, one chooses a plug for the night that will accomplish that, biological processes or no. I'm considering, for tonight, using one of my two new toysl, perhaps the double dildo. It would only be my second time using the red guy, but at a relatively slender girth and enormous length, I could not only begin to get comfortable with her (and she's definitely a "she") several hours before bed, but can also periodically see how much further I can get her up my ass over the course of the night. Oh, well, first things first. I will soon have to go in for a job interview and am considering wearing my Comfortplug. Then it's home and excercise - perhaps again plugged. I haven't stayed plugged in the daytime in quite a while...

Aug 9, 2005

Feeling the stretch

I'm pleased to report that my butthole has been very cooperative lately. As noted, I slept Sunday night with the standard plug in my ass - easy stuff for me. Last night I decided to step it up a notch and go for some girth. I put Buster, my doorknob-shaped butt plug, in about 6:30 last night and aside from bathroom trips, wore him until I had to leave for work this morning, at 8:15, right after the shuttle landed.

I don't know why the shuttle landing should have any bearing on how l wear buttplugs, but I just thought I'd mention it. I thought the landing was very cool.

After some mild discomfort yesterday evening with Buster, as my ass was getting used to this intruder I haven't felt in quite a while! - I alleviated some of that discomfort by trussing up with my impromptu cock-cage and string harness trick. What this does is hold my buttplug in. And even though the plug would easily stay in by itself, my ass gets fooled into thinking it doesn't have to work at it - and thus relaxes, which makes wearing plugs of almost any size very comfortable. I slept soundly last night, coming to awareness of this large black rubber knob stretching my anus and rectum only now and then.

I will sleep again tonight with Buster blocking my buns and may try something much longer tomorrow, such as the double-dildo or the Colt Explorer, both of which I would have to tie the non-inserted portion to my leg to keep the inserted portion from slipping out, as there are no knobs or ridges for my ass to grip.

By the way, friends, if you run across a website or a blog entry related to plugging, please don't hesitate to send comments and compliments to those posters - it means a lot to our small community. Also, don't hesitate to send me links! I'll re-post them here.
A correspondent sent me a link to the patent materials related to a pic I'd previously posted. Interesting stuff! I'm exploring the related patents and am intrigued by this thing: Free Image Hosting at Is it to prevent masturbation? That guy looks like some of my leather friends.

Aug 8, 2005

just checking in

I know it's been awhile since I last posted, dear Reader, so I'm checking in now. I've come across several interesting sex blogs lately. They often mention butt plugs as complements to other devices or activities in the bedroom, but I am noticing a trend. It seems like most of these blog entries are posted by women (and, no, not as part of paid services) and often couch their use of a buttplug in terms of satisfying a craving that isn't getting satisfied otherwise. Many of these women have boyfriends, but their guys are butt-shy or whatever and they use buttplugs when they masturbate. Sometimes they work a buttplug into the bedroom scene with their boyfriend, often as a substitute for the two-guys-at-once fantasy. Close women friends tell me this is not unusual.

Some of the blogs - a minority - are posted by men, usually gay men, though I've run across one or two straight-man entries. Next time I post, I'll try to post some links to these entries.

After a rather lengthy re-training spell after my last vacation, I'm back up to wearing my standard butt plug 4 or 5 nights per week, and spending every evening and most of my mornings plugged. Two or three evenings a week, I stay stuffed with Buster, while the rest of the time the standard plug will do. Buster has a way of making his presence FELT, whilst my standard plug is simply a nice, comfortable, I-was-born-butt-plugged feeling. This is exactly where I want to be right now, and my next step will be to begin wearing the Comfortplug during work days. This, I think, is the most difficult step, as it requires a level of control over diet and defecation most people don't have. It requires being able to plan and predict one's regularity. I know some people do wear during the days, but I haven't gotten there yet. Soon, soon...

Jul 5, 2005

Recommended Website

Dear Readers, it gives me great pleasure to recommend the following website:

This is a fantastic little site with good erotica and a LOT of real-life questions and answers about nearly everything. The nice thing is that the responses people have sent in are completely honest, including all the icky stuff and the turn-offs. Such honest, balanced views of sex are very refreshing!

