Nov 26, 2009

a new 48 hours

48 hours and counting. again.

lately, i've been doing my buttplug shopping econo-style - by looking at the grocery store. Of the bottles pictured, I've had all but the coffee cola up my ass. The Crosse & Blackwell cocktail sauce bottle is particularly nice and I have worn that one as a buttplug for several hours, even spent most of a night sleeping with it up my ass. It is what is pictured in the (very bad and grainy) action shots. The vinegar is a huge bottle. I can get it a little more than halfway up my butt before I just can't stretch open any further. Excellent training tool, I think. The cooking wine was OK, though I hit my depth limit on that one. The soy sauce bottle is standard. The rounded corners on the Heinz cocktail sauce make for an interesting experience.

Sep 14, 2009

Anal weekend

Haven't been concentrating on my ass too much lately. Work life gets in the way. :(

But this weekend was pretty good. Spent time working on my upstairs, doing electrical work, patching the walls, painting, etc and all the while nude except for shoes and a series of buttplugs. Started out with the Pace, but soon moved up to anal dilator, then to the Triple Ripple, which hasn't seen action in many months.

Not done upstairs. Some night this week will have to wash baseboards and window sills and finish painting. I hate painting. It is so hard not to make a mess.

Jul 18, 2009

Sretching my nights

I haven't gone continuously buttplugged in a couple of weeks, because of varying work schedules, but I've been very assiduous about staying plugged while home. I am trying to sleep longer with the acrylic plug on my ass, but still have a hard time getting past a couple hours. After that, I have to take it out and use one of my smaller ones, which frankly feel quite small after the stretch of the acrylic plug. After all, that thing stretches my butthole 2.5" wide going in or out.

I am plugged now with the Pace. I can't help but chuckle every time I go to sit down on a hard surface and hear my ass go "clunk". And, thanks to the magic of the iPhone, I can post this today from Dunkin' Donuts. :)

Jul 2, 2009

Wednesday night

I can feel my heartbeat. My anus is pulsing in rhythm. I like this idea; my asshole and my heart tied together.

It's been a strange week. I'm back on the wagon for several days now, and the humidity is forcing me to sleep with windows wide open, blinds not quite closed. Surely the mailman has, by now, seen my bare butt, perhaps even discerned the plug lying snugly therein. I am not really that much of an exhibitionist, but the heat and humidity are mounting.

Tonight, I'm very relaxed. Paid bills, poured myself a stiff one, and slide my acrylic plug up my ass. This is the plug that I've been unable to sleep with through an entire night. Perhaps tonight will be the night. I know that if I experience discomfort, all I have to do is relube - but for some reason, I always have chosen to go with one of my other sleeping plugs, instead of relubing and going back to bed with the acrylic buttplug. It is a challenge.

My heart is ready for it; but is my butthole?

Jun 27, 2009

Back on the wagon

So after a short break of no plugging at all, and then a few days of on-and-off assplay, I'm back on the wagon, having gone the last 48 hours plugged. I am currently using my first plug, my very old "standard" doc johnson butt plug. Been a long time since I pulled him out - er-- put him in. My ass. Anyway, feels good.

Jun 17, 2009

All good things must come to an end

Well, my streak has ended. Last weekend, I ate something I shouldn't have and had some GI problems that prompted going unplugged for awhile. 68 days is now my record. I will have to start over soon. :) but for now, I'm giving my asshole a rest.

Jun 11, 2009

Um...what are we up to now?

2 months, 1 week. awesome. The small aluminum plug is just the perfect anal companion for such long-term wear. Solid little thing, easy to put in, easy to clean with a little toilet paper and hand sanitizer, easy to handle. No pinching. Only problem is when I'm wearing running shorts and go to sit down on a hard surface, there is often an audible *clunk* that may seem strange to other people. :)

I've been wearing the larger toys more and more while at home and the acrylic plug (2.5" at it's widest, 6" long, neck about 1.5") is becoming more comfortable over long periods of time. Unfortunately, its base is SO big, I can't go out in public wearing it, unless I figure out a way of cutting down the base - but I don't think I really want to do that. Here is a picture of many of the things I play with regularly, the acrylic plug is second from right.

