Jul 3, 2010


Oh, yeah...yeeeaaaahhhh.... that's what daddy's been waiting for. Fuck yeah.

Home now, with my sphincter wrapped around the large dilator. It feels so familiar yet so alien at the same time, since all I had was my small Pace buttplug all week. So nice to be stretched and filled again.

Some pics of me on the airplane:

Lastly, a very funny video.


roarke said...

Hi BPL. Glad you're safely back where you can be fully yourself! I'm a devoted plugger myself and have been following your blog for years, although never posted before. I've got a question for you:

I've been looking around for a place that would make a custom butt plug for me - my "dream" plug, intended for all-day wear that would be filling, heavy, and completely undetectable under clothes. I came across these people today, who seem to be up to the job:


Have you ever had contact with them?

Have a happy Fourth!

Buttpluglover said...

I have not seen that site! But now that I have, I'm definitely designing and ordering a new toy! Stay tuned on that one.

roarke said...

Great! I'll be really interested in seeing what you come up with!

There is something else I thought I'd bring to your attention. Dungeon Delights has just created a new plug, the Double DunWa Ball Butt Plug: http://www.dungeondelights.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=134

I can speak from experience that their Single version of this is FANTASTIC - it's along the lines of the Rattler that you can get from Mr S Leather. But you can't wear the Rattler outdoors (at least I can't) because of the large heavy base that shows through clothing. The DunWa Ball Butt Plug is designed with a base that makes it completely undetectable.

This Double version promises to pack double the punch! I've ordered mine already and will let you know.