Some of the men there have written about getting 8 or even 12 inch dildos all the way up their asses. I realize that while I have trained my asshole to open wide, I need to work on getting it to open deep. Perhaps I will use the rest of this summer to plumb the depths. As you know, I've already invested in the equipment, now I just need to find the time.

Jun 27, 2005

Ten Good Reasons To Wear A Buttplug

10. Be the first person in your neighborhood to get on the bandwagon with 2063's newest fashion trend.
9. A happy anus makes for a happy person.
8. Makes you realize your husband's dick isn't as big as it looks.
7. Prevents hemmorhoids.
6. Prepares you for that upcoming colo-rectal exam.
5. Helps squash your fear of intimacy. (Might increase your fear of being naked in public.)
4. Makes Star Wars III less painful.
3. That nice full feeling...all day long.
2. Everyone loves having a dirty little secret.
1. If it feels good, do it!

Jun 17, 2005

back from vacation

First, check this out:

Is that not an anal afficianado's dream? I wonder what it is, actually.

So I'm back from a VERY long vacation -- made even longer by not having a buttplug handy. I could have used one for stress relief, I tell you! But family was around -- and mother snoops. So. No buttplug. I especially wished I had my standard plug during the last couple of nights, when I was in a room by myself that had its own bathroom. Would have been nice to have something solid holding my asshole open. Also, I had the chance to tan nude for several hours at my brother's house... a buttplug would have topped off the experience nicely.

Well, you can imagine the VERY FIRST THING I did after unpacking the car at home - even before putting groceries in the fridge - was to retrieve my favorite plug from the bathroom and pop it into my ass, then procede about my business. Aaaahhh, that really hit the spot. I got back Wednesday and spent all of Wednesday night and Thursday with the standard plug in my ass. I gave my ass last night off, as I had to travel again this morning, and now sit in yet another hotel room in another nameless town, doing God knows what the fuck I'm doing here... but at least I have my buttplug in my ass and the room is dry and cozy while it is wet and cold outside. All is right with the world.

I can say that while on vacation, the lack of buttplug was driving me crazy. I ran around in a bathing suit most of the time - and though I'm not built particularly well, I'm kind of scrawny - I at least am obviously in better shape than a lot of the OTHER gringos running around the same place! Anyway... being half naked all day, it would have felt natural to me to have my buttplug in place... but that was definitely a no go! I also couldn't stop looking at people and imagining the ones who themselves might be packing plastic, so to speak. I couldn't tell about the guys -- most of us wear rather baggy swimtrunks right -- but with the girls it would be fairly easy to tell.

There was one girl -- a pleasantly plump woman of about my age, with burghandy hair and a cherub face who wore a one-piece black number -- I was fairly sure she was wearing at least a small buttplug. She was displaying the same ass-to-the-wall habits I used to when first wearing in public and she mostly kept the bathing-suit-skirt thing on around her waist. then a girl who was obviously the first one's younger sister showed up wearing the exact same outfit! She did not hide her butt and I got a good look when she climbed into the hottub next to the pool to join her sister... did I detect a faint outline of the base of a buttplug there? Intrigued - and sure I was imagining things - I kept a casual eye on them. A half an hour later an older woman showed up who bore a resemblance, perhaps their mother. Heated, yet quiet, words were exchanged and the girls took on a completely submissive attitude. This wasn't simple mother-berates-daughters stuff.... the tones (I couldn't catch the words) and the body languages were exactly what I'd seen in the clubs with dominants and their submissives. I think there was an interesting relationship there. But without something more obvious as proof, I didn't dare approach any of them with queries about their possible buttplug use.

And how bizarre would it have been had I approached them, cleverly segued into asking if they wore buttplugs in public, and then turned out to be wrong??

May 24, 2005

First impressions of my two new toys

Oh, God, this feels great!

Right now, dear Reader, I have a Colt Explorer, which arrived in the mail a few days ago, up my ass. I can't quite describe how wonderful the Colt feels. I just want to jerk off with it up my ass all night!