Jun 5, 2009

2 months!

Hey, I'm still around...been a little busy lately, so haven't posted for a couple of weeks. But the 24/7 buttplugging continues apace. As of last night, I've spent 2 months plugged. Actually, there is one exception to that, and that's a 9-hour stretch without plug because of an event last Saturday where it would not have been wise to be plugged, not at all. So is my stretch broken? Must I start over now with only a 55-day streak as my record?

Most of the time, I am wearing the small Pace plug. At home, I often use the large anal dilator, but have lately been wearing my giant acrylic plug more and more - even starting to sleep part of some nights with it in (tonight is looking like one of those nights). My goal has become to be able to sleep all night with it up my ass, but it's a real challenge. In general, I'm cycling through several of my larger toys, to get my ass used to having something so large lodged in it for long periods, but I really only sleep well with the Pace, my standard Doc Johnson old plug, or the anal dilator.

May 23, 2009

47 days and 24 hours

Okay, sneaking up on 50 days fully buttplugged. How exciting!

The last 24 hours, I have upped the stakes by going up a size - several sizes. I've worn the fat anal dilator for, actually, the last 27 hours so far, except for a brief period in the shower and afterwards when I had my big acrylic plug in my ass.

feeling good! But jogging with the anal dilator is a bit of a challenge. Not impossible, just challenging. May have to try the large Severin for that, instead.

May 17, 2009

the difference between the anus and the rectum

At this point, going anywhere and doing anything while plugged is not a problem, other than my worries that I may get hit by a bus and wake up in the hospital with the doctors and nurses smirking and thinking I'm a pervert. But I digress.

Point is, the small plug is A-OK for daily activity. For at home and night, though, I'm working on really stretching my ass, both width and depth. That's where the anus and the rectum diverge. The anus doesn't care about depth - only width. And the rectrum can take whatever width the anus can, but mine is about 5" deep. Any longer and I have to be careful and the objects have to be thinner, so as to start to work up into the colon.

But there's another difference. For the last several nights, I've been rotating the various toys that are in my butt when I go to bed, some large, some small. The large ones, I can't usually sleep through the night with them. At some point, they start to hurt. Now there's another difference between the butthole and the interior. If clamping down were the problem, the hurt is a bruising type of feel - and no amount of lubing and reinsertion makes that pain go away - only resting by just using the small plugs. Now, I haven't had that kind of pain in a while. But there's another kind that starts to kick in with really big objects, like my acrylic buttplug and the coke bottle where it appears the lube is absorbed and the rectum starts to stick a little to the object. This produces a discomfort that can be relieved by relubing and reinserting. But I don't want to be out of bed every couple of hours throughout the night.

This is ONLY a problem at night because when walking around with something big up my ass during the day, the movement keeps the rectum wall from adhering to the plug - but at night, with little or no movement, it sticks.

So I'm going to get a tube of silicon lube and see if that helps. Hopefully, my body won't absorb it as fast as water-based lube. And why don't smaller plugs stick to the rectum walls? I can only assume its because there's not as much pressure produced forcing the rectrum against the plug.

May 14, 2009

40 days!

Noah never had it so good.

Recent "firsts" include a full 4 miles of jogging plugged and using the shower at the gym post-workout, also plugged.

This is becoming almost second nature. There are times when I don't even notice I've got a plug in my ass. Last night, I'd had my anal dilator in my butthole for about three hours when a guy answered a Craigslist ad and came over and got my stuff. Totally forgot I was plugged while dealing with him. It's nice to be comfortable that way.

May 5, 2009

A month!

I've been out of town for several days, but as of yesterday at 3 o'clock, I have spent one solid month buttplugged.

