Jan 28, 2006

Recent finds

Lauren Sands fucks herself briefly with a buttplug here.

A nice pictorial of a buttplugging girl here.

GREAT pictorial of another buttplugging babe here.

Always nice to see two babes helping each other out; particularly when they know which of their holes is REALLY meant to be filled. here

Cute buttplugged chick getting a machine fucking. Though we all know getting it in the pussy is a sin, and that only the butt should be fucked, we'll let her off the hook this time.

Babe gets a balls-deep cornholing; excellent stuff. Good gape, nice ass-to-mouth. Third sample movie features her taking initiate and pulling his cock from her pussy and putting it in her asshole, like a good girl.

Jan 22, 2006

a great big giant cock up my asshole

This is the sort of thing I dream about at night. I don't care for the rest of the man, just the cock. Give me a nameless, faceless, voiceless man - well built, but not overly physiqued, and endow him with a cock roughly two inches wide and eight inches long. Then: have him flip me face down on the bed, slide his cock up my rectum, and fuck me senseless. I want him to go fast, go slow, go deep. I want him to brutalize my asshole, stretching my anus and plumbing the depths of my rectum until I feel like nothing more than a convenient butthole for him to invade and dump his cum into. I want him to violently pummel my ass so that I feel his balls slapping up against mine, feel his breath hot on the back of my neck, and feel a sharp jab inside every time he goes balls deep into my hole. I want him to use his cock like a weapon and fuck me til I scream.

And no, I don't sit around envisioning my asshole as some sort of male vagina. Other queers can make that equation if they like, but for me, an asshole is an asshole is an asshole. Man or woman, young or mature, there's little that can be as beautiful (or as ugly) as an asshole. The fact that the surrounding pads of muscle and fat - the butt - are just so fuckin' attractive - universally - is just amazing to me. I am an assman. When I die, bury me face down with a rubber cock up my ass and write on my headstone: He loved giving it. He loved getting it. He just loved ass.

It's been an odd day for me. I had to get up early for work today (yes, on a Sunday) and for the FIRST TIME completely forgot that I had a buttplug in my ass. I'd had to take out Buster (see pics above) around 3 a.m., and had simply slid my standard plug into place and wearily lumbered back to bed. I slept like the dead until the alarm went off. Following my morning routine, I sat on the toilet for my morning dump. USUALLY, I remember (because I feel it) that I have a buttplug in my ass and I take that out first, then go to the toilet. Not this morning. First thing I heard was a loud splash and then I remembered. Had to fish my plug out of the toilet. I have made sure to thoroughly clean that plug, which I do after every use, but this time I went so far as to boil it in an old pan I keep around for just such toy-sterilizing purposes.

After getting home from work - long day - my butt was practically screaming to be filled and I found myself taking a late shower with a bevy of my bigger toys. I don't get all of these out all the time, but today I did. I started with a dong that came with the EZ Rider ball. This dong is part of the vacu-lock system and so has a hole in the base where the vacu-lock plug goes into to hold the dong to the EZ Rider ball. This is a 1.5" x 6" toy. Pretty comfortable and in fact, I can't even really feel it up inside me - only where it holds my butthole open. I quickly moved on to playing with my double dong (1.6" x 18"). I can get this guy up inside me quite a ways at the right time of day, but not tonight.

Soon enough, I moved on to King Dong - a rather large specimen of a dildo. This one has a suction cup base and is molded with balls, all out of a flexible, pleasant rubber. It is not perfectly round, more of an oval. It is 1.75" in one direction, 2" in the other. The length is about 8" from tip to balls. I started fucking myself silly with this in the shower, even going so far as to slap the suction cup end against the shower wall, bend over, touch my toes, and rock my ass back and forth on that thing. King Dong REALLY stretches my asshole and I feel it all the way up inside me. In fact, when I clench my asshole and rectum around the dong, I swear I can feel the ridge of the molded glans. I continued fucking myself in the shower for quite some time, at one point stopping and pulling the King from my asshole with the intention of re-lubing it. I rinsed it off in the shower stream and while I was then fingering my empty, loose, and widely stretched asshole, I actually stuck the King in my mouth to see how far I could take it without gagging. Turns out, not far: I can barely get my mouth around the head and get perhaps three inches into my mouth before I start gagging.

Now WHY did I take something that had just been in my butt and stick it in my mouth? It's not like it was covered in excrement or anything - it came out of my butt clean except for lube and I had just rinsed it... but still. It was a weird moment when I realized just what it was I had just done. Ass-to-mouth is for professional porn stars only!

So after fucking myself in the shower for half an hour with this thing, I got out of the shower and dried myself off, sitting on the counter so as to keep the dong in my butt while I did so. I then dressed in stockings and garters again (this is getting to be a bad habit), and pulled on an old pair of Speedos. Speedoes, being made of lycra, have a fantastic ability to hold a buttplug or a dong in one's ass, but only for certain toys. Turns out the Speedos work well as keeping King Dong plunged all the way up my butt.

So now I'm walking around fixing dinner with my biggest dildo firmly planted in my asshole and feeling the stretch and feeling the depth, and feeling the balls of it between my legs against my own balls. And now I'm sitting here, still with King Dong up my pooper, writing this all down. King Dong makes his presence felt! And how, you may ask, do I SIT on King Dong? Very. Carefully.

This pic shows King Dong up my ass - all eight inches up my ass. It's twisted sideways a bit, so that's why the balls are one side. Unlike buttplugs, this one would NOT be discreet under clothing!

Jan 21, 2006


You may have noticed in one of the pictures in the last post that there are two black bands around the tops of my thighs. Yes, it's true; I was wearing stockings. Thigh-highs, lacy tops, sheer black. Very nice.

Recently, I became aware of the power of tights to keep one's legs warm. I mean, I was always aware of that fact and had heard that some men in some professions regularly wore tights under their jeans in order to keep warm. It wasn't gay or anything, just a good second layer. Runners of both sexes wear runners' tights to keep their legs warm, as well as provide support to the active muscle groups. In centuries past, men have worn tights or lederhosen as a matter of course.

So why can't men wear tights today? I don't know.

Even more forbidden is men wearing stockings. Some men are extremely attracted to dressing in women's underthings, I guess because they imagine themselves as a woman. That's fine; more power to 'em.

I decided to try some stockings to see what the fuss was about. After the first evening wearing them, I began to see the appeal. having these silky things gently wrapping your legs is like a legs-only hug. And the tops of the stocking felt very nice at the tops of my thighs - VERY nice. Sexy.

A few nights later, I added a garter belt to help hold the stockings up - try as I might, they wouldn't stay up if I was walking around too much. Now it seems obvious why garters exist. Hell, the two things combined make me wonder why women ever wear pantyhose? Seems such a pain in the ass to pull pantyhose DOWN to go to the bathroom, if you could leave it at just pulling down your undies, whilst the hose stay in place - and thus unmoving, unrumpled, and with no runs starting.

In short, stockings and garters allow deliciously easy access to the genitals and ass. And women's panties are notoriously easy to by-pass. Wanna fuck on the dance floor? NO PROBLEM!

So anyway, I've now got a pair of stockings with integrated garter belt. They look very nice and feel great. As a matter of self-discipline, I make myself change out my normal buttplug for Buster, my big black knobby one that stretches my anus so well. I mean, black goes with black goes with black, right? Now I'm thinking about some matching garments for the upper half of my body, as a black t-shirt kind of spoils the effect LOL! No, I'm not going for bras or anything; I don't have tits, not even man tits, and wouldn't want them. While they're fun to play with, I can't imagine lugging eight pounds of fat around on my chest and throwing off my center of balance and giving me back problems. I have enough problems getting exercise with two built-in Camelbaks making it harder. (Oh how I pity the people who find this blog by googling Camelbak.)

Back on the subject. So now I've got on black stockings, black garters, black buttplug, and black shirt. I gotta be up early tomorrow so I think this is what I'll sleep in and see if my ass can take Buster for the whole night, or if I'm forced to step down to my Standard plug.

Oh, and pics are forthcoming, just stay tuned.

Jan 15, 2006

Really feeling it

I spent last night with the large dilator in my ass and I am REALLY feeling it today! Because it is hard plastic, it's just not as easy as wearing softer buttplugs. So my sphincter has been feeling a bit bruised today - and I've given it a break by wearing only my standard plug, which I will sleep with tonight.

Finally got these pics off my camera. Because the dilators are black, it's hard to make out detail, but you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm also posting a bonus pic of me with the acrylic plug in my ass, one I'd forgotten I took.

Here's a little arty one: shot through a mirror. Kind of an "upskirt" shot, I guess. Gotta work on this technique.

And the acrylic buttplug. I love that I can see the inside of my ass with this plug and that the extent my anus is stretched is also very evident (also see the photos in the previous post).

Somehow I think that posting photos will someday come back to bite me in the ass. I only hope that the few people on earth who can identify me by my ass aren't cruising the web for posts about buttplugs. But I ALSO hope that my openness - of both personality and anus - will help our society loosen up its sexual taboos on things that don't hurt anybody else.

Jan 13, 2006

hollow buttplugs

I blogged last night that I had received my ADILS set of anal dilators. These things are great, really great - if your ass can withstand hard plastic. (Mine can!)

After spending a few hours with the middle-sized dilator in my ass, I moved up to the fourth size: fant-ass-tic! Just enough bigger to be noticeable, but not painful. Shortly after that, I slide the largest of the five into my butt. Now, since these are not shaped like buttplugs - they're essentially straight-sided - I used my string harness to hold the dilator in.

This still allowed access to the bottom of the dilator, which since the dilator is hollow, turned out to be great fun. It is positively WEIRD to be able to stick three fingers up my ass and feel only smooth plastic. It is incredible the variety of objects you can put IN YOUR ASS without having them actually touch your rectal walls. I believe that if someone would make a buttplug with a fairly thick neck, but definitely of buttplug shape so as not to have to have a harness to hold it in, then such a buttplug could make the ideal smuggling outfit. Think of what you could stash inside a hollow buttplug, yet still have access to simply by reaching under your butt, with no need to remove the plug. In fact, I think one could put together a pretty nifty clean-and-re-lube kit with a few moist towelettes, a small tube of KY, and perhaps use a condom to wrap the whole thing before insertion, so as to keep the items inside the hollow from falling out.

Or how about a hollow buttplug that has a screw-in lid in the base? Even better!

Another use would be to make a good fuck-me-in-the-ass kit, should you decide to go out some night and just get a good dicking. Imagine being able to stay stretched open for a cock, provide condoms, wipes, and lube - all by pulling a small package out of your asshole!

So, back to wearing the largest dilator - absolute heaven. Its hard plastic makes sure I don't forget it's there in my butt, while the length isn't so long as to be uncomfortable. I liked it so much, I didn't take it out when I went to bed! I slept soundly with that large dilator spreading my anus open and penetrating me. I did have to sleep trussed - I don't trust the dilator not to slip out - but that's a small price to pay. This morning, I was so nicely stretched open that I took some time playing with some of my other toys, including shoving my acrylic buttplug up my ass before finally masturbating.

I like that large dilator so much that after getting home from the gym today, I stuck it back up my ass and sit here typing with my hungry butt very comfortably filled.

Soon, I hope, I'll post pics of the dilators in my ass. In the meantime, here's some pics of the acrylic buttplug. You can see how wide the neck of it is and how massive the base is. There is NO forgetting that THIS plug is in my butt!

Jan 12, 2006

ADILS anal dilators

Oh boy! I got my set of five anal dilators in the mail today. I ordered the set from medicaltoys.com and you can view them midway down the page.

What is NOT obvious from description or picture is that these are HARD PLASTIC. They are NOT forgiving, not pliable. In fact, they're hollow! They have a hole at the tip that allows gas out (which I can personally confirm). The heads are not much bigger than the shafts. The bases are like a buttplug base, but a tad small...though I don't think they'll accidentally slip inside.

Personally, I like a big base, it's part of the experience - in addition to feeling bumping at the upper end of my rectum and a solid lump of rubber stretching open my anus, a big base brings my crotch and upper legs into the action, making me acutely aware that there's not only something IN my butt and UP my butt, but sticking OUT OF my butt, to be interfered with and knocked around by the rest of my body as I go about my business.