The Colt is a very solid, rather heavy ass toy. At an advertised 2" wide and 10" long, it is also one of my bigger toys. The material is a very good silicone rubber and feels wonderful to the touch and to the rectum. This is mostly a straight-sided toy and so my ass feels very much like it's got a large cock up inside. I can't take the whole length yet - that will take time - but have about 6 1/2" up my hungry little asshole and the material is flexible enough that by bending the remaining length forward I can comfortably sit.

It also has somewhat frictive properties, such that at first, my ass could hold on to it without help. But now that I'm loosened up a bit and more lubricated, it very slowly pulls itself out of my butt. More on this toy later.

If I cum now, I won't get to the other toy. So I better go pull the Colt out of my ass and try out the Translucence 18" double dong.
Okay, the double dong was also fantastic, but I think I should have started with it tonight. It is not as wide as the Explorer, but slides easier. In fact, getting a grip on it firm enough to force it past my sphincter was tricky. Again, I can't take it very deep, but I'll be working on that -- that's why I bought it after all. No danger of losing it inside me, though!

Both toys are hygenically superior - the material is extremely smooth and closed-pore, so after a good cleansing, there aren't any germs hiding in nooks and crannies. They also have good firmness while also having good give. Quite a quality pair, these two toys.

May 22, 2005


Hello dear Reader.

Well, a couple weeks have passed since Buttpluglover's last entry, and he apologizes. To make it up to you, Buttpluglover offers up this great cartoon he found on the web:

A couple of days ago, the UPS man happened to catch Buttpluglover at home and handed over a rather large box. It had no company name on the shipping label, on "shipping department." Buttpluglover surmised that this package must contain his much-anticipated new toys and he was right!

One of the new toys is a Colt Explorer. This toy is a little larger than Buttpluglover supposed it would be, even given the advertised dimensions. But he also knows it will fit in his ass, as he's able to get his acrylic buttplug in and out fairly easily and often uses an aluminum baseball bat - the thick end - as a dildo. Just looking at the Colt Explorer makes Buttpluglover cream his jeans. This is gonna be challenging, but fun! (Butt-fun?)

The other new toy accounts for the rather large size of the box. The Translucence 18" smooth double dildo is truly as long as advertised! This is the toy Buttpluglover ordered in order to begin testing how deep his ass can take it, particularly when his ass is receptive to deep exploration in the morning. He hopes to get a chance to play with his new toys tonight; his cock twitches with excitement at the thought of getting his ass filled again. (Though last week was spent with the standard plug in his ass most of the time, Buttpluglover was forced to take some time off this week and he looks forward to getting his anus stretched open again.)

Reviews to follow soon!

May 15, 2005

A safety warning

Regular perusing of the search engines often turns up new information on butt plugs. They're getting more and more popular.

Today, I found this link:safety warning concerning a large buttplug at the BME Encyclopedia. It concerns a particular brand and part number of buttplug that should be avoided.

The warning contained in the article is applicable to a lot of the toys on the market. Before buying a plug, you must assess the base's sturdiness and ability to keep your ass from sucking the whole plug inside. You must also assess the amount of bowel control you have (as many people have enough control to avoid ER visits; but many do not). Remember that having good control over your anal and rectal muscles may not be enough when something disappears inside you and your panic reflex kicks in!

May 11, 2005

got the 24, now for the 7?

Well, I've had a buttplug in for about 26 hours now, including overnight last night and all day today. Spent the day working in my yard and out front on my vehicle, took a walk to a couple of auto parts stores, grocery, etc. It was really a very nice day and it felt good to be out with only jeans and a t-shirt on -- and of course my buttplug.

For most of this time, I've been wearing the standard plug, which has become very comfortable for long-term wear. My ass is used to it enough that I can sneak gas past the neck, a skill which takes some practice, let me tell you! (If there's a problem with long-term wear, its gas build-up.) A couple of hours ago, I switched to Buster and that, too, was very comfortable. I just took a shower and played around with a couple different toys to stretch my ass out a bit, then put Big Blue in and left her there. After drying off and putting on my string harness, I've put on some PJs and am now cooking dinner. I must admit to a little thrill going outside to light the grill in pajamas and a buttplug, especially the big blue buttplug, which makes me aware of every step.

