Mar 28, 2009

A little shower fun

I've spent the last four days plugged full time. Generally, the anal dilator while I'm at home, the anal dilator for sleeping until that gets uncomfortable (about 4 a.m.), then the Pace buttplug; the anal dilator when out and about in the local area for simple errands (groceries); and the Pace plug for further/longer away from home (work); and King Dong in the shower. :D

I have really gotten comfortable with the fat anal dilator, though the key is relubing every few hours. Also, I'm super comfortable with the Pace in my ass at any time and have started going jogging with it plugging my asshole. This is a strange and delicious experience.

I have also, quite inexplicably, found myself wearing my stockings almost full time. I know there's lots of guys who wear women's underwear under their clothes, but this particular style of stockings, from Frederick's of Hollywood, is great. I love how it feels and I love how my ass looks framed by the lacy black nylon.

After my exercise today, I took a long, leisurely shower, documenting in video how I do it with King Dong stuffed up my butt. Then I took a series of still photos showing how I get ready for going out on local sojourns. Towards the end of these pics, you'll see me in my "trussing" system, which I realize isn't the greatest, but is comfortable enough and cheap. You may laugh; I certainly did. But you have to admit, my butt looks great in some of these photos.

I can't post the videos yet - some editing first. Now pictures:

Fresh from the shower (plug in place):

Mar 25, 2009

Online toy shop o' the year

I stumbled across this lovely online toy shop:

you MUST visit. Their toys are beautiful and high quality, tending toward the N-Joy end of the spectrum. They have some toys I've never seen before, including ceramic and jade buttplugs!

Mar 18, 2009

just a few things

I want to note that Belladonna's movie Fetish Fanatic #4, scene 2 opens with her and Sasha Grey talking to each other and the cameraman or director, both of them with plugs up their asses. Belladonna's is the new breed of "world's most comfortable buttplug", the solid metal buttplugs with rubber tubing connecting the body tot he flange, which you can get at

Also at are some interesting new toys:

There's a long steel dildo that looks pretty wicked. They call it The Blockbuster and my asshole twitches while imagining putting that thing up my ass.

Also, there's something called the Inflatable Butt Knobber that is designed purely for stretch, not depth. I'm considering getting that one, since Buster died the death a couple months ago.

Mar 10, 2009

Spanx - new fetishwear?

So it's been about 36 hours without a plug, and before starting this blog entry, I found my fat anal dilator and sat down on it Amazing how big this feels, compared to how it felt 48 hours ago.

Anway, I came across a mention of this new undergarment on someone's blog and had to investigate. Spanx are these...bizarre...undergarment things. Granny panties kinda...controlwear taken to the extreme. Apparently, fat women and older women love these things. What caught my attention was the fact that they are CROTCHLESS. Well, not crotchless, exactly, but with kind of a fly in them, so that the woman doesn't have to take them off to go pee.

I have to tell you ladies - most guys don't use the fly - just too much trouble. We go over the top. Of course, w/ Spanx, that might be a 20-minute proposition.

I'm just astounded these exist. How soon will they show up in fetish emporiums?

Seems like the perfect way to keep a buttplug or vibrator in your ass while still having access to the front parts.

The following video was the funniest of the bunch - shot in the style of The Office and had me laughing out loud.

Mar 7, 2009

This is how I shower

Sorry about the lack of updates in a while. I was fairly stick through most of February. Left off plugging altogether, but I'm getting back into it. Nighttime has been especially successful, with me sleeping plugged through the whole of the last five nights with larger plugs than normal. (I mean, I can sleep with Flare in my ass anytime, but larger plugs require something extra.) Monday through Thursday night, I had my round glass buttplug up my ass all night. Quite a challenge for the first two nights, but got a lot easier and in the mornings, I felt wonderful. After shitting and showering, I'd put in my large anal dilator for the rest of the day. Last night, Friday, I got everything ready to watch one of my favorite sci-fi shows and made sure the large anal dilator was in. I've come to associate the two things, the show and that particular plug. (I'm not going to name the show, but you can guess.)

