Nov 23, 2010

First night w/ cock plug

So I've passed the first night plugged in both my holes! This could definitely become my new thing. I'm finding, though, that I have to be somewhat careful with it. More mindful of my cockplug than with my buttplug. However, I hauled a few hundred pounds of supplies this morning, plugged front and back, and am not the worse for wear, so I think it's passed its first real-world in-public test.

Nov 22, 2010

New Toys

A while ago, I ordered a couple of interesting toys (as well as new stockings) from Their prices for what I wanted were reasonable.

Toy #1 is the Leather Cock Straight Jacket - essentially a cockring with a little leather pouch that separates the balls and constricts the flaccid cock to the point where erection is impossible. Very interesting. Not as tricky to get on as the asslock I previously purchased, as the cockring is steel and that gives you something to brace against. Hard to describe. It's getting the pouch looped around my cock and snapped closed that is the challenge! I had to wait until I'd gone completely flaccid to do this. And once on, if blood does start to flow to the cock, the whole device stays put at the end of however far your balls will stretch. It makes for an interesting, lumpy, never-forget-its-there package. Probably concealable under clothes, though I haven't tried that yet. I did spend a couple of hours today walking around the house with the Straight Jacket on and wasn't uncomfortable. Works well with my anal dilator and its harness.

Toy #2 is the Cock Plug w/ Head Harness. This is a gold, ornate piece of penis jewelry, and I love it! This device is a glans ring with a penis plug attached by chains. It is a bit of a trick to get the ring around one's glans, but not impossible, even for someone with some real girth like me. It constricts, but there's no pain, even with an erection. Like the Straight Jacket, it makes masturbation near-impossible, though mostly due to the jewelry interfering with stroke. I find the penis plug very comfortable, even when my flaccid cock is folded up inside the harness I use w/ the large anal dilator. This, too, could probably be worn under clothes, BUT one has to be careful how the dick is handled in one's shorts. Too sharp a bend or in the wrong direction and the penis plug will tend to poke from the inside. It is not sharp, just uncomfortable. All other times, the contraption is very comfortable. I spend several hours today wearing it, even while having delivery men in the house, moving furniture, and yes, even urinating. I could see using this really long term!

Unfortunately, neither will get past the TSA metal detectors or body scanners, I don't think - and I'm not going to try it. May take them in my carryon or pack in luggage.

Also unfortunately - I don't think I'll do business with again. I ordered these items November 7 and they came today, November 22. That's an unacceptable long delay for items that should have taken no more than a week to reach me. And if there was a backorder, I should have been notified.

Nov 7, 2010

Little dipper a new favorite

Been spending every single evening and night these last few weeks with the Little Dipper up my ass. I have noticed that when my ass is tender, the ridges on the Little Dipper can hurt, but that's rare, and I go back to a smooth plug for those times. However, most of the time - 100% copacetic. I've been out in public for short jaunts with it in and am considering a work day tomorrow with it, but... with my body shape, I CAN see a faint bulge through my pants if I bend over. (The exterior bulb is quite large.) Have to be careful. I've been wearing the Pace plug the rest of the time. So, yeah, I'm back on continuous wear. Great!