Dec 23, 2010

Great buttplug! Haven't spent a night with it up my ass, yet, but have used it for several hours at a stretch. Got to get out on the town with it in my butt and see how it goes. VERY comfortable to wear, though not perfect. The handle is actually a bit narrow and sitting on it can be hard if you don't have much padding back there.

Also, I'm rocking the penis plug, especially at night. I just love sleeping through the night plugged in both my holes. Walking around town with the penis plug on can sometimes be uncomfortable, so I have to be careful with that. Probably going to use the cock straightjacket out of the house tomorrow. Not sure.


Anonymous said...

I have just spent a rainy afternoon reading your blog from beginning to end. After googling various butt plugs and thinking to myself "no you can't try that". I was thrilled to read you saying that its not nescessarily a sexual thing rather a lifestyle thing. I am about to order my first butt plug after today. Previously I have only ever dreamed. Now to some real only live once!

Anonymous said...

welcome to the club! you can enjoy in lots of ways, under your clothes, in bed, alone or not, in public, or none of the above.
1. google "njoy" and find their many smooth and expensive and very comfortable toys in various sizes.
2. this is a site with everything, but see the metal plugs come in various sizes and are very comfortable, even the very large ones. you will be surprized what you can wear if you lube up, relax, and spend some time learning how to enjoy yourself.
3. lots of insertables are cheap and some include a plastic called phalate, which some, including i believe the country of Sweden as a whole, have banned as increasing cancer risk. silicone, glass, metal, are to be preferred. here is a site with large silicone insertables, which are very easy to wear:
4. and finally, here is a site which evaluates the safety of all insertables for you:

this is just plain fun. as extensive as you want it to be. ask questions here, and people will help you.


Anonymous said...

Hi...I am anonymous from up the top. Went to a toy shop this morning and purchased a little something special. The guy in the shop smirked and said "I expect to see you in here again soon for something bigger".

Anyway I went home and did a little experiementing and having never stuck anything in my arse before it was a learning curve. The major things I learn't were...
1. It feels really right.
2. Very glad I started small.
3. Want to try again soon for longer.

Pretty sure the guy in the shop is right...once I am used to this baby I'll just want to go bigger!

Anonymous said...

get a hand held shower nozzle or equivalent, and, standing in the shower, flush your rectum out gently 4-5 times. then you are dealing with just you and not foreign stuff, which is a whole lot less slippery. lube up really good on your ass and on the toy. bear down to signal your ass to relax, then insert slowly and move the toy in and out and get the walls of the inside real slippery. wipe off the excess lube that would soil your clothes, if any, put your clothes back on, and go do some chores or something. see how you can accommodate this new experience. when you can predict how long you can enjoy before urgency brings the party to an end, then you can plan to do stuff, like go to the store, etc. your secret pleasure.

by the way,
your vendor shouldnt say derogatory things.
what size did you get? we all start where we start, and what comes next cant really be known til we get there. i surprise myself a lot. you will too.

glad to help; say in touch.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was derogatory what he said it was more like when someone says...just try this amazing fun size block of chocolate and I am sure that you will love it so much you will be back for the family size block next.

curious said...

how has your new toy been?

Anonymous said...

New toy has been its an old toy because I have an even newer one. I am well and truely hooked. Wish I could go even longer although each day I am managing more so baby steps and one day i'll get to a whole day!

Curious George said...

Buttpluglover, how do you like the njoy?! do you love having the noticeable weight of the plug in you? is it worth it? I'd love to see some pictures of you walking around with it.

Anonymous said...

I have had the NJoy 2.0 for six months now, and I am using it more frequently than I originally expected. My butt has become more acclimated toward larger toys and overall, the 2.0, just feels so good. I primarily use it in place during masturbation as it just provides delicious pressure from behind but it does stays put, and no need to move or thrust this guy.

Anonymous said...

I took one commenter's advice on anal douches and purchased the gravity-fed hose and buttplug. In addition, I bought the 20" tube with the side port to use in place of the buttplug. Using these requires a certain amount of forethought to avoid having the shower floor full of fecal material. I start with the
plug and fill then bowl with water and then evacuate that water and the accompanying fecal material into the toilet. I can then switch to the 20" tube and gently feed it into the sigmoid colon and descending colon. The tube has the advantage of getting beyond the fecal material in the lower colon so that it flushes out the last foot-and-a-half of the colon. Next I fill the bowl and sigmoid colon and relax the annus, so that the water is flowing out at about the same rate as it is being injected -- in effect colonic irrigation. Adjusted to a comfortable temperature, the irrigation is relaxing, as well as cleansing. At this point a big butt plug will go in easily, giving an enhanced feeling of fullness. When it is removed, I get the enhanced sensation of emptiness in the bowl and sigmoid colon. The use of this technique seems to be less disruptive of my digestive system and more stimulating than an enema of four quarts in volume, which cleans out the colon and more.

Anonymous said...

do the whole process in the shower with the curtain pulled. no worries then.

Anonymous said...

This Njoy 2.0 is becoming one of my favorite plugs. I'm wearing it right now, and I've had it inside me for a total of 1076 hours since I bought it. I always keep it in for at least 100 hours and this time I'm going for 200 hours for a *total* time of 1200 hours = 50 days. I love sleeping with it. The only problem I've experienced is the one you mentioned about hurting a bit to stand up after sitting on it for a long time. I keep a plug in my butt almost all the time. The one I have worn the most is the Njoy Large, for a total wearing time of 2.2 *years*. I love the stainless steel plugs for the weight and the ease of removing, cleaning, inserting, etc.


Anonymous said...

I *really* love my NJoy 2.0! The handle was a little uncomfortable to sit on for hours at first, but after about a month in my butt it felt fine. The greatest thing about it is the special shape and the WEIGHT - 21.4 oz = 1.34 lbs! When you're on the move it is always shifting around in your butt due to the weight. I like to put on gym clothes and go jogging in public. The NJoy charges up and down with every step and you'll be on the edge in no time. That's when I slow to a walk to calm down and then resume jogging to do it all again. Great for active outdoor - hiking, swimming, walking, and especially jogging. It moves up and down a lot when you're jogging but that 2 inch steel ball in your rectum means there's no danger of it coming out accidentally. I'm wearing mine now and it feels soooo good! I wear a buttplug *all* the time now - the NJoy 2.0, the NJoy Large, or a glass Devi buttplug for sleeping at night. I never leave my hole unplugged for more than a few minutes a day.

--- Steve