May 23, 2009

47 days and 24 hours

Okay, sneaking up on 50 days fully buttplugged. How exciting!

The last 24 hours, I have upped the stakes by going up a size - several sizes. I've worn the fat anal dilator for, actually, the last 27 hours so far, except for a brief period in the shower and afterwards when I had my big acrylic plug in my ass.

feeling good! But jogging with the anal dilator is a bit of a challenge. Not impossible, just challenging. May have to try the large Severin for that, instead.

May 17, 2009

the difference between the anus and the rectum

At this point, going anywhere and doing anything while plugged is not a problem, other than my worries that I may get hit by a bus and wake up in the hospital with the doctors and nurses smirking and thinking I'm a pervert. But I digress.

Point is, the small plug is A-OK for daily activity. For at home and night, though, I'm working on really stretching my ass, both width and depth. That's where the anus and the rectum diverge. The anus doesn't care about depth - only width. And the rectrum can take whatever width the anus can, but mine is about 5" deep. Any longer and I have to be careful and the objects have to be thinner, so as to start to work up into the colon.

But there's another difference. For the last several nights, I've been rotating the various toys that are in my butt when I go to bed, some large, some small. The large ones, I can't usually sleep through the night with them. At some point, they start to hurt. Now there's another difference between the butthole and the interior. If clamping down were the problem, the hurt is a bruising type of feel - and no amount of lubing and reinsertion makes that pain go away - only resting by just using the small plugs. Now, I haven't had that kind of pain in a while. But there's another kind that starts to kick in with really big objects, like my acrylic buttplug and the coke bottle where it appears the lube is absorbed and the rectum starts to stick a little to the object. This produces a discomfort that can be relieved by relubing and reinserting. But I don't want to be out of bed every couple of hours throughout the night.

This is ONLY a problem at night because when walking around with something big up my ass during the day, the movement keeps the rectum wall from adhering to the plug - but at night, with little or no movement, it sticks.

So I'm going to get a tube of silicon lube and see if that helps. Hopefully, my body won't absorb it as fast as water-based lube. And why don't smaller plugs stick to the rectum walls? I can only assume its because there's not as much pressure produced forcing the rectrum against the plug.

May 14, 2009

40 days!

Noah never had it so good.

Recent "firsts" include a full 4 miles of jogging plugged and using the shower at the gym post-workout, also plugged.

This is becoming almost second nature. There are times when I don't even notice I've got a plug in my ass. Last night, I'd had my anal dilator in my butthole for about three hours when a guy answered a Craigslist ad and came over and got my stuff. Totally forgot I was plugged while dealing with him. It's nice to be comfortable that way.

May 5, 2009

A month!

I've been out of town for several days, but as of yesterday at 3 o'clock, I have spent one solid month buttplugged.

From the time I slid the Tantus Pace up my ass in the airport April 4th, I have, one way or the other, rain or shine, active or resting, spent the last 30 days with some kind of object up my ass, either a small buttplug, a big fat plug, a dildo, or some other toy. It is strange - my ass has grown so used to the plugs I typically wear during the day and night (the Tantus toys) that I don't always have some part of my mind on the fact that I'm plugged. It's simply become as natural and regular as wearing a watch or a piercing, except the you don't have to remove your watch to have a bowel movement. :)

In a few days, I'll post some pictures of the Tantus Flow and the mix-n-match you can do with the Tantus products. I've been using the top and bottom halves of each toy interchangeably and the results are interesting.

But I can't post now. I have to go out of town for a couple of days again.