From the time I slid the Tantus Pace up my ass in the airport April 4th, I have, one way or the other, rain or shine, active or resting, spent the last 30 days with some kind of object up my ass, either a small buttplug, a big fat plug, a dildo, or some other toy. It is strange - my ass has grown so used to the plugs I typically wear during the day and night (the Tantus toys) that I don't always have some part of my mind on the fact that I'm plugged. It's simply become as natural and regular as wearing a watch or a piercing, except the you don't have to remove your watch to have a bowel movement. :)

In a few days, I'll post some pictures of the Tantus Flow and the mix-n-match you can do with the Tantus products. I've been using the top and bottom halves of each toy interchangeably and the results are interesting.

But I can't post now. I have to go out of town for a couple of days again.

Apr 28, 2009

24 days and counting

And on the 22nd day, he went shopping.

Sunday was a great day - nice and lazy. Woke up with my Tantus plug in my ass, had a good butt-fuck w/ King Dong in the shower, and plugged up with the big anal dilator. Had some errands to run and shopping to do, so off I went to Target, fat dilator in my butthole and all. It was hot out, so my clothing was pretty thin. It was neat browsing at Target for what I needed and enjoying the full feeling in my ass and the stretch in my anus.

I have a night class to go to tonight, and will probably chance the fat dilator, instead of the Tantus.

Apr 25, 2009

3 weeks!

As of today, I've spent three weeks plugged 100% of the time. Yowza!

Got lots to blog about, but not right now. I do want to say that those particular toys with air holes in them - designed to let gas out - don't work particularly well, at least for me. The hole gets clogged, duh. I'm fairly adept at letting gas out around plugs anyhow.

Also, I got a new toy...will blog about it soon, after I get some pictures taken.

Apr 18, 2009

KY jelly v. KY Silk

Hm... I'm an old-school kind of guy. I like wooden cutting boards, use dish towels as oven mitts, and generally like ceramic, glass, and metal cookware devoid of anything that really reeks 21st century.

But I thought I'd try some of the newer lubes and have started with KY Silk, which comes in a small, easily-carried-about bottle.

I am surprised to find that I prefer the jelly to Silk. It just doesn't do it for me.

Well, I've now spent 14 solid days plugged. I just got back from some exercise and I think that after a quick shower, I shall put the fat dilator up my butt and go for a walk in this glorious weather we're having.

Apr 15, 2009

11 days and exercise

11 days and counting.

I haven't had opportunity to get some exercise lately. Frankly, with taxes due, nothing but work and doing taxes could occupy my attention. Last sunday - a gorgeous day by any standard - came and went and I didn't step out of the house, even, except to put the trash out. Dammit.

But today I went for a very short run and knowing it was going to be short (it was starting to rain), I ran pretty hard. usually I just jog, but today I stepped up the pace a bit. Felt good. I wonder if I could keep that pace up for a longer distance? Well, anyway, I went out with the Pace in my ass; only the second time I've run with it in. And after so much time wearing it, I hardly even noticed its presence. This was a much more successful plugged run than the first time with the Pace, when it felt like I needed to find a bathroom almost every step of the way.

Apr 14, 2009

9 days and counting

God damn, I love this Pace plug. Eminently wearable in the long term. I'm wearing in situations I would not have dared before. 9 days straight and counting.

Apr 11, 2009

plugged for a week

As of 2 p.m. today, I passed the one week solid milestone. No breaks, other than potty, for a week solid. All of that was with the small Pace plug in my butt - didn't really have time for anything else. Even took it places I'd normally go unplugged. It was pretty good, all in all.

Now, I'm giving myself a Saturday night stretch with the fat anal dilator and will go to bed with it in my ass. Tomorrow, probably some fun with King Dong, then back to the dilator while I finish up my taxes.

Man, a week. Totally amateur compared to some people, I'm sure, but a difficult point to reach for me, usually.

