Apr 28, 2009

24 days and counting

And on the 22nd day, he went shopping.

Sunday was a great day - nice and lazy. Woke up with my Tantus plug in my ass, had a good butt-fuck w/ King Dong in the shower, and plugged up with the big anal dilator. Had some errands to run and shopping to do, so off I went to Target, fat dilator in my butthole and all. It was hot out, so my clothing was pretty thin. It was neat browsing at Target for what I needed and enjoying the full feeling in my ass and the stretch in my anus.

I have a night class to go to tonight, and will probably chance the fat dilator, instead of the Tantus.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up and keep blogging about your progress! My goal is to be plugged all weekend and see where things go from there.

Calculating Infinity said...

All weekend is easy.

Buttpluglover. I posted something you should see.

Anonymous said...

Im trying to do somehting similar, for now got a full day (with 2 small breaks of 15m) with a medium Severin from Tantus =)
Anyone experimented the big Severin already?

Keep it going ^^

toyloverguy said...

The large Severin is one of my favorites. It's not easy to get in, but once it is, it's one of the few plugs I own that would probably stay in by itself, for a very long time. Don't know that I'd do this -- actually, I think I will some day -- I'd like to wear it shopping, with nothing but shirt, shoes, and loose gym shorts =) It is also a plug I can wear for hours despite its heft. It can pinch slightly at the base for some reason -- buttpluglover mentioned this once -- but I still love it.