Mar 10, 2009

Spanx - new fetishwear?

So it's been about 36 hours without a plug, and before starting this blog entry, I found my fat anal dilator and sat down on it Amazing how big this feels, compared to how it felt 48 hours ago.

Anway, I came across a mention of this new undergarment on someone's blog and had to investigate. Spanx are these...bizarre...undergarment things. Granny panties kinda...controlwear taken to the extreme. Apparently, fat women and older women love these things. What caught my attention was the fact that they are CROTCHLESS. Well, not crotchless, exactly, but with kind of a fly in them, so that the woman doesn't have to take them off to go pee.

I have to tell you ladies - most guys don't use the fly - just too much trouble. We go over the top. Of course, w/ Spanx, that might be a 20-minute proposition.

I'm just astounded these exist. How soon will they show up in fetish emporiums?

Seems like the perfect way to keep a buttplug or vibrator in your ass while still having access to the front parts.

The following video was the funniest of the bunch - shot in the style of The Office and had me laughing out loud.


Liz said...

Spanx are old news, hon. They've been out for years, and have spawned approximately 3,490,250,363,052 imitators.

jon-a said...

I find Spanx and similar shapewear incredibly sexy to see of touch on a woman's body. I wonder whether anyone has utilized the openable crotch for sex while wearing the garment.