May 14, 2006

Around the Web...

There are just some things one shouldn't do to one's asshole.

And there are some things that one SHOULD do.

Great bondage photography from a rope-maker. (you will have to attest to your age to enter the site). I think it's by the same people as this blog.

Medical buttplugs for incontinence

Icky subject, I know: incontinence. It can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons, most of them medical. Infections or botched surgeries can disabled smooth muscle control or damage the nerves needed to "hold it in." Age, of course, takes its toll.

Medicine to the rescue. In this incredibly advanced 21st century, we have come up with.... the BUTT TAMPON! You can read about it at this page. (scroll down a bit). The thing I wonder about is the various shapes and sizes of the butt tampons... how do you get them in? Do they expand like a women's tampon? And what the hell do you do with the sizable string/handle, esp. when swimming (as the site suggests)?

May 12, 2006

new Doc Johnson buttplug

Yesterday, I picked up the Purple Passion buttplug by Doc Johnson. I hadn't seen this before and for some reason was really in the mood for a new buttplug. I was actually looking for a replacement for my standard plug.

I immediately put the plug in once I got home. This is an extremely comfortable item! The plug is not quite as long as my standard, but is much thicker at the bulb, a little thinner at the next. The combined effect is of great comfort; you hardly know it's there. It's made of silicone, too, so easy clean-up. (However, for an "impervious" material, the silicone DOES stain and in fact I now have a small permanent stain on it from only about 90 minutes of wearing!)

The Purple Passion felt so good in my butt that I decided to try a little jogging with it in. It was dark out and that was good. The run was made very interesting because of the sensations coming from my plugged asshole. In the second half of the run, I got a little gassy and had to keep pushing the plug back in by hand a little, because my body wanted to expel it (or the gas behind it I assume). Still, a good plug to run with it in one's ass.

May 6, 2006

after cumming

One reader wrote to ask:

whenever I'm wearing a plug and I cum, for some reason, I just have to take the plug out afterwards. It sometimes takes me a while to want to be plugged again or sometimes it is as quickly as 30 minutes to an hour. What is your experience? Do you typically take your plug out after you cum?

Well, things certainly began where you are, Reader. It used to be that after I came, the plug was intolerable and it would be several hours before I could (or wanted to) plug up again.

I made a conscious decision to try to overcome this. After all, subs in BDSM scenes are often forced to wear a plug long after cumming and if they can do it... I first started with waiting one minute before heading to the bathroom to take the plug out. Then two minutes, then three, then five. Once I'd worked up to forcing myself to wait for about ten minutes, I found that the urge to take the plug out passed more and more quickly, unless I really did have to use that toilet.

I also started to give myself a time limit AFTER taking the plug out, shortening it by a few minutes each time. The first few times of taking the plug out, washing, and immediately stuffing it back up my bunghole were difficult, but that passed, too. It's now easy to re-plug shortly after cumming. It is still sometimes a bit sensitive for several minutes after cumming, but sitting or lying quietly helps and the pleasure of having a plug in my asshole soon returns.

Thanks, Reader, for submitting the topic. I hopy you soon have a healthy, happy, hungry, compliant little hole.


On other topics, I've decided I'm tired of always carrying a cell phone and an iPod. Wouldn't it be great to have buttplug versions of these electronics? After all, with bluetooth headsets, nobody need ever know that the call you're on is being routed through your anus....

Have got a new picture in the works for Half-naked Tuesday; stay tuned.