Jan 13, 2006

hollow buttplugs

I blogged last night that I had received my ADILS set of anal dilators. These things are great, really great - if your ass can withstand hard plastic. (Mine can!)

After spending a few hours with the middle-sized dilator in my ass, I moved up to the fourth size: fant-ass-tic! Just enough bigger to be noticeable, but not painful. Shortly after that, I slide the largest of the five into my butt. Now, since these are not shaped like buttplugs - they're essentially straight-sided - I used my string harness to hold the dilator in.

This still allowed access to the bottom of the dilator, which since the dilator is hollow, turned out to be great fun. It is positively WEIRD to be able to stick three fingers up my ass and feel only smooth plastic. It is incredible the variety of objects you can put IN YOUR ASS without having them actually touch your rectal walls. I believe that if someone would make a buttplug with a fairly thick neck, but definitely of buttplug shape so as not to have to have a harness to hold it in, then such a buttplug could make the ideal smuggling outfit. Think of what you could stash inside a hollow buttplug, yet still have access to simply by reaching under your butt, with no need to remove the plug. In fact, I think one could put together a pretty nifty clean-and-re-lube kit with a few moist towelettes, a small tube of KY, and perhaps use a condom to wrap the whole thing before insertion, so as to keep the items inside the hollow from falling out.

Or how about a hollow buttplug that has a screw-in lid in the base? Even better!

Another use would be to make a good fuck-me-in-the-ass kit, should you decide to go out some night and just get a good dicking. Imagine being able to stay stretched open for a cock, provide condoms, wipes, and lube - all by pulling a small package out of your asshole!

So, back to wearing the largest dilator - absolute heaven. Its hard plastic makes sure I don't forget it's there in my butt, while the length isn't so long as to be uncomfortable. I liked it so much, I didn't take it out when I went to bed! I slept soundly with that large dilator spreading my anus open and penetrating me. I did have to sleep trussed - I don't trust the dilator not to slip out - but that's a small price to pay. This morning, I was so nicely stretched open that I took some time playing with some of my other toys, including shoving my acrylic buttplug up my ass before finally masturbating.

I like that large dilator so much that after getting home from the gym today, I stuck it back up my ass and sit here typing with my hungry butt very comfortably filled.

Soon, I hope, I'll post pics of the dilators in my ass. In the meantime, here's some pics of the acrylic buttplug. You can see how wide the neck of it is and how massive the base is. There is NO forgetting that THIS plug is in my butt!


Anonymous said...

Wow, someone who's as "anal" as I am when it comes to keeping track of sex toys. I have a spreadsheet with the various dimensions of my butt plugs as well. I've worn them all day, overnight, and to the office, but not 24 hrs. yet. I have many sizes, I haven't been able to get my largest (2.75" dia.) in yet, but I've made it to 2 7/16, which I've worn overnight. You should try the Tantus Sevrin line, they work great for long term wear. Heavy metal ones are interesting too. My heaviest weighs over 2 lbs.


Buttpluglover said...

I'll look into the Sevrin line, thanks.

2 lbs is a little too heavy for me, I think - I wouldn't be able to hold it in!

ricko62 said...

I been trying some plugs I love the feel is it hard to keep in while walking

Anonymous said...

How do you keep from pooping yourself at night? What's to stop it?

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate if you could post where to buy the acrylic buttplug with the massive base. I have searched for it since a year and didnt find any information about it.