Apr 5, 2009

King Dong up my butt again

What a gorgeous Sunday morning! Went out for some exercise, and upon stepping into the shower afterwards, lubed up and slid - well, forced - King Dong up my ass. After not feeling him invade my rectum for almost a week, he felt huge. A nice shower and a good self butt fucking session later, he still feels huge. I'm sitting here typing this with King Dong filling my butt and keeping my sphincter stretched open. I have found that it is easier to sit on toys that have extra base to them (unlike buttlugs) if I use one of those inflatable hemorrroid pillows old folks use. Very comfortable.
Spent a good portion walking around today with the dilator in my ass using the headband-and-belt harness. Works well! I had no problems hiding it, it felt secure and comfortable. I even walked a mile with my neighbor to the grocery. It was titillating to be walking and talking with her so fully plugged. Love it.

Apr 4, 2009

Returning home

Been out of town for a few days, in a situation that called for no plugging. :( Didn't like that, but se la vie, right?

I did take a plug with me, the Pace, in my carryon. I was not questioned about it when I left NY, though security did seize half my toiletries because I was too stupid to put them in small enough bottles.

However, I did not leave the other city without being plugged! Upon returning to the airport there, I had my plug in my backpack. Security DID find it! A female TSA agent took it out (it was in a plastic bag and she did not remove that) and I explained quite matter-of-factly that it was a toy. This didn't register. An ADULT toy, I added. She got quite embarassed, but still had to clear it with her boss, since that item was what showed on the xray and why they were searching my bag. I got it back and was sent on my way. Three minutes later, I was in the men's room slowly pushing that little baby into place up my happy ass hole.

It was a pleasant flight home. :)

Upon getting home, though, just a few minutes ago, I couldn't wait for something bigger. Oooooohhhhhhh, GOD, the large anal dilator felt - FEELS - so fucking huge right now. Three days break will definitely make me a little tighter! I also could finally slip on a pair of stockings and a pair of panties. The panties have kind of a pocket in front that holds my cock very nicely and keeps it from tenting. Anyway, to top things off, I'm trying a different way of retaining my dilator than my string harness. A reader wrote about his method, using a headband and a belt. I was able to obtain a headband after some searching and I have to admit this method, while trickier to get into, is more comfortable. It retains the plug very nicely without any of cutting into flesh near my cock that the string harness produces.

Ah...the trials of trying to do things that just aren't kosher.

Mar 28, 2009

A little shower fun

I've spent the last four days plugged full time. Generally, the anal dilator while I'm at home, the anal dilator for sleeping until that gets uncomfortable (about 4 a.m.), then the Pace buttplug; the anal dilator when out and about in the local area for simple errands (groceries); and the Pace plug for further/longer away from home (work); and King Dong in the shower. :D

I have really gotten comfortable with the fat anal dilator, though the key is relubing every few hours. Also, I'm super comfortable with the Pace in my ass at any time and have started going jogging with it plugging my asshole. This is a strange and delicious experience.

I have also, quite inexplicably, found myself wearing my stockings almost full time. I know there's lots of guys who wear women's underwear under their clothes, but this particular style of stockings, from Frederick's of Hollywood, is great. I love how it feels and I love how my ass looks framed by the lacy black nylon.

After my exercise today, I took a long, leisurely shower, documenting in video how I do it with King Dong stuffed up my butt. Then I took a series of still photos showing how I get ready for going out on local sojourns. Towards the end of these pics, you'll see me in my "trussing" system, which I realize isn't the greatest, but is comfortable enough and cheap. You may laugh; I certainly did. But you have to admit, my butt looks great in some of these photos.

I can't post the videos yet - some editing first. Now pictures:

Fresh from the shower (plug in place):

Mar 25, 2009

Online toy shop o' the year

I stumbled across this lovely online toy shop:

you MUST visit. Their toys are beautiful and high quality, tending toward the N-Joy end of the spectrum. They have some toys I've never seen before, including ceramic and jade buttplugs!

