Dec 23, 2010

Great buttplug! Haven't spent a night with it up my ass, yet, but have used it for several hours at a stretch. Got to get out on the town with it in my butt and see how it goes. VERY comfortable to wear, though not perfect. The handle is actually a bit narrow and sitting on it can be hard if you don't have much padding back there.

Also, I'm rocking the penis plug, especially at night. I just love sleeping through the night plugged in both my holes. Walking around town with the penis plug on can sometimes be uncomfortable, so I have to be careful with that. Probably going to use the cock straightjacket out of the house tomorrow. Not sure.

Dec 3, 2010

Most expensive butt toy ever

This fucker comes with cufflinnks! Is that for a his & hers night on the town? Or just HIS night on the town??

Get it here for $990.00. That's right, there's no typos in that. With tax and shipping, it'll set you back more than a grand.

Nov 23, 2010

First night w/ cock plug

So I've passed the first night plugged in both my holes! This could definitely become my new thing. I'm finding, though, that I have to be somewhat careful with it. More mindful of my cockplug than with my buttplug. However, I hauled a few hundred pounds of supplies this morning, plugged front and back, and am not the worse for wear, so I think it's passed its first real-world in-public test.

Nov 22, 2010

New Toys

A while ago, I ordered a couple of interesting toys (as well as new stockings) from Their prices for what I wanted were reasonable.

Toy #1 is the Leather Cock Straight Jacket - essentially a cockring with a little leather pouch that separates the balls and constricts the flaccid cock to the point where erection is impossible. Very interesting. Not as tricky to get on as the asslock I previously purchased, as the cockring is steel and that gives you something to brace against. Hard to describe. It's getting the pouch looped around my cock and snapped closed that is the challenge! I had to wait until I'd gone completely flaccid to do this. And once on, if blood does start to flow to the cock, the whole device stays put at the end of however far your balls will stretch. It makes for an interesting, lumpy, never-forget-its-there package. Probably concealable under clothes, though I haven't tried that yet. I did spend a couple of hours today walking around the house with the Straight Jacket on and wasn't uncomfortable. Works well with my anal dilator and its harness.

Toy #2 is the Cock Plug w/ Head Harness. This is a gold, ornate piece of penis jewelry, and I love it! This device is a glans ring with a penis plug attached by chains. It is a bit of a trick to get the ring around one's glans, but not impossible, even for someone with some real girth like me. It constricts, but there's no pain, even with an erection. Like the Straight Jacket, it makes masturbation near-impossible, though mostly due to the jewelry interfering with stroke. I find the penis plug very comfortable, even when my flaccid cock is folded up inside the harness I use w/ the large anal dilator. This, too, could probably be worn under clothes, BUT one has to be careful how the dick is handled in one's shorts. Too sharp a bend or in the wrong direction and the penis plug will tend to poke from the inside. It is not sharp, just uncomfortable. All other times, the contraption is very comfortable. I spend several hours today wearing it, even while having delivery men in the house, moving furniture, and yes, even urinating. I could see using this really long term!

Unfortunately, neither will get past the TSA metal detectors or body scanners, I don't think - and I'm not going to try it. May take them in my carryon or pack in luggage.

Also unfortunately - I don't think I'll do business with again. I ordered these items November 7 and they came today, November 22. That's an unacceptable long delay for items that should have taken no more than a week to reach me. And if there was a backorder, I should have been notified.

Nov 7, 2010

Little dipper a new favorite

Been spending every single evening and night these last few weeks with the Little Dipper up my ass. I have noticed that when my ass is tender, the ridges on the Little Dipper can hurt, but that's rare, and I go back to a smooth plug for those times. However, most of the time - 100% copacetic. I've been out in public for short jaunts with it in and am considering a work day tomorrow with it, but... with my body shape, I CAN see a faint bulge through my pants if I bend over. (The exterior bulb is quite large.) Have to be careful. I've been wearing the Pace plug the rest of the time. So, yeah, I'm back on continuous wear. Great!

Oct 25, 2010

update on the Little Dipper buttplug

I fucking LOVE this buttplug! It is SO comfortable, yet has more of a presence between the cheeks than the Pace. I've slept the last four nights with it in my butt and have been out for errands with it. Outstanding product.

Oct 21, 2010

New toys!

So I ordered the Little Dipper buttplug, and at the same time the Cock & Ass Blaster.

the Little Dipper, by Tantus, is a great plug! It is exactly as it looks like, with lovely ridges you can feel very well as it glides through your asshole and into your rectum. The ridged and ball ends are connected with a thinner neck that's not too thin, at about 5/8" thick. The max width of both ends is 1.5". This is slightly larger and a hair longer than my Tantus Pace. Unlike the Pace, this toy is silicone, not aluminum. And because of the bigger girths, the neck is actually shorter than the Pace's neck. This puts more pressure on the interior nerves that signal the need to shit, but not overwhelmingly so. Historically, silicone and I have not gotten along well, but we'll see how it goes.

I can say that I am very satisfied with this purchase. I haven't been out and about with it in my ass, yes; but am sure that will happen tomorrow. The ball end is twice as big as the Pace's, so I'm concerned about a bulge showing between my cheeks through my pants. (On the other hand, I've gone out with my acrylic plug up my ass and if THAT base didn't show...) So this is a plug I definitely endorse.

The other toy is Rascal's Cock & Ass Blaster. It's a silicone cock ring connected by a perineum stimulator to a very nicely shaped buttplug. I generally like this toy - and in fact am wearing it right now - but this may not be one to go out and about in. There are three things I'm ambivalent about:

One, getting the cock ring on is difficult. This can be chalked up to my lack of practice: this is my first cock ring. But the silicone ring is very thick and doesn't stretch easily. Still...experienced cock ring wearers will have no problem.

Two, the perineum stimulator is slightly too long for my body, so it is somewhat loose and doesn't stimulate much. However, as a connection from ring to plug, it's fantastic. Jerking off now results in some powerful tugging in the butthole. I came pretty hard last night and felt the anal convulsions back there that I haven't noticed in a couple years with other toys.

Three, the plug itself is not a true plug and without some clenching or some kind of harness, will slides out of my asshole on its own, even while lying down. Not acceptable. This is fine for sitting, but is probably not going to be an around-town toy.

I got both of these from and their service was very quick.

Oct 17, 2010

moving forward

Been getting back to extended plugging again. It's getting so that the Tantus Pace is so easy to wear for so long I actually forget its in my ass. At one point today, I was sitting on the floor, left knee up and realized other people could see my butt and that the plug was probably bulging my jeans out. Pretty sure it was. Have to monitor against that.

I've order two new butt-toys, the Tantus Dipper and a cock-ring/anal-plug thing, also from Tantus, I think. They should arrive within the week and then we'll see what's what.

Sep 10, 2010


Streak broken at day 70. A new record, but the break was beyond my control. Will give it a rest for awhile I think.

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Aug 23, 2010

The Little Dipper

OK, I'd definitely be interested in one of these.

It looks much like my Alumina pace plug, but made of plastic instead. setting off metal detectors. The ridges, though....I wonder how comfortable those would be after several hours?

In other news, I'm into NEW RECORD territory, as I'm on Day 65 of being plugged 24/7. Yay me!

Aug 20, 2010

60 days!

As of the 18th, I've spent 60 days continuously buttplugged. This ties my former record. I'm trying for 75 days, bit may not be able to.

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Aug 14, 2010


Twitter has suspended my account for TOS violation. Probably the avatar pic, which was NOT g-rated.

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Jul 12, 2010

Gym plugging

Just had a long workout at the gym, unplugged. Put my plug in while in the shower. Neither the shower curtains nor the micro-towels they have offer much concealment. Especially while changing. :)

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Jul 10, 2010

Humid day

Out and about with my large anal dilator in my ass. Slept with it in last night, too. U wonder who else has a 1 3/4" piece of plastic holding their asshole open as they run errands?

Also, went to a show and poker night plugged last night. Small plug only, tho.

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Jul 8, 2010

Out with friends

Just got home from dinner and movie with friends. Plugged. Me, not them. Tho it would be nice to have a group of likeminded plugged friends in New York to do things with.

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Jul 3, 2010


Oh, yeah...yeeeaaaahhhh.... that's what daddy's been waiting for. Fuck yeah.

Home now, with my sphincter wrapped around the large dilator. It feels so familiar yet so alien at the same time, since all I had was my small Pace buttplug all week. So nice to be stretched and filled again.

Some pics of me on the airplane:

Lastly, a very funny video.

Charleston airport

It was in the Charleston airport that I first brought a buttplug through security and inserted it in the restroom, so I could enjoy my wait and flight in comfort and happiness. That was over a year ago. And now I'm back here.

One worry was that I got stuck accompanying my sister through security, as she had a flight just before mine. I could envision the embarrassment should security choose to pull my buttplug out of my bag and ask about it in front of her. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

In other news, I'm intrigued by the thought of getting a one pound dumbell and testing it out as a buttplug for around the house, but am having a hard time finding a suitable style. Maybe I should purchase a lathe and make my own....

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Jul 2, 2010

One day more!

Seven straight vacation days buttplugged, even while surfing. Got to figure out how to get my plug past security tomorrow for the airport. Anyone know how much aluminum it takes to set off metal detectors?

In less than 24 hours, I'll be in bliss -- naked at home and settling my asshole around my biggest buttplug. :) May even try that night to sleep a couple hours with the Neuro Bliss bottle in my ass.

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Jun 27, 2010

Remaining plugged

Since returning from overseas, I've remained plugged, either with the small Alumina Pace, or the large anal dilator, or the big acrylic plug, or (while showering) the new water bottle. I've stayed buttplugged now for eleven days straight and the sense of normality is returning. Even being plugged here during a family get together feels normal. I only brought the Pace, but it is easy to carry it around in my anus 24 hours a day. I do wish I'd packed at least the dilator. It would be nice to sleep with that stretching my asshole and filling my rectum.

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Jun 26, 2010

At the airport

Miraculously, I am buttplugged at LaGuardia airport. Had my small plug in my toiletries in my checked bag, because I didn't want embarrassing questions in the security line. However, baggage fees caused me to change my mind and attempt to just do carryon. So I ditched the shampoo and the like and just hoped that my medicines would attract enough attention to distract from the metal butt plug in my toiletries.

But I went right through, no searches and no questions asked. Maybe the key is to make sure the plug is x-rayed from an end view instead of profile.

Now the question is: what do I do at the other end, where I'm bei g picked up by family?

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Jun 21, 2010

Good boy!

I'm a dirty boy, but I'm a good boy. Seems like this water bottle was just made to be used as a large buttplug. Neuro bliss up the ass. Just like nature intended.

Jun 18, 2010

Been away for awhile

Was out of town for most of a month, without my toys. Discovered while I was gone that a mini-maglite does a wonderful job of being an impromptu buttplug, even for the all-nighter. However, I missed my toys and was delighted to get home and slide my Pace into my sphincter. There's no place like home? There's no place like ASS HOLE. :D

Found this fantastic article on the web: The Thinking Woman's Guide to Buttfucking. Fantastic.

One of my hotels had private balconies. :)

May 31, 2010

Travelling assplay

Well, I'm traveling again. This post brought to you by the mid-east. I won't say exactly where, but these pixels are in metric!

Really wishing I'd brought a buttplug, but hard to ge those through security without embarassment anymore. Besides, going internationally, I have no idea if there are penalties or whatnot. So I'm making do with flashlight, as seen in these pics, plus some water bottles and a nice challenging beer bottle. I've slept with the flashlight up my ass for two nights, and tonight will make a third. I did manage to obtain some actual lube, though not my favorite brand, and was amazed and thrilled to take a good-size water bottle in my butt. It really stretched me out, to the maximum, and to a depth that felt like it was touching my heart. I imagined if was a local boy's cock (the local beach scene is full of beautiful men), mercilessly invading my rectum and colon. I came so hard I nearly passed out. Hopefully I can recreate that tonight or tomorrow morning. :)

May 17, 2010


Kinda goes without saying, doesn't it?

May 14, 2010

sleeping longer with bigger pugs

Lately, I've been wearing my 2" dilator a lot. a LOT. LIke, out and about, at home, shopping, groceries, and especially going to bed with it in. I haven't yet gone for any exercise with it up my ass, except that once a long time ago, but may attempt it again soon; I don't know.

Sleeping with the 2" plug is...amazing. Until it starts to hurt, in which case I'm sometimes able to force myself to relube and put it back in my rectum for the rest of the night. Other nights, I'm too tired and just clean it and put it away and slip the Pace into my ass. I ALWAYS sleep plugged, one way or another. I often exercise with the Pace in my ass - I have no worries with that little guy.

The new trussing system using two Buffs is really working out. They don't stretch out like the headband system did and don't have the hard parts using a belt did. So...much better. And, these can be quickly washed in the sink or in the shower and they dry quickly, too.

Apr 17, 2010

No time anymore

Fuck, there's just no time for anything anymore, much less keeping up with my blog. But I'm not shutting it down; just not posting very much, sorry.

I am, though, keeping up with the buttplugging. Every single night, all night, either my small metal plug or my medium Standard doc johnson plug. Tonight, probably, my largest anal dilator.

I have discovered a new way of retaining the dilator, which has no neck and thus no way to anally clamp down on it: I use two Buffs. Buffs are tube-style things that a lot of people wear as headwwear, neckwarmers, whatever's clever. I slip one through another, such that I have a kind of sumo wrestler diaper thing to put on. Hard to describe. One goes around the waist, the other is the crotch part. Being small, I can manage this, but it is a tight rig - which is good for retaining a fat plug resting in my asshole!

Mar 13, 2010

Testing out public wear of the acrylic plug

About two hours ago, I put my big acrylic plug up my ass. This is the plug that's so hard to take and wear for long periods - and I've NEVER worn it outside the house. But tonight that changed. Just as an experiment, I tried it on a little trip to the nearest mail dropbox.

From All About the Buttplug Lifestyle

Now, I've worn this guy inside the house while walking around, napping, sitting, cooking, bathing, etc. This is a fantastic plug in so many ways - but it really wasn't made to be worn in public!

After ascertaining that my plug isn't visible when I have pants on, though it does slightly poke out beyond the curve of my ass. Or, maybe it slightly alters the way my pants conform to my body, but I couldn't tell much of a difference in the mirror. Still, you know how it is: you wear a plug outside and you think everybody who sees you is going to instantly know you're holding something in your asshole. And the size of this plug makes me doubly paranoid!

The walk was OK at first, but quickly became tiresome. Because the base is so large, the act of walking makes the plug wiggle back and forth quite a lot. Sexy in its way, but also a challenge to the second sphincter - the first sphincter (outer one) is clamped down around the neck of the plug pretty good at about an inch and a half, but the huge bulge of the plug and short neck means the second sphincter inside is open more than that - and the difference is keenly felt. On this walk, it was uncomfortable.

I don't know; maybe I can train my ass up better. Or maybe I should leave well enough alone.

From All About the Buttplug Lifestyle

Now, I want to address the whole bottles-up-the-ass thing. I know you've all seen 1 man 1 jar on the internets and I, too, was horrified by what I saw. I do not think that we're looking at the same problems, though. Glass is glass (pyrex or not) and will shatter if it is thin-walled, large-diameter, and under sheer pressure, as was the case with the unfortunate individual with the broken pickle jar. Go ahead an check out an empty pickle jar sometime - very thin walls. There's little structural strength there, especially if you're going to put weight down on one rim of it. Bottles, however, especially the ones I choose, are thicker-walled. Coke bottles are damn near indestructible via accident. So just relax, I'm playing safe - or at least safer than the guy with pickle jar.