Jan 7, 2006

a return to the triple ripple

Oh my God, OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD.

The Triple Ripple buttplug feels so big in my ass right now. It's been at least two months since I used this one and I am forcing myself to take it all the way. The third ripple is downright huge and my asshole is stretched over two inches wide, clamped around the super fat neck of this anal dilator.

I've spent the entire time since getting off work Thursday night with my standard plug up my ass. Last night made the tenth night in a row that I've spent plugged. For some reason, my ass is doing fine with only the breaks that going to work and doing exercise build in to the schedule. I had yesterday off and so I've now spent the last 48 hours fully plugged. In fact, I've gotten several errands done over both days and went to the movies last night. You know you're getting somewhere when your asshole really MISSES being plugged and going to bed without something up there just doesn't feel right.

I'm beginning to experiment with wearing my small buttplug - the Comfortplug - during periods where I want to give my ass a break and during exercise. I think I will have to build up to wearing the Comfortplug during exercise. I've done a few miles with the plug in - and even did a short run once with my standard plug in - but will have to work up carefully to do my weekend long runs with a buttplug in my ass. I don't want to have to run trussed, so the small plug will have to do, as there is not so much danger of losing it when I sneeze, cough, or otherwise bear down unintentionally.

Wearing to work will also be something I'm going to have to build up to. I've worn both my small and regular (medium) plugs to work a couple of times, but those were special days. I think I can continue if I plan out a schedule, starting with one or two days a week wearing the small plug and work on it from there. I have to tackle the whole issue of "what if I have to go to the bathroom while at work?" The main reason this is of concern is that my usual routine at home won't work at the office. At home, when I have to shit, I'll go to the bathroom, take the plug out, put it in the sink with hot water running over it while I do my business. In the few minutes that takes, the hot water has usually cleaned the plug off pretty nicely. A few extra swipes with my fingers and the plug is clean - and nicely warm. Shut off the water, dry the plug off with a towel, lube the plug and insert it into my hole, then wet a washcloth with warm water and use that to carefully wipe the excess lubricant from around the plug's neck where it enters my body. (Needless to say, my asshole is usually super-clean.) Then a good rinsing out of the washcloth, hang everything up, pull up the pants and away I go.

This routine isn't going to fly at work. So I'm working up a plan involving wetwipes and a briefer period of running water and, of course, making absolutely certain my hands get washed as a final step. I'm going to wait for one of those rare days where I'm the ONLY one in the office to try this out.

Well, I've spent the last fifteen minutes with Triple Ripple in my butthole and I have another fifteen minutes to go. Then my sphincter will be loosened and stretched enough to take Buster comfortably and I will probably sleep with Buster in my rectum tonight.

And now, for your viewing pleasure and by popular request, I have posted below some pics of me. The first two show me putting the Triple Ripple up my butt, and the third shows Buster nestled snugly in my ass. Looks like I need to wax! Also, those marks at my waist are from the string I use to keep the buttplug secure when I go out. I should probably work on a system that doesn't leave marks, but I'm comfortable enough.


altair said...

I think you should shave yourself ;P

Beeing buttpluged is then more fun and "clear".


Anonymous said...

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