Nov 19, 2005


So, last night I didn't sleep with buster in all night. A couple of hours and I had to move down in size to my standard plug. Oh, well. Try again tonight. Have a birthday party to attend tonight and will probably go plugged. This will be my first attempt at going to somebody's house for several hours plugged. I can't stay too long or drink too much anyhow; have to drive home and I have to get up early in the morning.

I've gotten several great responses recently and I want to encourage everyone to keep plugging away.

I also will start posting photos of other people (and more of myself) trying out their buttplugs. The photos don't necessarily have to be nudes; under-clothing wearing is acceptable, too. And unless you specifically give permisison to do so, I won't post faces; they'll be photoshopped out.

I took a series of photos last night and have decided that before I post new pics, I will need to wax my ass-hair. Some guys like the hairy look, I don't. I already trim my pubes way back (for other reasons, not sexual) and I've waxed before -- it's just time-consuming and somewhat messy.

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Pikanto said...

you're my idol!