Big Blue has been adversarial lately. A couple months ago, it was my most comfortable plug, but lately, it stings a bit when its in all the way and I haven't been able to wear her for more than a half-hour at a time. Well, I think I've finally got that conquered -- I theorize that I didn't rinse all the soap off after the last couple of uses and soap DOES sting! So here I sit with Big Blue snugly up my butt while I wait for the grill to warm up. I got a nice big t-bone and some spuds. If I don't watch out, I'm going to get fat. NOT! Getting fat would only make taking pictures of my plugged asshole for my fans more difficult.

My plan is to sleep tonight with Big Blue up my butt and we'll see what happens from there. My hope is to break my record of 72 continuous hours. Why not a week? I'm going out for exercise, but figure I'll use the Comfortplug. I've done it before -- I think its time to start training my ass to wear a buttplug during all exercise. If I'm ever going to achieve 24/7, I've got to work at it!

May 4, 2005

Going to the movies

If you're going to go to the movies wearing, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, which plug you choose makes a huge difference in the quality of the experience. Perhaps you choose a smaller, comfortable plug, but one that will stay put, so that there's not too much sitting discomfort, if any. Or perhaps you go for one of your larger toys, since you're not moving around so much, and the constant penetration and stretching -- the constant reminder that you have something up your ass the people around you don't -- is the thrill factor. Perhaps a measure of discomfort is exactly what you want.

Tonight, I wore Big Blackie (which I think I will rename "Buster" from now on). Big Blackie hasn't been up my butt for longer than thirty minutes in a couple of weeks. It was uncomfortable at first -- a little bit of masturbation usually helps the comfort factor -- and later settled in very nicely.

It is worth noting that when I haven't used a large plug for a while, some de-training of the sphincter occurs. Contrary to uninformed belief, using buttplugs doesn't "stretch you out" permanently or "ruin you". The anus is a very flexible, stretchy, powerful set of muscles. While you may still be able to use small and medium plugs as you normally would, the larger plug, after a vacation of a couple of weeks, will be more difficult to take. Your butt just needs to get used to it.

An interesting effect of having part of one's mind constantly focused on one's asshole during a movie is that you actually end up paying attention to the movie closer than you might otherwise have. You don't become "lulled" by the movie and consequently, its easier to remember details of the film.

Also, some assurances that the plug will stay put might be in order. When I go to the movies, no matter which plug I use, I go out "trussed." The term is a misnomer, but its the best I've got for my homemade insurance that my plugs will stay put. Basically, the truss is a long cord, pre-tied so that along its doubled length there's a large, loose overhand knot at one end, a series of two or three small overhand knots a few inches apart after that, and then 18 inches or so of loose length. The loop end goes over my cock and balls and gets tightened slightly (sometimes more snugly). The cord then passes between my legs, up against the base of the buttplug, then up my crack, where a knot at about the top of my asscrack allows the remaining paired cords to diverge. These wrap around my hips. One end is passed through the top of the loop that's around my cock and balls, and then tied to the other end with a snug over-hand knot. Pictures will certainly help in explaining this. Suffice it to say, this makes a very secure way of ensuring continued plug-ness of anus. Sometimes, to bring in an element of cock-binding, I add a sock to this setup, which serves to imprison my cock and balls, pad the cord from chafing, and can help soak up any extra lube before my underwear do. I won't try to describe how it's put on -- I'll just take some pictures at a later date.

Anyway, movie tonight: B, made an A- by having Buster in my ass. Once I got home, I gave my ass a brief break, and Buster is back in place until bedtime at least, at which point, we may go to Big Blue.

May 2, 2005

72 hours can be a lifetime

Imagine, if you will, a man going on a journey beyond sight and sound. A journey to upstate NY, without his beloved toys and without chance of anal stimulation of any kind. He has entered the Twilight Zone!