Mar 18, 2009

just a few things

I want to note that Belladonna's movie Fetish Fanatic #4, scene 2 opens with her and Sasha Grey talking to each other and the cameraman or director, both of them with plugs up their asses. Belladonna's is the new breed of "world's most comfortable buttplug", the solid metal buttplugs with rubber tubing connecting the body tot he flange, which you can get at

Also at are some interesting new toys:

There's a long steel dildo that looks pretty wicked. They call it The Blockbuster and my asshole twitches while imagining putting that thing up my ass.

Also, there's something called the Inflatable Butt Knobber that is designed purely for stretch, not depth. I'm considering getting that one, since Buster died the death a couple months ago.

Mar 10, 2009

Spanx - new fetishwear?

So it's been about 36 hours without a plug, and before starting this blog entry, I found my fat anal dilator and sat down on it Amazing how big this feels, compared to how it felt 48 hours ago.

Anway, I came across a mention of this new undergarment on someone's blog and had to investigate. Spanx are these...bizarre...undergarment things. Granny panties kinda...controlwear taken to the extreme. Apparently, fat women and older women love these things. What caught my attention was the fact that they are CROTCHLESS. Well, not crotchless, exactly, but with kind of a fly in them, so that the woman doesn't have to take them off to go pee.

I have to tell you ladies - most guys don't use the fly - just too much trouble. We go over the top. Of course, w/ Spanx, that might be a 20-minute proposition.

I'm just astounded these exist. How soon will they show up in fetish emporiums?

Seems like the perfect way to keep a buttplug or vibrator in your ass while still having access to the front parts.

The following video was the funniest of the bunch - shot in the style of The Office and had me laughing out loud.

Mar 7, 2009

This is how I shower

Sorry about the lack of updates in a while. I was fairly stick through most of February. Left off plugging altogether, but I'm getting back into it. Nighttime has been especially successful, with me sleeping plugged through the whole of the last five nights with larger plugs than normal. (I mean, I can sleep with Flare in my ass anytime, but larger plugs require something extra.) Monday through Thursday night, I had my round glass buttplug up my ass all night. Quite a challenge for the first two nights, but got a lot easier and in the mornings, I felt wonderful. After shitting and showering, I'd put in my large anal dilator for the rest of the day. Last night, Friday, I got everything ready to watch one of my favorite sci-fi shows and made sure the large anal dilator was in. I've come to associate the two things, the show and that particular plug. (I'm not going to name the show, but you can guess.)

So last night I kept it in and slept with my large dilator keeping my asshole and rectum stretched open. More of a challenge, but by morning, felt so very natural. This morning, I jerked off and went for a long run (no plug). Getting home, I was waiting for a delivery, but managed to get a shower in. After the shower, I had just managed to insert the large Severin up my ass when the doorbell rang. I threw on my robe and got my delivery. Excellent. So now I'm sitting here, nude, plugged, and thinking I may go buy a new toy tonight.

So, anyway, I haven't posted pics of myself in QUITE some time. Below are three shots of me - sorry for the crappy pictures. Used a different camera and I'm not thrilled with the results. The pictures show how I usually show - with King Dong crammed up my ass. I use my legs to clamp down on the balls of the dildo to hold it up there while I wash my hair and body. If I have time, I'll proceed to fuck myself vigorously with King Dong before cleaning it and myself and moving on with my day. And by "moving on", I mean immediately plugging myself with one of my toys before even drying off. And so it goes.


Holding with my legs:

What it looks like from the front:

Mar 1, 2009

recovering from the flu

Boy, I had a great run. Three solid weeks of being plugged. 22 days, actualy, of full-time buttplug wearing. 528 hours straight of having something made of metal, plastic, glass, or silicon piercing my body through my anus and having a significant presence in my rectum. Except for bowel movements, through day and night, eating, sleeping, classes, work, walking, and even a short run, my asshole held one or another of my buttplugs as its constant companion. (Actually, there were a handful of exercise periods where I did remove the buttplug, but I wore the plug to the place where this exercise was to happen and as soon as I could after the run, found a portajohn and re-inserted my butt-buddy.

