Apr 28, 2009

24 days and counting

And on the 22nd day, he went shopping.

Sunday was a great day - nice and lazy. Woke up with my Tantus plug in my ass, had a good butt-fuck w/ King Dong in the shower, and plugged up with the big anal dilator. Had some errands to run and shopping to do, so off I went to Target, fat dilator in my butthole and all. It was hot out, so my clothing was pretty thin. It was neat browsing at Target for what I needed and enjoying the full feeling in my ass and the stretch in my anus.

I have a night class to go to tonight, and will probably chance the fat dilator, instead of the Tantus.

Apr 25, 2009

3 weeks!

As of today, I've spent three weeks plugged 100% of the time. Yowza!

Got lots to blog about, but not right now. I do want to say that those particular toys with air holes in them - designed to let gas out - don't work particularly well, at least for me. The hole gets clogged, duh. I'm fairly adept at letting gas out around plugs anyhow.

Also, I got a new toy...will blog about it soon, after I get some pictures taken.

Apr 18, 2009

KY jelly v. KY Silk

Hm... I'm an old-school kind of guy. I like wooden cutting boards, use dish towels as oven mitts, and generally like ceramic, glass, and metal cookware devoid of anything that really reeks 21st century.

But I thought I'd try some of the newer lubes and have started with KY Silk, which comes in a small, easily-carried-about bottle.

I am surprised to find that I prefer the jelly to Silk. It just doesn't do it for me.

Well, I've now spent 14 solid days plugged. I just got back from some exercise and I think that after a quick shower, I shall put the fat dilator up my butt and go for a walk in this glorious weather we're having.

Apr 15, 2009

11 days and exercise

11 days and counting.

I haven't had opportunity to get some exercise lately. Frankly, with taxes due, nothing but work and doing taxes could occupy my attention. Last sunday - a gorgeous day by any standard - came and went and I didn't step out of the house, even, except to put the trash out. Dammit.

But today I went for a very short run and knowing it was going to be short (it was starting to rain), I ran pretty hard. usually I just jog, but today I stepped up the pace a bit. Felt good. I wonder if I could keep that pace up for a longer distance? Well, anyway, I went out with the Pace in my ass; only the second time I've run with it in. And after so much time wearing it, I hardly even noticed its presence. This was a much more successful plugged run than the first time with the Pace, when it felt like I needed to find a bathroom almost every step of the way.

Apr 14, 2009

9 days and counting

God damn, I love this Pace plug. Eminently wearable in the long term. I'm wearing in situations I would not have dared before. 9 days straight and counting.

Apr 11, 2009

plugged for a week

As of 2 p.m. today, I passed the one week solid milestone. No breaks, other than potty, for a week solid. All of that was with the small Pace plug in my butt - didn't really have time for anything else. Even took it places I'd normally go unplugged. It was pretty good, all in all.

Now, I'm giving myself a Saturday night stretch with the fat anal dilator and will go to bed with it in my ass. Tomorrow, probably some fun with King Dong, then back to the dilator while I finish up my taxes.

Man, a week. Totally amateur compared to some people, I'm sure, but a difficult point to reach for me, usually.

Apr 5, 2009

King Dong up my butt again

What a gorgeous Sunday morning! Went out for some exercise, and upon stepping into the shower afterwards, lubed up and slid - well, forced - King Dong up my ass. After not feeling him invade my rectum for almost a week, he felt huge. A nice shower and a good self butt fucking session later, he still feels huge. I'm sitting here typing this with King Dong filling my butt and keeping my sphincter stretched open. I have found that it is easier to sit on toys that have extra base to them (unlike buttlugs) if I use one of those inflatable hemorrroid pillows old folks use. Very comfortable.
Spent a good portion walking around today with the dilator in my ass using the headband-and-belt harness. Works well! I had no problems hiding it, it felt secure and comfortable. I even walked a mile with my neighbor to the grocery. It was titillating to be walking and talking with her so fully plugged. Love it.

Apr 4, 2009

Returning home

Been out of town for a few days, in a situation that called for no plugging. :( Didn't like that, but se la vie, right?

I did take a plug with me, the Pace, in my carryon. I was not questioned about it when I left NY, though security did seize half my toiletries because I was too stupid to put them in small enough bottles.

However, I did not leave the other city without being plugged! Upon returning to the airport there, I had my plug in my backpack. Security DID find it! A female TSA agent took it out (it was in a plastic bag and she did not remove that) and I explained quite matter-of-factly that it was a toy. This didn't register. An ADULT toy, I added. She got quite embarassed, but still had to clear it with her boss, since that item was what showed on the xray and why they were searching my bag. I got it back and was sent on my way. Three minutes later, I was in the men's room slowly pushing that little baby into place up my happy ass hole.

It was a pleasant flight home. :)

Upon getting home, though, just a few minutes ago, I couldn't wait for something bigger. Oooooohhhhhhh, GOD, the large anal dilator felt - FEELS - so fucking huge right now. Three days break will definitely make me a little tighter! I also could finally slip on a pair of stockings and a pair of panties. The panties have kind of a pocket in front that holds my cock very nicely and keeps it from tenting. Anyway, to top things off, I'm trying a different way of retaining my dilator than my string harness. A reader wrote about his method, using a headband and a belt. I was able to obtain a headband after some searching and I have to admit this method, while trickier to get into, is more comfortable. It retains the plug very nicely without any of cutting into flesh near my cock that the string harness produces.

Ah...the trials of trying to do things that just aren't kosher.