Jan 15, 2006

Really feeling it

I spent last night with the large dilator in my ass and I am REALLY feeling it today! Because it is hard plastic, it's just not as easy as wearing softer buttplugs. So my sphincter has been feeling a bit bruised today - and I've given it a break by wearing only my standard plug, which I will sleep with tonight.

Finally got these pics off my camera. Because the dilators are black, it's hard to make out detail, but you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm also posting a bonus pic of me with the acrylic plug in my ass, one I'd forgotten I took.

Here's a little arty one: shot through a mirror. Kind of an "upskirt" shot, I guess. Gotta work on this technique.

And the acrylic buttplug. I love that I can see the inside of my ass with this plug and that the extent my anus is stretched is also very evident (also see the photos in the previous post).

Somehow I think that posting photos will someday come back to bite me in the ass. I only hope that the few people on earth who can identify me by my ass aren't cruising the web for posts about buttplugs. But I ALSO hope that my openness - of both personality and anus - will help our society loosen up its sexual taboos on things that don't hurt anybody else.

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Anonymous said...

You have probably thought of this, but I wanted to give a warning about the dilators (which I also own) to you and your readers. Definitely do NOT wear these exercising or moving about a lot. Being hard plastic they are unforgiving when it comes to your body bending and it is quite possible for the point of the plug to jab you on the inside. This ie especially true if you are a smaller person like myself. Furthermore, with the point having a hole in them (as you mentioned), they are not completely smooth and therefore that jab can also be a small scrape.

(I personally wouldn't have slept with it in, but then like I said, I'm a smaller person and have to be extra, extra careful just moving about with the larger two sizes).

Apart from that, enjoy! They may be more difficult to wear, but the hard, smooth plastic sure lets them slide right in!