Along the way, I learned how to carry alternate buttplug(s), some lube, and alcohol-based cleaner in my backpack, how to go into bathrooms with my bag without that seeming weird, and how to remove, clean, lube, and reinsert the buttplug of the day in a short amount of time. I of course wore a plug while masturbating (a given), but was proud to keep the plug in during that peculiar refractory period after cumming. And to continue to wear it. I even managed, twice, to force myself to scale up the size of the buttplug AFTER cumming.

It was really quite amazing, the feeling of daring - and of dedication - when in a public restroom and lubing and sliding my buttplug up my ass while someone was right on the other side of the stall door waiting for me to finish doing my business. What do you say when someone tries your stall door? "Occupied" is what I say. How I wish I could have said, "One moment, I'm sticking an anal plug up my ass."

I was doing so well. During the day, while out and about, I usually wore the small, aluminum plug - the Pace. It is very easy to wear for long periods, as the anus doesn't get tired and its shape tends to help it stay in place on its own. The bulbous shape of the part that sticks out makes for a constant reminder that there's something between your cheeks and sticking out of your asshole.

Other times, I'd wear my standard plug, my large anal dilator, or the large Severin. I'm finding that the silicon toys may not be as inert as advertised - I seem to get a slight asthmatic reaction if I wear them too long. But the metal and plastic toys are no problem. Going to bed with the large dilator spreading my asshole wide open and penetrating my rectum five inches makes for a fairly full feeling, though sleeping with the Pace up my ass makes for a better night's sleep.

Three weeks... but then I got sick. REALLY sick. My doctor didn't even believe me, but I developed the flu. Not the "flu" like you think you have when you have a fever for two days and then are fine and go right back to work, but actual influenza type A, where you have high fever along with shaking chills for a week solid. And it has taken me about 10 days so far to bounce back enough to even start feeling like my old self.

Of course, I had to stop plugging altogether for that. I didn't want my body having to handle anything extraneous. I'm just now getting back to plugging these last couple of days, and my butthole seems to be quite surprised to find itself being stretched out over these wide, unyielding instruments of penetration. I keep telling it, "you just wait, asshole, because you have a 24-hour date with the big acrylic plug coming up in a week or two."

Yes, that's the goal - to wear my very fat acrylic plug for 24 hours. It might not actually be possible - it will be quite a challenge to try.

So I'm feeling better. Went for a couple of long walks this weekend with my Pace stuck up my butt, and did some lounging around with the standard plug up my ass. I've moved up to the large dilator again while working on the computer and in fact inserted it so I could sit down and write this blog entry. It feels good, like a familiar friend, but I need to spend more time sitting on this thing and re-train my asshole to relax around its girth and not be so tight and jumpy.

Feb 1, 2009

Five days, six nights

Well, I had a good run this last week. I stayed plugged full-time from Monday night through last night. Five full days; six nights - STRAIGHT. Today I had to break that string, as I had a hard workout planned and the buttplug just wouldn't be compatible. But once my workout was over this afternoon, my hole was once again hosting a party in my ass.

the Pace is just an awesome piece of work. It occured to me, though, that is isn't so much a buttplug as it is a piercing for a pre-existing hole. The difference being, it doesn't produce a stretch on the anus. So it's actually been a week since I've used a sizable plug and when I put in my standard plug today, I could really tell! So right now, I'm stretching my bunghole with my large anal dilator and will probably sleep with the standard plug in. I am not sure which plug I will wear tomorrow - I have a full day of work (twelve hours) and will be on my feet for about three hours of that. The Pace is easiest to wear long-term and goes in easiest with little or no lube... well, we'll see.

Jan 29, 2009

first exercise with my new butty Flare

Wow! Just got in from a jog around the neighborhood with Flare in my needy little asshole. Not bad...not bad at all. It (I haven't decided if Flare is a he or a she yet) stays put pretty good, even when I'm coughing from all the cold air. I have some concern that the round end of the Flare can be seen from behind, but perhaps that was not aproblem today with my baggy running pants and baggy shirt over it.

damn, i am still so cold my fingers don't want to work right. But I'm so stoked from having run (okay, some walking on the icy patches) nearly four miles with this plug in my ass!!!

damn, i need a shower. LOL

Jan 28, 2009

48 hours and counting

I am officially in love with this Tantus Pace plug, which I will be calling Flare from now on. For some reason, it just named itself.