Or so it seemed like it. Faced with a weekend in upstate New York with friends, involving plane rides, car rides, sleeping on their couch, etc -- basically a situation that offers little to no privacy -- Your Fair Hero -- Buttpluglover -- had no recourse but to call for a car to take him to the airport, reluctantly expel Big Blackie from his ass, clean her up, and store her in the bathroom cabinet, knowing that -- with 100% chance of being bored at times and 0% chance of having his asshole stuffed (they're not that kind of friends!) -- he would be hungry all weekend. You know the kind of hungry he means.

And everywhere he turned it seemed there were objects that reminded him of his toy collection or which would have made spiffy new toys -- if only he could. There was his friend's can of Axe Effect body spray; the exact same item Buttpluglover has often shoved up his own ass. At precisely 2.1" in diameter and with straight sides, the can is a very effective anal stretching tool, as both sphincters (the inner and outer sets of muscle of the anus) get stretched to the same degree and it is significantly wider than Big Blue. Once inserted, it is extremely comfortable, though has to be held in and its important not to lose it inside the rectum.

Said friend had several suggestively shaped bottles of shampoo or condition or body lotion... had knobs on their bedposts that would not only serve as great anchors for ropes, but would also be a delightful challenge to sit upon. The collectionof cooking utensils, all with those fat black handles (which feel wonderful up the ass if one wraps them with a condom first). Buttpluglover even noted a wire whisk which, wrapped in a condom or two, would make an interesting night's play -- he'll have to find that particular brand of whisk and try it!

So imagine Buttpluglover's relief to finally get on the plane for home -- and his regret he didn't think to bring at least the Comfortplug in his toiletries for insertion on the plane. Finally, finally at home, Buttpluglover shut the windows to the rain, lowered the shades, cranked up the heat, phoned for take-out, and went to the bathroom. After the necesseties of life were taken care of, Buttpluglover got out the standard, lubed up his asshole and his buttplug and finally finally finally slowly sat down upon what his hungry, horny butthole had needed for three days -- a solid lump of silicone embedded in his ass. Now he feels complete. Now he feels whole and fulfilled. Buttpluglover will probably sleep with Big Blue up his butt tonight.

He will probably, also, order a new toy tonight. He has been wanting a new, long dildo of good girth to insert for sleeping -- one that will be just a touch wider than Big Blue, but twice as long, with the intention of finding out how far he can get something up his ass when his body is fully relaxed. He has some theories about how the opening at the other end of the rectum works and why its so easy to shove the entire length of his longest dildos up his ass only in the mornings.

Buttpluglover is also still working on the spreadsheet of all of his toys, noting sizes and other vital data. Just haven't had time to finish it or figure out how to anonymously host a pdf of it.

Apr 22, 2005

normal days

I've spent most of the last three days plugged with the standard plug. While it feels normal and sane to be wearing this plug long-term, there comes a point when I need something that will stretch me just a little more. I slept with the standard pug in last night and wore it all morning, took it out for some exercise today, then shoved it rather roughly back up my butt when I got home. (At this point, my asshole can usually accept the standard plug without hesitation or discomfort of any sort. I can pretty much slam it home, though sometimes I have to be gentler and in those cases, sitting down on it is better than shoving it up my ass.)

So right after dinner tonight, I got out Big Blackie, who hadn't seen the light of day in a week, at least. I lubed up as I usually do and sat on the edge of the tub, allowing my weight to do most of the work. Holding my cheeks apart and stretching my anus with my hands also helps and slowly...slowly...gradually...I could feel my anus open up and engulf the head of the buttplug. *schoop*...and finally I sigh in shear pleasure as one of my favorite buttplugs stretches my ass and finds its proper home in my heinie-hole. It's width is pretty good and except for its shortness, it makes a good subsitute for a cock; it feels like having a well-hung man's cock up the ass.

By the way, for those of you speculating on my orientation, assume nothing. I might be straight, I might be gay, I might be bi. Loving butt play and the feel of having your asshole stretched and stuffed really has little to do with orientation, if any.

I'm creating an Excel file that lists my toys and their various dimensions, materials, and my rating of them. When I find a way to upload it to here, I'll post a link.

Apr 19, 2005

An examination of dildos

Ah, what a great afternoon! I spent the night and morning sleeping with my sleeping plug in and awoke refreshed and happy. Now, as I type this, I have my biggest dildo up my ass, just stretching my anus open and testing how much length I can take.

I have several dildos in my collection, which I don't use so much for fucking (though they do get employed for that) as for ass plugging with an emphasis on depth and/or girth.

The advantage to dildos is that because they stretch the inner and outer sphincters to an equal size, the body isn't fooled into thinking it needs to take a shit. If anything, a dildo up the ass feels like one is taking a shit, particularly if you're fucking yourself and the dildo is on te outstroke. But we'll talk about ass-fucking later.

My first dildo was a 14" long 1.25" wide vibrator. It was hard plastic and I was rarely able to take more than six inches of it. That one has gone, but I still have four others. My absolute favorite is one I call Big Blue, and it is the once I consider my sleeping plug. It is sold specifically for anal play -- it has a flared base like a plug, but the body is all dildo -- smooth and straight. The tip is well-shaped for easy entry and the jellee material feels, in my experience, almost exactly like a real cock. It glides up one's ass so easily, the whole experience is a true pleasure. The size is substantial, though not too large -- about 6" x 1.5"

I also have a blue vibrator that has a textured silicone outside that's 8" x 1". Though too long to fit entirely up the butt easily, there is always that danger -- and it has no base to keep it from slipping too far.

My other two dildoes are cocks: one comes from an EZ-Rider kit and measures 1.25" wide and 6" long, down to the balls. It is very comfortable and feels great when I'm fucking myself with it. The other dildo I think of as the Meanie, or King Dong. It tests my limits, being 1.75 at its widest and 7" long to the balls. It has a suction cup base to make self-fucking easier. If I played with it more, perhaps my asshole and rectum would be able to accommodate its hefty proportions more easily, and I could graduate to even bigger toys.

But one thing at a time. The biggest barrier to larger toys is a natural built-in "stop" at the end of the recturm, where another sphincter transitions into the large intestine, I believe. This can be pushed through, but that will cause some pain. It is this natural barrier that causes anal sex to be painful for a lot of people -- men with short, thin cocks can console themselves by the fact that they're far more likely to talk their partner into anal sex than guys with long, thick weaponry.

I have found a way to overcome this barrier without force -- time! I discovered this fifteen years ago. I was enjoying a weekend alone in my dorm room, my roommate having gone away for the weekend and was leisurely fucking myself up the ass with the aforementioned hard plastic vibrator. I laid out on my bed in the afternoon sunshine and -- fell asleep. Several hours later, I woke up, still with my vibrator embedded in my ass. Somehow, it felt more comfortable than before. Gingerly, I tested and pushed to see if it would go in any further than previously -- and gradually I slid the entire fourteen inches up my ass!!

These days, I find that Big Blue causes some marginal discomfort when first inserted if I try to push it in all the way, so I push it in as far as is comfortable, strap it in place (more on dildo harnessing later) and go to bed. Within a few hours -- and certainly by next morning -- I am easily able to take the rest of it up my ass and have even pushed the entire object into my ass, holding on to the base. Wild!

This morning, I leisurely laid around with Big Blue in my rectum, enjoying the stretch it puts on my anus and its all around comfort, then I finally took it out about half an hour ago and took a dump. Then, testing to see if i could still take the depth of it, I experimented with my blue vibrator and found that I was able to take about seven or eight inches easily. So, going for a real training session, I slowly eased the Meanie through my asshole and up into my recturm. I have taken it balls-deep and sit now, typing this blog entry, with it lodged in my butt, balls pressed against my own, held in by my trussing system.

