Apr 5, 2006

anniversary continued

So I've inspired someone to go for the 24-hour plugging. Nice! Please let me know how that goes.

I have to admit that yesterday was a nice anniversary. After the plugging-at-work and leaving the blot post, the rest of the day proceeded smoothly. I waited until my coworker left for the day and proceeded to take my buttplug out, wash it, use the toilet, and put my plug back in place before the commute home. It is deliciously naughty handling my anal plug while at work, though I really don't like to mix business and pleasure too much.

It's also great fun being on the subway with a plug in, particularly when standing for the whole ride and the car is quite crowded. Just the knowledge that my plugged ass is inches away from other people - and sitting riders' faces - makes me chuckle. If they only knew. For that matter, I sometimes wonder how often a buttplugged asshole is inches away from MY face, with the roles reversed. Who knows?

I spent the night plugged, of course, and so had nearly a 24-hour plugging going on. Will have to try it again soon.

Other "deliciously naughty" things to do with a buttplug: talk to your family on the phone! Nothing like chatting with my mom about the recent weather and whether or not out taxes are done while I'm lubing up Buster and forcing that large round knob of rubber through my anus and into my rectum. "Are you alright honey?" "Sure, mom, I'm just - uh - moving some - rrgh - heavy boxes around." Uh-huh. Or talking to one of my clients on the phone about schedules and getting the right personnel while I'm reaming my butt with King Dong. It's a similar thrill to just walking around the house nude, except for a buttplug or vibrator in my boyhole, doing dishes, laundry, etc. Shades wide open, all someone has to do is look in, REALLY look in. I do, however, put on a robe to answer the door in. :) As much as I fantasize about opening the door for that handsome black electric meter reader and greeting him nude and having him fuck my brains out... I know that reality isn't exactly a porno. More's the pity; he's quite handsome.

Oh, and I finally took pics of some of my butt toys. I'll post them when I get them processed.


Anonymous said...

I made it! My first attempt at being plugged for 24 hours was not what I expected.

I read your blog in the morning before work, and that inspired me to take plugging to the next level. I wanted to go 24 hours like you do.

To be honest, it was a bit challenging. I felt like a bit of a submissive because there were times I wanted to take it out but kept it in, figuring that if you can do it, so can I.

After work, I enjoyed going for a nice long motorbike ride. This made me want a dirt bike to go bouncing around the hills with.

Later I took a walk to the park with my young toddler. While we were playing around at the playground I was nervous my toy would pop out and fall down my pant leg. Everything went well.

By night time, it was starting to feel a bit tender. I would clench my ass and as it relaxed, I could feel my heartbeat pulsing around the toy.

By nights end, I was getting horny as hell. I switched to a bigger toy, and slowly stroked myself while watching Basic Instinct, but I held off coming until after the movie was over.

After such a long arousing day, my orgasm was super intense, and to my suprise, I didn't feel the urge to pull the toy out right away. I guess this means I'm not a rookie anymore.

It took a while to fall asleep, the large toy was hard to ignore, and kept me turned on for another hour or so before I finally fell asleep.

What a day ! I'm feeling a great sense of satisfaction for taking it to the next level.

Anonymous said...

It is quite exciting to play with butt plugs at work. Most of the time, I start out from home with one and bring 1 or 2 larger ones to change out at lunch and/or before I go home. It heightens the feeling if you think you may be caught. A condom over the plug is a must for easy cleanup when at work. For long term wear, I prefer ones that have a smaller neck so that it won't come out without being all trussed up. Around 3/4" or more different than the max diameter seems to be good. I've plugs made out of all sorts of materials, silicone, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metal, glass, and stone. I just saw a bunch of ceramic ones at Big Sex Toy Store that look nice and could be interesting.

I've done more than 24 hrs., but not more than a couple of days or so continuous. I'll plop one in at night, but sometimes I don't feel like wearing one to work. If I don't have a busy weekend, I'll do Friday night to Monday morning. Going to the gym with a butt plug is fun, when you "activate your core," you basically pull in your stomach and suck in the butt plug. You need one with a strong or large base so that you really don't suck it on all the way. I had that problem with "The Plow." The base is large enough, but it's too soft and bends in when your butt wants to suck it up. That's when you know it's hungry for a bigger one. ;)


Anonymous said...

P.S. I'm a small guy with a small butt, so when I wear a butt plug at the office, I try to keep it under 2 11/4" dia. or so. Larger than that, it's hard to pee and then I have to remove it, which sort of defeats the purpose. I know you don't count taking it out to go to the bathroom, but I like to keep it in as long as I can.