Dec 23, 2010

Great buttplug! Haven't spent a night with it up my ass, yet, but have used it for several hours at a stretch. Got to get out on the town with it in my butt and see how it goes. VERY comfortable to wear, though not perfect. The handle is actually a bit narrow and sitting on it can be hard if you don't have much padding back there.

Also, I'm rocking the penis plug, especially at night. I just love sleeping through the night plugged in both my holes. Walking around town with the penis plug on can sometimes be uncomfortable, so I have to be careful with that. Probably going to use the cock straightjacket out of the house tomorrow. Not sure.

Dec 3, 2010

Most expensive butt toy ever

This fucker comes with cufflinnks! Is that for a his & hers night on the town? Or just HIS night on the town??

Get it here for $990.00. That's right, there's no typos in that. With tax and shipping, it'll set you back more than a grand.