I've known for some time that smaller plugs are easier to wear for long periods (though I like to wear large plugs for quite some time, too!), but it's been a LONG time since I've been able to go 48 hours straight with a plug. (With appropriate removals and insertions for moving my bowels, of course.) So...yeah, 48 hours. Even went to class with it in. No problems at all. Bliss. I've even found that sometimes I don't need any lube to get it back in, either. It just needs to be clean and wet.

And I've had Flare up my ass for most of the time since last Friday morning - I guess five days now. But in the first three days, I had it out for several hours at a time for other reasons.

Tomorrow, I'm going for a jog and we'll see if Flare stays put while exercising.

Jan 26, 2009

Just another try at getting a good pic of that vibrator.

REALLY loving the Pace. good product!

Jan 9, 2009

First Review of the new toys

Well, I have to say I really like both of my new toys, the silver vibrator and the Tantus Alumina Pace.

The vibrator is standard fare, I guess, but the slickness of the metalized plastic makes for easy self-butt-fucking and it's the only toy I've got that vibrates. I may have rectum-fy that, tho. ;) I really love feeling the vibrations and I think it would be better when combined with a good buttplug shape. As it is, I can use this in combination with my anal dilators, as it will fit inside the largest two. This leads to some interesting sensations in my ass and some very conspicuous noise.

Now, the Pace is ... well, it's just outstanding. It isn't large - perhaps 4" long total with 3" insertable. Actually, it isn't meant to be a buttplug, but I'm finding it to be a very comfortable long-term wear plug. It is slender and hypoallergenic. I spent 48 hours wearing it, except for brief bowel evacuations of course, from Tuesday morning through Wednesday night. I had some commitments to take care of that kept me from home all of Thursday and Friday, so now that I'm back, I'm going to see how long I'm in the mood to keep this toy in my asshole. The slenderness helps in the long-term wearability, of course, but the firm aluminum weight of it is a constant reminder something's back there. I would NOT recommend using this as a butt toy for the inexperienced player, as there's no proper flange. You HAVE to know what you're doing with your asshole and rectum and have good control over those parts. But for experienced players, it makes for a very nice experience.

One other note on the Pace: It is the beginning of a whole line of Tantus aluminum dildo-type toys, each with two or three interchangeable parts. Yes, the Flare separates into two parts, via a threaded post. There is a silicone o-ring sealing the two parts, so no nasty junk gets in the mating surfaces. It is worth citing a few words of caution:

a) Tighten the two halves SECURELY. If you do, you should be fine. The anus and rectum are not exactly world-renowned for their ability to take the lids off jars, if you know what I mean.

b) I don't know if the silicon o-ring is good to go with silicone lubes. Knowing Tantus, probably yes. But I can't say for sure. I use KY

c) It's probably best to disassemble it after use, wash, and disinfect, however you choose to do that. I would not skip the disassembly part, as you want to wash out all the microscopic poo. But you probably knew that already.

The toy passes my sit-test: I have a rather small butt, so toys that extend past my anus tend to hit the seat first, unless the flange is very close. This one is OK. I am not certain that it is completely invisible in jeans, though I did take it on a walk-test around the neighborhood. It feels funny when walking around - certainly not as secure as a proper buttplug - but I had no problems with it wanting to fall out, either.

So there you have it. Tantus Pace: A+ Now I'm thinking about getting some of the other products in that line. I get mine from Babeland, which is probably the nicest sex store I've ever set foot in. It's like the Apple store of sex shops.

Jan 7, 2009

Product Photography

Been working on this for a little while. Getting OK at it. The bottom three, click for desktop size (1440x900). :D

Glass buttplug:


Tantus Alumina Pace: