Jul 2, 2009

Wednesday night

I can feel my heartbeat. My anus is pulsing in rhythm. I like this idea; my asshole and my heart tied together.

It's been a strange week. I'm back on the wagon for several days now, and the humidity is forcing me to sleep with windows wide open, blinds not quite closed. Surely the mailman has, by now, seen my bare butt, perhaps even discerned the plug lying snugly therein. I am not really that much of an exhibitionist, but the heat and humidity are mounting.

Tonight, I'm very relaxed. Paid bills, poured myself a stiff one, and slide my acrylic plug up my ass. This is the plug that I've been unable to sleep with through an entire night. Perhaps tonight will be the night. I know that if I experience discomfort, all I have to do is relube - but for some reason, I always have chosen to go with one of my other sleeping plugs, instead of relubing and going back to bed with the acrylic buttplug. It is a challenge.

My heart is ready for it; but is my butthole?


L said...

It's funny, how deeply connected the asshole is to the heart. I myself have often found my asshole to be uncooperative for sex when my heart wasn't in it, and vice versa. Sometimes, it seems to know things before I do.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a nJoy Pure Plug or pfun plug? I have an nJoy large pure plug but really want a pfun plug now.