I have to go meet some people at 7:30 tonight and have some work to do in my home office today. I plan to eat some breakfast and take a shower, then get to work. I will keep the Meanie up my ass at least through breakfast and possibly through the shower. I will have to change to a toy without balls to get some work done this afternoon and then will consider one of my buttplugs proper for my trip into town. We'll see how my asshole feels and what I'm able to hold in with minimal help from straps. For certain, though, I'm going to spend all day plugged, which will take me well over 36 hours by the time I go to bed again.

Happy evening

I took a shower late today and decided mid-shower that I'd proceed to work with a buttplug up my ass tonight. Knowing I'd be there for some time, with no private restroom, and in close proximity with people who know me well and would probably have close-up views of my tightly jean-clad ass, I chose my most unobtrusive plug, the ComfortPlug. As I've noted, this plug was expressly built for long-term wearability.

After a whole night and morning without anything in my butt, and a very painful workout, sliding the bulge of the ComfortPlug past my sphincter was a warm and satisfying experience. As it slid home and seated itself, I noted again how easily worn the ComfortPlug is. In fact, by the time I'd made the trip to work, I'd completely forgotten I was wearing. Now and then, when I changed seats or moved around, I'd be pleasantly reminded. Even after work, during some socializing and an hour spent chatting with a coworker at her car, having my plug in was so very pleasant in a nearly-non-intrusive kind of way.

I got home just a few minutes ago, and changed up for the Standby. Longer, thicker, still comfortable, particularly sitting on the couch typing up a blog entry. Tonight might be a fullly plugged night.

I find it interesting that I've grown so used to buttplugs being a normal part of daily wear -- or at least a portion of the day's wear -- that I often have one or more buttplugs sitting out on the counter in the bathroom air-drying. As I live alone, this wouldn't bother me in the slightest, except that I know my landlord enters my apartment unannounced when I'm gone. I know this because she moves things around, like scotting my doorstops against the wall and whatnot. It is reasonable that she sometimes uses my bathroom. I have a remarkably clean bathroom for a man -- bare porcelain everywhere, all toiletries put away in the cabinet with only a single pump of hand-soap on the sink to even indicate someone lives here. Except for air-drying anal toys, that is. If my landlord has been confronted by these, she hasn't said anything. After all, I'm a good tenant and the rent comes on time -- why should she make a fuss?

Hey, maybe I should get a few items from and spread them about the house?

Apr 16, 2005

A little about my history and my "starting lineup"

I've been putting things in my ass ever since I can remember. Yes, even since I was five, at least. My whole childhood, I kept an eye out for the next thing to try in my asshole and see how it feels. I don't think it was sexually motivated at first -- though sex games eventually crept in -- much like most of my use of buttplugs isn't sexual now.

I dinstincly remember using up way too many Q-tips a few times when I was seven, pushing them one-at-a-time into my asshole, side-by-side, to see how many I could fit. Looking in my parents full-length mirror, I like the way the heads of the q-tips protruding from my anus looked a little like a flower. Even at that age, the link between plugging and anal stretching was firmly planted. (As opposed to plugging in order to have a feeling of fullness, which is the primary motivation for many people.)

Later one, perhaps by the time I was nine, I remember playing sex games with the neighbor children and clearly remember having anal sex several times with another little boy who lived a few houses away. I'd put my thing in his butthole and he'd put his thing in mine. Either way, it felt like heaven to me. (I didn't manage to talk the girls into this.) That all ended a couple years later when he informed me that such activities were "gay". I had no idea what the word meant.

My anus filling adventures have continued to this day. It is only within the last three or four years that I've graduated to working on being buttplugged all day every day. More on this later.

My lineup of toys currently includes a wide range. A visit to any sex shop, either in real life or online, will present the shopper with a confusing array of toys intended for the butt. In fact, the prevelance of butt-toys makes me believe that there have to be thousands of people with my particular lifestyle kink, as well as millions of people having a great time in the bedroom. After all, there's nothing wrong with anal play, especially with careful attention to sanitation, which you should be doing anyway.

My oldest toy is one of my standards and I've had it for about fifteen years. I purchased it not long after I became old enough to walk into a sex-shop and buying it was, for me, the point-of-no-return. It is a beige-colored plug, 6" long overall, with a bulge width of 1.5" and a neck width of 1". The shape is very comfortable, though sometimes it feels a little long. The base is round, and I have an issue with that, as my skin can get pinched too easily by it. It has a silicone core, with a durable, more plastic, outer covering that cleans very easily. I like this plug a lot because its a perfect medium size (width) and I can wear it for hours and hours. I call this one my Old Standby.

However, the neck and bulge differential isn't enough for it to stay in me as I walk around IF I've previously been fucking myself with a dildo. I get too loose and then can't create enough natural "grip" to keep it in.

So one of my next purchases (a few years later) was a small one called the ComfortPlug. This is a real little beauty, fashioned specifically to be very comfortable for a very long time. It has a definite bulg, but a thin, longer neck, so that the two sphincters of the anus aren't fooled into a feeling of fullness (and thus always needing to take a shit). The neck is maybe a 1/2" across while the bulge is a bout an inch and a quarter. The base is long and narrow, fitting neatly between my legs and even has little pull handles built in, which can be a helpful feature. More importantly, it has a channel drilled down the center for voiding gas -- a BIG plus if one eats the wrong food. (This can be noisy, I don't wear this one at work.) Finally, the material is a nice firm rubber without too much give, but not hard as a rock, either. I'll always refer to this one as the ComfortPlug in succeeding entries.

The plug I reach for the most, including usually during/post shower and for movie watching, is Big Blackie. She's not actually all that big; just wide. She's shaped like a very round doorknow, with the bulge stretching me open two and a half inches before narrowing down to a neck of 1 1/2". While not long, this one is of a good anus-stretching neck width and is soft black rubber. It is a little difficult to get in, though practice teaches you to bear down while inserting any plug so that it will go in easier. Big Blackie is, in fact, the buttplug I'm wearing right now.

I have a single vibrating plug, a common one that's of red jelee with a bullet vibrator lodged in the midddle. This plug has a very nice tip, allowing easy entry, though the main body is a challenging series of ribs that go all the way down to the base. This is not a plug to be worn while walking around, though with good anal grip, I can -- the ridges help. It is very soft and feels wonderful in my asshole -- particularly on medium vibe. I often use this one to loosen me up for a dildo fucking session or to return to a larger plug after an extended period of small plugs.

I also own a very expensive clear glass buttplug that is my second biggest. It is 2 1/2" at its widest. This plug can easily be worn walking around the house, but never outside -- the base is enormous and, being glass, the whole thing is rigid. It is made optically correct and by viewing through the base, one's insides can be examined quite easily.

My biggest buttplug is one related to Big Blackie, though 50% bigger. It is over 3" across and I cannot get it in my asshole -- my pelvis simply isn't wide enough. Perhaps someday I'll be able to take this one, but not right now. I keep it as a reminder of what could be.

I also have a slew of dildo-style butt-toys, which I will cover in another post.

Apr 3, 2005


Welcome to one of the web's most daring blogs -- Buttpluglover's notes about the way to live life with a piece of rubber up your butt and assorted related items.

I am just one of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who were buttplugs regularly -- not for sexual gratification, but because they make me feel good. I aspire to a lifestyle of wearing buttplugs 24/7/365. While this isn't practical, I gradually do move closer and closer to that goal. At present, I spend almost all my time at home with a plug in my ass, including anywhere from one to five nights a week during sleep. I often wear a buttplug when running errands or shopping and always when going to the movies. I have worn a buttplug to work a couple of times, but as succeeding posts make clear, this can be problematic. I have also worn my smallest buttplug while exercising -- but haven't made a habit of it.

In this blog, I intend to cover the thousand myriad details of a pluggers lifestyle, including health issues, safety issues, training, and, of course, a lot about the handy little devices themselves. I've decided to approach this without a whole of rhyme or reason, throwing in my thoughts as I go.

One thing you can be certain of, reader, is that when I post to this blog, I have a buttplug wedged firmly between my cheeks, making my life a little happier. So read on and don't hesitate to email if you have questions.