May 14, 2009

40 days!

Noah never had it so good.

Recent "firsts" include a full 4 miles of jogging plugged and using the shower at the gym post-workout, also plugged.

This is becoming almost second nature. There are times when I don't even notice I've got a plug in my ass. Last night, I'd had my anal dilator in my butthole for about three hours when a guy answered a Craigslist ad and came over and got my stuff. Totally forgot I was plugged while dealing with him. It's nice to be comfortable that way.

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Anonymous said...

Your forty-days-and-counting inspired me to try to sleep plugged all night. I got home late from the office Thursday night and plugged in the Njoy steel plug -- the one that looks like a cherry on a curved stem, with a handle at the top. The "cherry" measures about 1.83 inches in diameter. The cherry is fluted, which seems to make it easier to pass intestinal gas, and the steel seems to maximize the period between relubing.

Lacking the truss arrangement depicted in your post of March 28th, I used tight nylon underbriefs, reinforced with a jock strap. It worked fine with one exception. On Friday and Saturday I was out to the supermarket, the nursery, post office, and bicycled a dozen miles without difficulty.

Presumably because of the plug's weight, I did have some difficulty retaining the plug while mowing and planting. So I switched to a larger diameter bullet-shaped aluminum plug. I'm still working on this problem. Bicycling shorts with chamois pads are better but not the whole answer. Compression running shorts by themselves are no better than my makeshift briefs-and-jock strap arrangement.

At any rate I was continuously plugged for three nights and two days. I unplugged for a few hours Sunday morning, but when I returned home I replugged and plan to stay plugged until I leave the house for the day and evening Monday.

After being plugged forty-eight hours I have come to realize how pleasurable being solidly plugged is.