Apr 15, 2009

11 days and exercise

11 days and counting.

I haven't had opportunity to get some exercise lately. Frankly, with taxes due, nothing but work and doing taxes could occupy my attention. Last sunday - a gorgeous day by any standard - came and went and I didn't step out of the house, even, except to put the trash out. Dammit.

But today I went for a very short run and knowing it was going to be short (it was starting to rain), I ran pretty hard. usually I just jog, but today I stepped up the pace a bit. Felt good. I wonder if I could keep that pace up for a longer distance? Well, anyway, I went out with the Pace in my ass; only the second time I've run with it in. And after so much time wearing it, I hardly even noticed its presence. This was a much more successful plugged run than the first time with the Pace, when it felt like I needed to find a bathroom almost every step of the way.

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