Mar 28, 2009

A little shower fun

I've spent the last four days plugged full time. Generally, the anal dilator while I'm at home, the anal dilator for sleeping until that gets uncomfortable (about 4 a.m.), then the Pace buttplug; the anal dilator when out and about in the local area for simple errands (groceries); and the Pace plug for further/longer away from home (work); and King Dong in the shower. :D

I have really gotten comfortable with the fat anal dilator, though the key is relubing every few hours. Also, I'm super comfortable with the Pace in my ass at any time and have started going jogging with it plugging my asshole. This is a strange and delicious experience.

I have also, quite inexplicably, found myself wearing my stockings almost full time. I know there's lots of guys who wear women's underwear under their clothes, but this particular style of stockings, from Frederick's of Hollywood, is great. I love how it feels and I love how my ass looks framed by the lacy black nylon.

After my exercise today, I took a long, leisurely shower, documenting in video how I do it with King Dong stuffed up my butt. Then I took a series of still photos showing how I get ready for going out on local sojourns. Towards the end of these pics, you'll see me in my "trussing" system, which I realize isn't the greatest, but is comfortable enough and cheap. You may laugh; I certainly did. But you have to admit, my butt looks great in some of these photos.

I can't post the videos yet - some editing first. Now pictures:

Fresh from the shower (plug in place):


Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful ass and an even more beautiful basket. have you considered shaving the whole thing to emphasize your elegance? of course it takes maintenance, but that becomes part of the enjoyable ritual.

Anonymous said...

why the sock and string harness?

Anonymous said...

I have been into light anal play since college days, inserting and withdrawing foreign objects. Only in the past year or so have I been focused on anal plugging and stretching. This new phase has increased my anal hunger. This hunger has led to an evening ritual. When I hit the house after work, I head upstairs to insert the toy-of-the-evening. It comes out at bedtime, because I can't seem to sleep through being plugged. So, often in the mornings I will plug until it's time to leave. Your blog has inspired me to look for different buttplugs that I can leave in overnight and while I'm away from the house.

Sexual Adventurer said...

Nice new pictures, Butt Plug Lover! :-) Thanks for posting for us. My favorite is the eighth picture down. Your stance looks...saucy. I like it!

Anonymous said...

I have my buttplug in now laying down with my thong on stretching my ass