Apr 5, 2009

King Dong up my butt again

What a gorgeous Sunday morning! Went out for some exercise, and upon stepping into the shower afterwards, lubed up and slid - well, forced - King Dong up my ass. After not feeling him invade my rectum for almost a week, he felt huge. A nice shower and a good self butt fucking session later, he still feels huge. I'm sitting here typing this with King Dong filling my butt and keeping my sphincter stretched open. I have found that it is easier to sit on toys that have extra base to them (unlike buttlugs) if I use one of those inflatable hemorrroid pillows old folks use. Very comfortable.
Spent a good portion walking around today with the dilator in my ass using the headband-and-belt harness. Works well! I had no problems hiding it, it felt secure and comfortable. I even walked a mile with my neighbor to the grocery. It was titillating to be walking and talking with her so fully plugged. Love it.

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Calculating Infinity said...

Dont you just love having a secret like that? I know I do. My mom told my girlfriend of 6 years that my dad uses a butt plug today. Father like son I guess.