May 4, 2008

Getting my mojo back

Well, it's been a long, cold winter full of worry about bills, not enough work, but no play, either, and I am really glad spring is here.

Been lacking much of a sex drive in the last several months. I accept that for a male, it is a natural part of getting older, but I think the real reason my drive has been so low has just been that I've been busy and stressed.

This should all turn around. I have several months ahead of me of low-key work, continuous work, and bills won't be as much of a worry. There'll also be plenty of time to work on my house, ride my bike, blow off steam, hang out with friends, and play...uh...with myself.

I played a bit with my standard ol' buttplug last night and after my exercise today, I used it again. After my shower, though, I decided to go up a notch and now have the Severin in my ass, where it's been for three hours now. I even went grocery shopping plugged.

I can feel my mojo coming back and that's a very good thing. One worries when one's mojo is at low tide that it may never come back. When I have to wash dust off my buttplugs before using, I feel like I've besmirched the title of Buttplug Lover. Not that I don't love my buttplugs, but they have been neglected. Maybe spring will change all that. Buttplugged opera in the park, anyone?

And as a treat to you, I found this interesting public-play video: