Apr 30, 2006

long weekend

I had a very interesting weekend which included my first 36-hour plug in quite a while. It was really something to spend two nights and a whole day straight with the plug in my asshole. I would have gone longer, but it was time to meet up with the family.

I also spent 1800 miles on the road. Again, quite an enervating experience spending about 30 driving hours with one's pants around one's knees, twig & berries out in the breeze & sunshine, and buttplug stuck in one's rectum. Mile after mile of pure enjoyment, though now and then I would cover up when I'd be driving alongside a truck, as I figure the truckers had the right angle to see my lap and thus (potentially) call the highway patrol on the perve. Most of the time, though, I was passing them quickly and all the other vehicles are too low to have had the right angle.

I'll get a pic posted in a couple of days - for HNT.

Apr 22, 2006

Todd Perkins sex-positive site

Ah.... the feelng of waking up leisurely after a long night's sleep -- sleeping in and then coming to awareness slowly, with one of the first things you're aware of is... the sizable chunk of silicone embedded in your butt. Slowly stroking my hands over my naked body, my hard cock, my smooth ass, my anus -- fingering the stretched circle of flesh where it surrounds the neck of silicone... WOW!

I was reading something on puckerup.com about other names for buttplugs and did a google search this morning for similar pages. I ran across this site.

Todd Perkins is apparently a gay man with some extensive experience in all things sexual. His site is well-constructed (all of it, not just the anal-specific sections) and he covers topics appropriate for everybody from beginners to advanced. He takes a very healthy, sex-positive approach and I am impressed by the clarity of his organization and the quality of supporting illustrations. I highly recommend dropping by his site. I'm certainly going to spend some time reading through the whole thing. He's even got me interested in buying a real anal probe.

I've also found this blog. Again, good reading. I'm not into bondage, but this guy has some interesting entries. Check out the "piton" and it's XL-sized brothers.

Well, I can't find the original page with all the different names for a buttplug (I'll find it eventually), but I seem to recall "star stretcher" tickled me.


I love the anticipation before I can get a buttplug in my ass. The couple of hours of waiting beforehand is fraught with tension and eagerness. My mind strays to the silky smooth gliding that my little hole so looks forward to.

It was worse tonight, as I watched a man dance who was absolutely gorgeous. He was that shade of black that reminds me of stained mahogany and he was a dancer with beautifully toned legs and arms. I'm rarely sexually attracted to particular men, but this one turned me on. I sat there getting an erection and thinking how much I'd like to try sucking his cock. From the size of his package in his dance costume, I imagined there must be some serious meat being toted and I wouldn't mind trying to fit it up my ass, either.

Anyway, it only heightened the anticipation of getting home, warming up my buttplug, and sliding it where the sun don't shine.

When I finally did, I realize that I really love the first moments of inserting the butt plug, when the tip first breaches my anal barrier and begins to spread my sphincter open. I crave that initial feeling of violation and increasing stretch and, once the plug is firmly clamped within the constriction of my anus, the firm solidity of the intruder insistently reminding me that I have shoved some artificial thing into my asshole and am now walking around with this thing clamped in my butthole. I love those first few minutes, when the buttplug feels alien and new.

I also love the feeling after several hours of wearing, when it seems like the buttplug is a natural part of me and that taking it out is unnatural.

Apr 20, 2006


I know that I usually say that I sleep every night with a buttplug in my hole, but the truth is, I tend to take one or two nights per week off. If my body is not wanting it, I let it be. And if I have a long run scheduled for the next day, I'll usually give my asshole a break the night before.

However, tonight marks the 21st night in a row that I'll sleep plugged and things are very comfy this way. I am going out of town at the end of the month and sharing a hotel room, so I will have to cut my streak short at 30 days, but that's life. In the meantime, my exercise has seen no adverse effects from being plugged the night before, so maybe I'm over that now.

Caught Tristan Taormino's column in the Voice today. It wasn't bad, but not her best work.

