Oct 5, 2008

Overwhelmed with work and life, but I got a crush

Sorry I haven't been posting. Nothing is happening that's optional, let me tell you that. My cats are neglected, my house is a mess, I'm just barely treading water here. I'm up to my nostrils in work and see no way of postponing or opting out of any of it, not at this point. I just need to make it through the next six weeks and things will be much better. In short, you'll hear from me again around Thanksgiving.

I did want to note, though, that I seem to have developed a crush. I am rarely attracted to other men, but it does happen now and then, and there has been this temporary employee brought in to do some specific jobs and he is awesome. I mean, everyone agrees he's awesome because of his talents, but that fact is, he reminds me a little of Mr. Big from Sex and The City. He has an easy, friendly style about him and I find myself fantasizing about going out with him. And by "going out with him", I mean "getting fucked senseless by him".