May 12, 2006

new Doc Johnson buttplug

Yesterday, I picked up the Purple Passion buttplug by Doc Johnson. I hadn't seen this before and for some reason was really in the mood for a new buttplug. I was actually looking for a replacement for my standard plug.

I immediately put the plug in once I got home. This is an extremely comfortable item! The plug is not quite as long as my standard, but is much thicker at the bulb, a little thinner at the next. The combined effect is of great comfort; you hardly know it's there. It's made of silicone, too, so easy clean-up. (However, for an "impervious" material, the silicone DOES stain and in fact I now have a small permanent stain on it from only about 90 minutes of wearing!)

The Purple Passion felt so good in my butt that I decided to try a little jogging with it in. It was dark out and that was good. The run was made very interesting because of the sensations coming from my plugged asshole. In the second half of the run, I got a little gassy and had to keep pushing the plug back in by hand a little, because my body wanted to expel it (or the gas behind it I assume). Still, a good plug to run with it in one's ass.


Anonymous said...

Love the fact that there is someone else who likes to exercise while plugged! That's when tight thongs (or dancebelts) come in handy.

Anonymous said...

Try wearing control top tights or pantyhose when plugged as this keeps the plug in when running!