Nov 19, 2005


So, last night I didn't sleep with buster in all night. A couple of hours and I had to move down in size to my standard plug. Oh, well. Try again tonight. Have a birthday party to attend tonight and will probably go plugged. This will be my first attempt at going to somebody's house for several hours plugged. I can't stay too long or drink too much anyhow; have to drive home and I have to get up early in the morning.

I've gotten several great responses recently and I want to encourage everyone to keep plugging away.

I also will start posting photos of other people (and more of myself) trying out their buttplugs. The photos don't necessarily have to be nudes; under-clothing wearing is acceptable, too. And unless you specifically give permisison to do so, I won't post faces; they'll be photoshopped out.

I took a series of photos last night and have decided that before I post new pics, I will need to wax my ass-hair. Some guys like the hairy look, I don't. I already trim my pubes way back (for other reasons, not sexual) and I've waxed before -- it's just time-consuming and somewhat messy.

Nov 18, 2005


Went to work tonight with my standard plug up my ass. Had a great time; nobody suspects a thing.

Now have my triple riple buttplug in, which stretches my asshole pretty wide. Soon I'll put Buster in for the rest of the night.

stepping up a size

I've made the determination to try stepping up a size in buttplugs tonight. For the last several weeks, I've been sleeping with my standard plug in my ass five or six nights a week. It's very comfortable and on my nights "off" I often wake up feeling like I should probably get up and go put my buttplug in.

Anyway, when I get home from work tonight, I'm going to stretch my anus out with my triple ripple buttplug for a half hour or so, then put in Buster, my short but large diameter black buttplug. We'll see if sleeping with Buster in my ass is as comfortable as it has been in the past.

Nov 10, 2005

hot water

aw jeezus. the hot water is out in my building and won't be fixed for a day or two. It's no fun washing off a buttplug without hot water, you know? Not to talk about cold showers...