Apr 30, 2006

long weekend

I had a very interesting weekend which included my first 36-hour plug in quite a while. It was really something to spend two nights and a whole day straight with the plug in my asshole. I would have gone longer, but it was time to meet up with the family.

I also spent 1800 miles on the road. Again, quite an enervating experience spending about 30 driving hours with one's pants around one's knees, twig & berries out in the breeze & sunshine, and buttplug stuck in one's rectum. Mile after mile of pure enjoyment, though now and then I would cover up when I'd be driving alongside a truck, as I figure the truckers had the right angle to see my lap and thus (potentially) call the highway patrol on the perve. Most of the time, though, I was passing them quickly and all the other vehicles are too low to have had the right angle.

I'll get a pic posted in a couple of days - for HNT.

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Anonymous said...

pleaaase show the picture!!