Apr 12, 2006

Pics of my favorite toys

I had a thought today, that EVERYONE should be wearing buttplugs. I mean it, everyone. Even if only for a few hours per week, though ideally for many, many hours a week. Guys, it's really simple - buttplugs make your asshole happy and when your asshole is happy, YOU'RE happy. Using a buttplug to loosen yourself up, literally, can make you less tense, less angry, all around more relaxed. And ladies, same goes for you. Guys, a buttplug is intrinsically a feel-good toy for you, if you have a working prostate, so even you straight guys who've never had anything up the butt before should really consider getting yourself a small plug and see how it can elevate your mood. As for the women... hey, ladies, all of you should be wearing a buttplug as often as possible because I guarantee some guy wants to put his thing in your pooper, and it helps for you to have practice with anal entry and a little anal stretching. Oh, sure, i can here you now, "my man doesn't want to do that to me; he says he thinks it's dirty." Uh-huh. Bullshit. A survey was taken of every living male on the earth and it turns out that 1/2 the men - those not repressed by social or moral constraints - eagerly expressed wanting to slide their cock into your backdoor. The other half were just lying.
Now on to today's topic: pics of my toys!

WARNING!!! This is the real deal, no joke, no shit. ('cuz I washed 'em, heehee)

Seriously, while toys tend to retain their "like new" appearance with light use, one's favorite toys tend to show signs of aging. I'm posting these pictures because several commenters asked me to. Note that "signs of aging" means discoloration, OK?

That said...

This is my triple-ripple buttplug. remember I've posted pics of all these toys up my ass in previoius entries; just look through the archives.

This is my 18" double-dildo, which addmitedly, I don't play with that often.

These are King Dong and Buster. I play with King Dong in the shower a lot and often use him to stretch my asshole open to prepare for the Triple Ripple, which is preparation for Buster. King Dong is quite long, about 8".

And here is my favorite, the standard plug, the one that's in my butthole right now. I've had this toy for at least 13 years. Over the years, it has picked up some staining, though I don't remember it doing so during use - it seems to be affected by one of the lubes I've used and then exposure to air oxidized it maybe. I don't know. The discoloration is common to toys and doesn't affect how good it feels. Someday I'll buy a replacement, but haven't found the exact model in quite some time.

Apr 5, 2006

anniversary continued

So I've inspired someone to go for the 24-hour plugging. Nice! Please let me know how that goes.

I have to admit that yesterday was a nice anniversary. After the plugging-at-work and leaving the blot post, the rest of the day proceeded smoothly. I waited until my coworker left for the day and proceeded to take my buttplug out, wash it, use the toilet, and put my plug back in place before the commute home. It is deliciously naughty handling my anal plug while at work, though I really don't like to mix business and pleasure too much.

It's also great fun being on the subway with a plug in, particularly when standing for the whole ride and the car is quite crowded. Just the knowledge that my plugged ass is inches away from other people - and sitting riders' faces - makes me chuckle. If they only knew. For that matter, I sometimes wonder how often a buttplugged asshole is inches away from MY face, with the roles reversed. Who knows?

I spent the night plugged, of course, and so had nearly a 24-hour plugging going on. Will have to try it again soon.

Other "deliciously naughty" things to do with a buttplug: talk to your family on the phone! Nothing like chatting with my mom about the recent weather and whether or not out taxes are done while I'm lubing up Buster and forcing that large round knob of rubber through my anus and into my rectum. "Are you alright honey?" "Sure, mom, I'm just - uh - moving some - rrgh - heavy boxes around." Uh-huh. Or talking to one of my clients on the phone about schedules and getting the right personnel while I'm reaming my butt with King Dong. It's a similar thrill to just walking around the house nude, except for a buttplug or vibrator in my boyhole, doing dishes, laundry, etc. Shades wide open, all someone has to do is look in, REALLY look in. I do, however, put on a robe to answer the door in. :) As much as I fantasize about opening the door for that handsome black electric meter reader and greeting him nude and having him fuck my brains out... I know that reality isn't exactly a porno. More's the pity; he's quite handsome.

Oh, and I finally took pics of some of my butt toys. I'll post them when I get them processed.

Apr 3, 2006

1 year anniversary

This blog began exactly one year ago today. Hooray!

In honor of the occasion, I took the plunge and brought my favorite buttplug to work, along with lube and my little hold-it-in-place system.

As soon as my coworker stepped out of the office for lunch and I had the bathroom to myself, I did my business then retreived my accoutrements from my backpack, went back in the bathroom and inserted the buttplug. My nervousness at possibly being discovered doing this kept me from getting hard and so trussing up was easy.

Doing this at work (instead of just wearing it to work and not fussing with it at all) makes me a little paranoid. What if the bosses have hidden cameras installed in the bathroom? Of course, then they're no better than I am, are they?

It is so nice to be sitting here updating my blog on my lunch break with my favoritue plug in my asshole. Can't wait for the commute home.