Nov 7, 2010

Little dipper a new favorite

Been spending every single evening and night these last few weeks with the Little Dipper up my ass. I have noticed that when my ass is tender, the ridges on the Little Dipper can hurt, but that's rare, and I go back to a smooth plug for those times. However, most of the time - 100% copacetic. I've been out in public for short jaunts with it in and am considering a work day tomorrow with it, but... with my body shape, I CAN see a faint bulge through my pants if I bend over. (The exterior bulb is quite large.) Have to be careful. I've been wearing the Pace plug the rest of the time. So, yeah, I'm back on continuous wear. Great!


Anonymous said...

Re: Acrylic Queen of Spades
I recall your mentioning once that you had an acrylic queen of spades buttplug. I had a scary experience with the model that's four inches in diameter. This evening, after my butthole was well-loosened (I thought) by a barrell plug which is only slightly smaller, I seated the queen of spades only to discover that the anal sphincter was pulling the base tight against the outside of my butthole. I was not able to pull it out pulling on the base with my fingers and pushing with my muscles. I ultimately had to call a neighbor from up the street to wrap a cord around the stem and pull, while I pushed and pulled. It came out with our combined effort. I certainly don't intend to reinsert it without a lanyard attached around the stem.

Buttpluglover said...

I have an acrylic plug, but it's not the Queen of Spades. Sorry to hear about your emergency. Play safe.