Feb 11, 2006


Got the G-chat working. You can look for buttpluglover@gmail.com, or BPL for short. Look forward to chatting with some of you! Can't promise I'll be on every night, tho.

I've grown rather fond of my large anal dilator as of late. Getting quite comfortable. Got a plan for wearing my dilators out in public. I need to get some of the small tubes of KY, the portables they make for women with vaginal dryness. And I need some unlubricated condoms. Stuff one or two of the wrapped condoms inside the dilator, cover dilator with another condom. Lube the condom a little bit, just enough, and cap the KY and put it inside the dilator as well. Stuff condom-covered, accoutrement-filled dilator up asshole, put g-string truss on (which will hold the bottomof the condom closed over the bottom of the dilator as well as hold the dilator in), and off we go. Then, when in public, I can simply flush the used condom (assuming public toilets and plumbing are a little more robust than at home), recover, re-lube, re-truss and voila. No fuss, no muss, so to speak. I'll have to test this out soon.

Does anybody know of a good movie that focuses on buttplugs and wearing them, especially out in public?

Feb 7, 2006

yes, it shocked even me!

Coming home tonight, I was headed toward the C station at 23rd street and 8th ave. when I passed a pharmacy and medical goods store. I mean, a real honest-to-god appliances-for-all-your-ailments shop. It's been there forever. I glanced through the window at the various canes, walkers, toilet seats with handrails, etc etc and was stopped cold when my eyes landed on my very own anal dilator kit! There it was, sitting in the window as innocently as you please - five black plastic buttplugs in their handy little cardboard case in full public view. Then I also noticed a few other not-so-pharmacy items, antique goods mostly, there for display only. But what was up with the jaw spreader? Methinks THIS pharmacy caters to Mommy or Daddy Nurse.

On a side note, I found this interesting site while searching for a pic of the anal dilator set.