So last night I kept it in and slept with my large dilator keeping my asshole and rectum stretched open. More of a challenge, but by morning, felt so very natural. This morning, I jerked off and went for a long run (no plug). Getting home, I was waiting for a delivery, but managed to get a shower in. After the shower, I had just managed to insert the large Severin up my ass when the doorbell rang. I threw on my robe and got my delivery. Excellent. So now I'm sitting here, nude, plugged, and thinking I may go buy a new toy tonight.

So, anyway, I haven't posted pics of myself in QUITE some time. Below are three shots of me - sorry for the crappy pictures. Used a different camera and I'm not thrilled with the results. The pictures show how I usually show - with King Dong crammed up my ass. I use my legs to clamp down on the balls of the dildo to hold it up there while I wash my hair and body. If I have time, I'll proceed to fuck myself vigorously with King Dong before cleaning it and myself and moving on with my day. And by "moving on", I mean immediately plugging myself with one of my toys before even drying off. And so it goes.


Holding with my legs:

What it looks like from the front:

Mar 1, 2009

recovering from the flu

Boy, I had a great run. Three solid weeks of being plugged. 22 days, actualy, of full-time buttplug wearing. 528 hours straight of having something made of metal, plastic, glass, or silicon piercing my body through my anus and having a significant presence in my rectum. Except for bowel movements, through day and night, eating, sleeping, classes, work, walking, and even a short run, my asshole held one or another of my buttplugs as its constant companion. (Actually, there were a handful of exercise periods where I did remove the buttplug, but I wore the plug to the place where this exercise was to happen and as soon as I could after the run, found a portajohn and re-inserted my butt-buddy.

Along the way, I learned how to carry alternate buttplug(s), some lube, and alcohol-based cleaner in my backpack, how to go into bathrooms with my bag without that seeming weird, and how to remove, clean, lube, and reinsert the buttplug of the day in a short amount of time. I of course wore a plug while masturbating (a given), but was proud to keep the plug in during that peculiar refractory period after cumming. And to continue to wear it. I even managed, twice, to force myself to scale up the size of the buttplug AFTER cumming.

It was really quite amazing, the feeling of daring - and of dedication - when in a public restroom and lubing and sliding my buttplug up my ass while someone was right on the other side of the stall door waiting for me to finish doing my business. What do you say when someone tries your stall door? "Occupied" is what I say. How I wish I could have said, "One moment, I'm sticking an anal plug up my ass."

I was doing so well. During the day, while out and about, I usually wore the small, aluminum plug - the Pace. It is very easy to wear for long periods, as the anus doesn't get tired and its shape tends to help it stay in place on its own. The bulbous shape of the part that sticks out makes for a constant reminder that there's something between your cheeks and sticking out of your asshole.

Other times, I'd wear my standard plug, my large anal dilator, or the large Severin. I'm finding that the silicon toys may not be as inert as advertised - I seem to get a slight asthmatic reaction if I wear them too long. But the metal and plastic toys are no problem. Going to bed with the large dilator spreading my asshole wide open and penetrating my rectum five inches makes for a fairly full feeling, though sleeping with the Pace up my ass makes for a better night's sleep.

Three weeks... but then I got sick. REALLY sick. My doctor didn't even believe me, but I developed the flu. Not the "flu" like you think you have when you have a fever for two days and then are fine and go right back to work, but actual influenza type A, where you have high fever along with shaking chills for a week solid. And it has taken me about 10 days so far to bounce back enough to even start feeling like my old self.

Of course, I had to stop plugging altogether for that. I didn't want my body having to handle anything extraneous. I'm just now getting back to plugging these last couple of days, and my butthole seems to be quite surprised to find itself being stretched out over these wide, unyielding instruments of penetration. I keep telling it, "you just wait, asshole, because you have a 24-hour date with the big acrylic plug coming up in a week or two."

Yes, that's the goal - to wear my very fat acrylic plug for 24 hours. It might not actually be possible - it will be quite a challenge to try.

So I'm feeling better. Went for a couple of long walks this weekend with my Pace stuck up my butt, and did some lounging around with the standard plug up my ass. I've moved up to the large dilator again while working on the computer and in fact inserted it so I could sit down and write this blog entry. It feels good, like a familiar friend, but I need to spend more time sitting on this thing and re-train my asshole to relax around its girth and not be so tight and jumpy.