Apr 3, 2006

1 year anniversary

This blog began exactly one year ago today. Hooray!

In honor of the occasion, I took the plunge and brought my favorite buttplug to work, along with lube and my little hold-it-in-place system.

As soon as my coworker stepped out of the office for lunch and I had the bathroom to myself, I did my business then retreived my accoutrements from my backpack, went back in the bathroom and inserted the buttplug. My nervousness at possibly being discovered doing this kept me from getting hard and so trussing up was easy.

Doing this at work (instead of just wearing it to work and not fussing with it at all) makes me a little paranoid. What if the bosses have hidden cameras installed in the bathroom? Of course, then they're no better than I am, are they?

It is so nice to be sitting here updating my blog on my lunch break with my favoritue plug in my asshole. Can't wait for the commute home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In honor of your anniversary, I have slid my favorite plug up my ass at work. I'm going to take my first attempt at being plugged for 24 hours.

I'm certainly going to enjoy work today...

Keep the blog alive, theres lots of anal addicts who are "behind you" all the way ;)