Anyway, I'm currently trying out the middle-sized dilator and I have to re-affirm that the hard plastic is unforgiving. My anus is having a workout! I don't know if I'll be able to sleep with this in (it might just slip out, after all) - the hard plastic is distinctly uncomfortable, though not painful - a definite plus! It's also strange that I can put my fingers up my butt - into the hollow - and not touch anything but plastic. Later tonight I plan to try out the next two larger sizes.

By the way, I passed a milestone a couple nights ago: First time I've spent two weeks straight plugged at night and plugged full-time at home. Due to some spicy Chinese, I gave my ass a break last night, but I'll be right back on the wagon tonight!

Jan 7, 2006

AIM established

I mean, OTHER than my aim to be plugged 24/7/365. ;)

If you would like to IM me, you can do so. My account is bttplglvr on AIM. (That would be buttpluglover without any vowels.)

Oddly enough, almost every variation of "buttpluglover" that I could think of was already taken! Buncha sick perverts out there, I tell you what. :P

a return to the triple ripple

Oh my God, OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD.

The Triple Ripple buttplug feels so big in my ass right now. It's been at least two months since I used this one and I am forcing myself to take it all the way. The third ripple is downright huge and my asshole is stretched over two inches wide, clamped around the super fat neck of this anal dilator.

I've spent the entire time since getting off work Thursday night with my standard plug up my ass. Last night made the tenth night in a row that I've spent plugged. For some reason, my ass is doing fine with only the breaks that going to work and doing exercise build in to the schedule. I had yesterday off and so I've now spent the last 48 hours fully plugged. In fact, I've gotten several errands done over both days and went to the movies last night. You know you're getting somewhere when your asshole really MISSES being plugged and going to bed without something up there just doesn't feel right.

I'm beginning to experiment with wearing my small buttplug - the Comfortplug - during periods where I want to give my ass a break and during exercise. I think I will have to build up to wearing the Comfortplug during exercise. I've done a few miles with the plug in - and even did a short run once with my standard plug in - but will have to work up carefully to do my weekend long runs with a buttplug in my ass. I don't want to have to run trussed, so the small plug will have to do, as there is not so much danger of losing it when I sneeze, cough, or otherwise bear down unintentionally.

Wearing to work will also be something I'm going to have to build up to. I've worn both my small and regular (medium) plugs to work a couple of times, but those were special days. I think I can continue if I plan out a schedule, starting with one or two days a week wearing the small plug and work on it from there. I have to tackle the whole issue of "what if I have to go to the bathroom while at work?" The main reason this is of concern is that my usual routine at home won't work at the office. At home, when I have to shit, I'll go to the bathroom, take the plug out, put it in the sink with hot water running over it while I do my business. In the few minutes that takes, the hot water has usually cleaned the plug off pretty nicely. A few extra swipes with my fingers and the plug is clean - and nicely warm. Shut off the water, dry the plug off with a towel, lube the plug and insert it into my hole, then wet a washcloth with warm water and use that to carefully wipe the excess lubricant from around the plug's neck where it enters my body. (Needless to say, my asshole is usually super-clean.) Then a good rinsing out of the washcloth, hang everything up, pull up the pants and away I go.

This routine isn't going to fly at work. So I'm working up a plan involving wetwipes and a briefer period of running water and, of course, making absolutely certain my hands get washed as a final step. I'm going to wait for one of those rare days where I'm the ONLY one in the office to try this out.

Well, I've spent the last fifteen minutes with Triple Ripple in my butthole and I have another fifteen minutes to go. Then my sphincter will be loosened and stretched enough to take Buster comfortably and I will probably sleep with Buster in my rectum tonight.

And now, for your viewing pleasure and by popular request, I have posted below some pics of me. The first two show me putting the Triple Ripple up my butt, and the third shows Buster nestled snugly in my ass. Looks like I need to wax! Also, those marks at my waist are from the string I use to keep the buttplug secure when I go out. I should probably work on a system that doesn't leave marks, but I'm comfortable enough.

Jan 3, 2006

this boy gets around

Well, it seems that back in October, somebody noticed the presence of my blog: